Tuesday, January 5, 2021

UPDATE-2: kumakaia, aloha

 Aloha Albertans!

Richard here writing to you from sunny Edmonton Honaberta. It's currently sitting at a pleasant 28.4 degrees (that's in Fahrenheit). I've got the heat turned up though and all my clothes off, I'm sweating like Michael Forian waking up to his twitter notifications. Don't judge, I've been on vacation.

What can one really say about the UCP's vacations that hasn't already been said? This betrayal of the public trust was huge, Kenney was already walking on thin ice, his popularity and approval has been on a steady decline. I've observed the trends of people who were once hard core UCP fans begin questioning and doubting Kenney, one by one.

Today in typical tone deaf fashion Kenney tweets this:

Woooow, his buddies in the Canadian oil industry think the Canadian oil industry is going to be amazing this year! They don't say that every year, do they?

Well, great work guys forecasting rainbows and lollipops, that should make everything ok eh? Yup, apparently Kenney thinks a meagre cabinet shuffle where the replacements are simply other corrupt MLAs who may or may not have been out of the country (we don't know because the government has only confirmed a small subset) but who even if they were not out of the country were helping to cover for those who were. So, that's like.. better, or something, right? No moral flexibility there.

Apparently discovering that very few Albertans hold shares in WestJet Jason Kenney says he listened to Albertans over the weekend. Which really is an interesting flex don't you think? I mean think about it.. he literally just told you that prior to the weekend he wasn't listening to Albertans. Now he's listening though right?

I mean it's hard to be sure given he didn't hold any sort of conference about it and wrote a fucking post about it. Can you actually believe this guy is a politician?

I can't.

Meanwhile Sunny Shandro is trying to cover for the fact the UCP haven't been doing anything for the past month. No one knows where Shandro was over the holidays yet... But he sure was looking redder than usual.

What a fucking circus.

Kenney's typical strategy of misdirection isn't going to work for these issues. He can't blame Trudeau, or the NDP, or even foreign activists for the credibility he destroyed when he brushed off the anger of the province and told us all stories of WestJet's profitability. The message was pretty clear to me.. "I can't save you," he said, "I can't even save myself".


Tany Yao has been located. The poor kitty had a stressful year passing his private members bill so he turned his phone off. AWWWW MUFFIN. Such a stressful year, maybe it would be less stressful in another job?


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