Wednesday, October 27, 2021

UPDATE-1: Vaccine mandates and passports are ethically and morally wrong and their logic just doesn't jive

I've seen 2 major reasons for why Canadians are largely okay with the idea of coercion of the population through vaccine passports, and vaccine mandates. These reasons however conflict with each other, as well as the larger narrative and supposed aims of our civilization.

The first major reason: "I feel safer".

Here is an example:

Well, it's a good thing Sophie "feels" safer! I've noticed nobody actually says it is safer (because it isn't), those subscribing to this world view simply "feel" safer. It's become widely acknowledged now that this vaccine does not stop transmission, even though apparent studies earlier in the year were boasting the idea that it does to provide the justification for what was just beginning to become a debate regarding mandates and passports. The new justification has become that it doesn't stop transmission, or even prevent you from getting COVID - unlike other vaccines often used as examples such as smallpox - thus perpetual boosters will be required but those mandates and passports are still necessary, apparently, why? So we don't "overwhelm the healthcare system" now.

Here we see someone referencing the old narrative, as they dive head first into the new one:

Now, some of you may not have caught up to this new narrative. Perhaps you're still "feeling safer" under the belief it prevents transmission? The problem for those that are "feeling safer" of course is that if this new narrative is true, and vaccinated people are still getting COVID and transmitting it, then how can you feel safer when the odds are increased someone with COVID and that has been vaccinated may have suppressed symptoms and may not even be aware they have COVID?

If the vaccine is working so well for the second reason, then it completely destroys first: How can you feel safer being around vaccinated individuals when it is those very vaccinated individuals that are more likely to carry the disease without anyone knowing? Hmm.

So maybe you have no reason to feel safer, right? In fact I'd feel less safe with a bunch of unmasked vaxxed disease carriers around with their suppressed asymptomatic symptoms. But at least that health care system will be ok then, right?

Well, if thats the case then why are we targeting hospital staff with the vaccine mandates?

As for the deadline to get fully vaccinated, one group that was relieved to see an extension was the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees.

As of Monday, 76 per cent of casual workers have submitted their proof of vaccination status, compared to 94 per cent of full-time and part-time employees.

If those numbers don’t improve, it is going to leave our health-care system in a crisis,” says AUPE vice-president Bonnie Gostola.

A health care system crisis? Is this not what the mandates, and passports, are supposedly going to prevent? And yet all around the world these mandates are turning more into a cause of the crisis than the cure targeting those that have been on the frontlines this entire time - unvaccinated - and perhaps with their first hand knowledge have good reason to do so.

Same goes for the infamous "worker shortage", the inflation worries, and everything else. After more than a decade of currency printing hyper-inflation is all but assured especially if significantly less people are producing GDP than before due to not being able to work from forced vaccine mandates. Even Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (one of the kings of big tech conspiracy censorship) says it's on the way - either we should believe him or report his tweet for "dangerous misinformation":

Of course readers of my blog won't be surprised by these events as I have been predicting them for some time.

In other news, Ivermectin has been shown to be safe and effective against COVID-19 according to a study put out by the NIH:

You remember Ivermectin right? That's the off-patent award winning medicine that the "trust the science" news media convinced everyone that it was "horse paste". You now have people saying trust the science as they refer to this scientifically proven drug - which has a human version- horsepaste. In fact the system is so scared that you might try using the perfectly safe award winning Ivermectin horsepaste for humans that they have been censoring all mentions of it. Which is pretty weird, isn't it? I mean correct me if I'm wrong but "science" wasn't just invented when COVID came along, was it? Surely these past drugs we invented used some sort of "science" which caused it to win awards and be trusted? Or is that a neigh?

Let me ask you something, have you ever had the flu? When you got the flu did you just throw up your hands and say "well I didn't get the flu vaccine so no point treating the symptoms!" (or maybe you even did get the flu vaccine). If you have the flu, and you didn't get a flu vaccine, and you go to the store and buy some Tylenol cold and flu, why are you not "trusting the science"? Can you imagine how ridiculous it would be if someone got the flu and instead of trying to provide symptom relief you just told them "too bad, so sad"? Yet no one seems to bat an eye when no health institutions are recommending anything except "getting the vaccine" even for those who have COVID! Getting the vaccine isn't going to do shit if you already have it dumbass, but don't go looking for anything that might relieve your symptoms, that's not "trusting the science".

No preventative medicine is being practiced at all aside from getting the vaccine. Taking vitamins to increase your immune system resilience? That's not science! Apparently. Which is news to me.

No instead of preventative medicine, and good ideas, we got "lockdowns" which conveniently didn't really hurt any of the major international corporations but sure as hell hurt locally owned business. They have hurt people and their daily lives so much that now forced vaccines seem palatable to people. Anything not to return to lockdown (a measure which the government really had no right to enforce in the first place). We don't need to force vaccinations on people to stop lockdowns, we just need to stop doing stupid fucking lockdowns which are clearly designed with the intent to control and squeeze the population into desperation. Anything to return to normal, even if it means doing things considered "conspiracy theory" at the start of the pandemic (like vaccine passports) even if it means forcing people to take medication for which they do not need.

And if one of these forced unethical immoral shots causes problem for the person? Well fuck 'em, right? You "feeling safer" is a hell of a lot more important.

Obviously adverse effects like these are "rare" and thus no one should give a shit about them. What the difference between a government forcing someone to do something that's 99% safe vs 100% safe anyway? That up there isn't a person, she's the 1% and you can safely ignore her and all those like her as those of you pushing vaccine mandates to coerce people insist is fine, it's not like she didn't have a choice between working, and starving.. she could have chose starving! We're giving our citizens "the choice" between surviving and conforming or starving and not. Free as we have ever been - at least that's what the government tells us.

They can tell us that because while governments have provided the infrastructure, encouragement, and legal frameworks, ultimately it is "private business" choosing to implement these measures. Of course "private business" could never get access to your health records or any method to verify those records without the government so the point is moot. Whether this is being enforced by private business or not it is not an initiative of private business and could not occur without the government providing all of the required tools and access, encouragement, and coercion. Private business my ass.

Still doubt me that you're free? Well if you still doubt then big tech and the government have produced lots and lots of material - seemingly for 5 year olds - explaining how it works without any real details, and is safe without any long term studies, and is just like every other vaccine ever even though this is entirely new untested technology that even the inventor of is speaking out against. But hey, what does that guy know? Politicians coercing you to conform under threat of poverty are the real experts.

And speaking of poverty, does this mean the Liberals plan to "eliminate poverty", or "increase affordability", "eliminate homelessness" etc are off the table now? Seems pretty strange for a government to have policies both encouraging hyper-economic stratification and also claiming we will reduce poverty. Maybe the unvaccinated in poverty will start being excluded from the stats? Obviously no one was talking about unvaccinated people when they refer to eliminate poverty. It's more like: we need to eliminate poverty for those that do what we say and increase poverty for those we don't! Or we support housing for the vaccinated and homelessness for those that are not. All variations on a theme.

And speaking of homelessness, isn't it odd how we as a society can effectively shutdown, implement global scales of new infrastructure, spend untold amounts, all to stop COVID-19? We as a country are really that concerned about you! Well, unless you're homeless then we will just send in paramilitary police to destroy you. We can't get water to those first nations yet.. but we can implement a global vaccine passport system. Interesting how when it comes to war, policing, and control, never enough can be done and never enough can be spent and never are the associated loss of freedoms too many freedoms to lose. Mostly because a bunch of the people responsible told you it's "reasonable" and thus nothing else regarding your rights matters. None of this is being done by law, it's being done by the state of emergency, and I suspect that these passports and mandates and the state of emergency will last just long enough to get you all so used to them that the justification for them to become law becomes: "well we have all this high priced infrastructure we don't want to get rid of". Don't think so? Australia is already using this excuse to keep the emergency measures permanently. These were never meant to go away. They are not temporary.

But perhaps you believe they are temporary? Well that's fine, but then here is what I ask you: where is your line in the sand? If in a year they're still around, will that be your line? What about in 5 years? 10? At what point will you say to yourself "well fuck that guy was right"? And what will you do about it?

For me my line was vaccine passports, and vaccine mandates. They are unethical and morally wrong and once not long ago called a "conspiracy". Regardless of my vaccine status - of which you have no medical right to be aware of - I will not be complying with vaccine passports. I haven't downloaded one and will not download one. If that means I can't go out and do normal things then so be it. Frankly I don't want to be around a bunch of people carelessly "feeling safe" anyway. Do you?


Mandated and carelessly feeling safe. Vaccine mandates and passports don't just not work, they don't just defy logic, they also provide a false sense of security, and safety, and this will be far more detrimental to the public health.

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.


  1. Richard, my brother is in hospice now. He probably won't see the week out. When he fell ill he was put on a waiting list for the diagnostic tests that were required. The hospitals were overwhelmed with Covid cases. By the time he did get those tests it was found that he had cancer and it had metastasized to his liver and lungs. Now it's in his brain.

    I may sound like I take this personally. I do. He's my "kid brother." Eight years younger than me. His cancer is usually treatable if it's detected quickly. He didn't get that chance in no small part because of assholes who think vaccination is an infringement of their liberty.

    Even Noam Chomsky denounces these anti-vaxxers. He says its your right to refuse vaccination but you have to remove yourself from society. And that's the way it should be. You don't want to accept society's sensible precautions. That's your call. Just leave the rest of us alone. Be gone.

    1. While this is unfortunate I have to point out that forcing vaccinations on people in no way would provably prevent that situation. Highly vaccinated countries are seeing spikes and hospitalizations. And I then have to ask why would we target and fire yet more medical personal possibly inducing further crisis?

      And if were going to make these "sensible precautions" why not go further? Maybe we should evaluate if everyone that is driving is an "essential driver" and ban those that aren't? Plenty of people would still be alive then, and so on and so on.

      Of course thats ridiculous, and no more reasonable then upending peoples lives and applying blanket solve all solutions. Perhaps hospitals wouldn't be so overwhelmed if Ivermectin hadn't been demonized and studies had started on it right away? It recently came out over 200 members of the US congress were treated with it.

      It's easy to blame those "assholes" who think vaccination is an infringement of their liberty, but also thats the price of living in a free country. The consequence is you may be at higher risk of getting infected, just as any other natural consequence of our daily activities could potentially harm others. Thats the price we pay, and the further we go down this road the closer we will be to China's social credit system. In that future your brother may not have gotten hospital care either, not because it's full, but because you write a blog. Seriously, go check out how it works:

      So like I said at the end of my post, you want to think its reasonable sensible, and necessary? Fine. Then where exactly will you draw the line? Decide now - or you may not recognize it when it comes. I decided when all this began that vaccine passports are my line in the sand and that will not waver no matter what Noam Chomsky says.

  2. I have one more point to make:

    Imagine, if you will, that instead of funding vaccine passports, instead of locking down society, instead of threatening people which will likely result in economic destruction for decades to come (which is deliberate but thats another post). What if we took all that money, and just properly funded our hospitals and ICU units? Which do you think is cheaper - the last 2 years, vaccine passports, and the complete change of society, or increasing our hospital capacity? Nothing that's being done makes sense and I do appreciate greatly your brothers situation but I ask you step back and look at this objectively. All that pushing people out of society will do is force them to push back. Just watch.