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UPDATE-1: Vaccine mandates and passports are ethically and morally wrong and their logic just doesn't jive

I've seen 2 major reasons for why Canadians are largely okay with the idea of coercion of the population through vaccine passports, and vaccine mandates. These reasons however conflict with each other, as well as the larger narrative and supposed aims of our civilization.

The first major reason: "I feel safer".

Here is an example:

Well, it's a good thing Sophie "feels" safer! I've noticed nobody actually says it is safer (because it isn't), those subscribing to this world view simply "feel" safer. It's become widely acknowledged now that this vaccine does not stop transmission, even though apparent studies earlier in the year were boasting the idea that it does to provide the justification for what was just beginning to become a debate regarding mandates and passports. The new justification has become that it doesn't stop transmission, or even prevent you from getting COVID - unlike other vaccines often used as examples such as smallpox - thus perpetual boosters will be required but those mandates and passports are still necessary, apparently, why? So we don't "overwhelm the healthcare system" now.

Here we see someone referencing the old narrative, as they dive head first into the new one:

Now, some of you may not have caught up to this new narrative. Perhaps you're still "feeling safer" under the belief it prevents transmission? The problem for those that are "feeling safer" of course is that if this new narrative is true, and vaccinated people are still getting COVID and transmitting it, then how can you feel safer when the odds are increased someone with COVID and that has been vaccinated may have suppressed symptoms and may not even be aware they have COVID?

If the vaccine is working so well for the second reason, then it completely destroys first: How can you feel safer being around vaccinated individuals when it is those very vaccinated individuals that are more likely to carry the disease without anyone knowing? Hmm.

So maybe you have no reason to feel safer, right? In fact I'd feel less safe with a bunch of unmasked vaxxed disease carriers around with their suppressed asymptomatic symptoms. But at least that health care system will be ok then, right?

Well, if thats the case then why are we targeting hospital staff with the vaccine mandates?

As for the deadline to get fully vaccinated, one group that was relieved to see an extension was the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees.

As of Monday, 76 per cent of casual workers have submitted their proof of vaccination status, compared to 94 per cent of full-time and part-time employees.

If those numbers don’t improve, it is going to leave our health-care system in a crisis,” says AUPE vice-president Bonnie Gostola.

A health care system crisis? Is this not what the mandates, and passports, are supposedly going to prevent? And yet all around the world these mandates are turning more into a cause of the crisis than the cure targeting those that have been on the frontlines this entire time - unvaccinated - and perhaps with their first hand knowledge have good reason to do so.

Same goes for the infamous "worker shortage", the inflation worries, and everything else. After more than a decade of currency printing hyper-inflation is all but assured especially if significantly less people are producing GDP than before due to not being able to work from forced vaccine mandates. Even Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (one of the kings of big tech conspiracy censorship) says it's on the way - either we should believe him or report his tweet for "dangerous misinformation":

Of course readers of my blog won't be surprised by these events as I have been predicting them for some time.

In other news, Ivermectin has been shown to be safe and effective against COVID-19 according to a study put out by the NIH:

You remember Ivermectin right? That's the off-patent award winning medicine that the "trust the science" news media convinced everyone that it was "horse paste". You now have people saying trust the science as they refer to this scientifically proven drug - which has a human version- horsepaste. In fact the system is so scared that you might try using the perfectly safe award winning Ivermectin horsepaste for humans that they have been censoring all mentions of it. Which is pretty weird, isn't it? I mean correct me if I'm wrong but "science" wasn't just invented when COVID came along, was it? Surely these past drugs we invented used some sort of "science" which caused it to win awards and be trusted? Or is that a neigh?

Let me ask you something, have you ever had the flu? When you got the flu did you just throw up your hands and say "well I didn't get the flu vaccine so no point treating the symptoms!" (or maybe you even did get the flu vaccine). If you have the flu, and you didn't get a flu vaccine, and you go to the store and buy some Tylenol cold and flu, why are you not "trusting the science"? Can you imagine how ridiculous it would be if someone got the flu and instead of trying to provide symptom relief you just told them "too bad, so sad"? Yet no one seems to bat an eye when no health institutions are recommending anything except "getting the vaccine" even for those who have COVID! Getting the vaccine isn't going to do shit if you already have it dumbass, but don't go looking for anything that might relieve your symptoms, that's not "trusting the science".

No preventative medicine is being practiced at all aside from getting the vaccine. Taking vitamins to increase your immune system resilience? That's not science! Apparently. Which is news to me.

No instead of preventative medicine, and good ideas, we got "lockdowns" which conveniently didn't really hurt any of the major international corporations but sure as hell hurt locally owned business. They have hurt people and their daily lives so much that now forced vaccines seem palatable to people. Anything not to return to lockdown (a measure which the government really had no right to enforce in the first place). We don't need to force vaccinations on people to stop lockdowns, we just need to stop doing stupid fucking lockdowns which are clearly designed with the intent to control and squeeze the population into desperation. Anything to return to normal, even if it means doing things considered "conspiracy theory" at the start of the pandemic (like vaccine passports) even if it means forcing people to take medication for which they do not need.

And if one of these forced unethical immoral shots causes problem for the person? Well fuck 'em, right? You "feeling safer" is a hell of a lot more important.

Obviously adverse effects like these are "rare" and thus no one should give a shit about them. What the difference between a government forcing someone to do something that's 99% safe vs 100% safe anyway? That up there isn't a person, she's the 1% and you can safely ignore her and all those like her as those of you pushing vaccine mandates to coerce people insist is fine, it's not like she didn't have a choice between working, and starving.. she could have chose starving! We're giving our citizens "the choice" between surviving and conforming or starving and not. Free as we have ever been - at least that's what the government tells us.

They can tell us that because while governments have provided the infrastructure, encouragement, and legal frameworks, ultimately it is "private business" choosing to implement these measures. Of course "private business" could never get access to your health records or any method to verify those records without the government so the point is moot. Whether this is being enforced by private business or not it is not an initiative of private business and could not occur without the government providing all of the required tools and access, encouragement, and coercion. Private business my ass.

Still doubt me that you're free? Well if you still doubt then big tech and the government have produced lots and lots of material - seemingly for 5 year olds - explaining how it works without any real details, and is safe without any long term studies, and is just like every other vaccine ever even though this is entirely new untested technology that even the inventor of is speaking out against. But hey, what does that guy know? Politicians coercing you to conform under threat of poverty are the real experts.

And speaking of poverty, does this mean the Liberals plan to "eliminate poverty", or "increase affordability", "eliminate homelessness" etc are off the table now? Seems pretty strange for a government to have policies both encouraging hyper-economic stratification and also claiming we will reduce poverty. Maybe the unvaccinated in poverty will start being excluded from the stats? Obviously no one was talking about unvaccinated people when they refer to eliminate poverty. It's more like: we need to eliminate poverty for those that do what we say and increase poverty for those we don't! Or we support housing for the vaccinated and homelessness for those that are not. All variations on a theme.

And speaking of homelessness, isn't it odd how we as a society can effectively shutdown, implement global scales of new infrastructure, spend untold amounts, all to stop COVID-19? We as a country are really that concerned about you! Well, unless you're homeless then we will just send in paramilitary police to destroy you. We can't get water to those first nations yet.. but we can implement a global vaccine passport system. Interesting how when it comes to war, policing, and control, never enough can be done and never enough can be spent and never are the associated loss of freedoms too many freedoms to lose. Mostly because a bunch of the people responsible told you it's "reasonable" and thus nothing else regarding your rights matters. None of this is being done by law, it's being done by the state of emergency, and I suspect that these passports and mandates and the state of emergency will last just long enough to get you all so used to them that the justification for them to become law becomes: "well we have all this high priced infrastructure we don't want to get rid of". Don't think so? Australia is already using this excuse to keep the emergency measures permanently. These were never meant to go away. They are not temporary.

But perhaps you believe they are temporary? Well that's fine, but then here is what I ask you: where is your line in the sand? If in a year they're still around, will that be your line? What about in 5 years? 10? At what point will you say to yourself "well fuck that guy was right"? And what will you do about it?

For me my line was vaccine passports, and vaccine mandates. They are unethical and morally wrong and once not long ago called a "conspiracy". Regardless of my vaccine status - of which you have no medical right to be aware of - I will not be complying with vaccine passports. I haven't downloaded one and will not download one. If that means I can't go out and do normal things then so be it. Frankly I don't want to be around a bunch of people carelessly "feeling safe" anyway. Do you?


Mandated and carelessly feeling safe. Vaccine mandates and passports don't just not work, they don't just defy logic, they also provide a false sense of security, and safety, and this will be far more detrimental to the public health.

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

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Marilyn Manson's fans killed Brian Warner and now all that's left is Marilyn Manson - Part 3

(continued from part 2...)

"[On 'Antichrist Superstar',] I was being grandiose, saying that I would be this icon that would have a lot of power in my hands and be able to decide many people's future. That ended up being true. Life imitated art and the story started writing itself.'Mechanical Animals' represented the middle of the story and 'Holy Wood...' ties all the pieces together at the start. It's a parable."

- Marilyn Manson   

The Antichrist Superstar era propelled Marilyn Manson to superstardom and marked a much stronger political tone for the music, I posted the MTV 1997 appearance above as you can almost feel the shock of the 'beautiful people' as he insults them. It was a wild time as the more he was demonized by the mainstream the more he played into it.

The album itself is Manson's hardest and greatest with what I can only describe as a slaughtering commentary on everything, and in later interviews from 2007 onwards it is by far most cited as the apex of what he was trying to recreate with each new album. This fact plays an interesting role in his later behavior as I believe he perhaps places a greater emphasis on the environment it was created in (drugs, etc, described in part 2) than his mood and current events at the time. Recreating this environment seems to be critical to his creative process. The results of the original environment however speak for themselves.

The theatrics of the supporting Dead to the World tour were embellished and a supporting DVD of the live tour was released as well; the ending of which contains a clip from the mysterious 'groupie' film that only Brian Warner, Andy Dick, and Tony Ciulla have seen and is discussed in episode 1 of season 5 of 'Dinner for Five'.

(Rare show where you can actually see them in full light)

The actual Dead to the World theatrical performance:

Dead to the world video album:

The era also resulted in a number of great rare tracks, soundtracks and covers. Such as the Long Hard Road out of Hell, Highway To Hell, Apple of Sodom, Suicide is Painless, Like a Virgin, and The Suck for your Solution. It seemed pretty well every 'dark' project wanted Manson to do some soundtrack work. I've decided not to write much about this era and move my continued investigative work into part 4 as the Bianca story picks up again during Mechanical Animals and honestly I feel like this era speaks for itself. Turn up the bass and crank 'The Reflecting God'.

• • •

More details have emerged about the Bianca Allaine accusations as she has provided a detailed account on the 'Enty Lawyer' podcast please give it a listen yourself.

After reviewing the account, and considering the point in time it occurred it's certainly a sad story, perhaps a bit disturbing, but as was pointed out to me by a user on Twitter the laws around the age of consent have changed considerably in the last 15-25 years. I'm not good enough with law myself to find a reliable reading and interpretation from how it worked in Texas in 1995 but I imagine much like here in Alberta the age of consent could have been as low as 14 at the time so do keep this in mind when reviewing these accusations.

The majority of the accusations actually take place later during the Mechanical Animals tour over a 3 month period but it was still before the year 2000 and a lot has changed since then. I completely believe her, and Bianca is not directly tied to Evan Rachel Wood and has been taking a very different approach to discussing it but based on what I've heard her say given most of it is relaying accounts of friends now deceased engaging in consensual activity at a time where their ages probably were of consent its definitely bordering on the edge, perhaps even in a grey area, but I do not think it's as criminal as it's being made out to be. Today it would be, but not then.

Laws change and given when we fast forward to 2007 and his relationship with Evan Marilyn Manson clearly takes into account the updated and revised ages of consent I have no reason to believe he wasn't earlier in time either. I bring this up as a lot of the discussion I'm seeing around based on a few things Evan Rachel Wood has said (which we will address when we get to their relationships era and accusations) and Bianca's accusations. But these two events happened a decade apart at a time when laws were changing. You can't retroactively apply today's laws to 1995 and I find it pretty inconsiderate how casually people are accusing him of being a pedophile today as so far from what I have seen is that when it comes to the age of consent he may be on the edge but stays within what's legal, at the time.

Bianca Allaine says she has turned her evidence over to the FBI so we will see what comes of that but I strongly suspect it will result in no legal action against Brian Warner and it's worth pointing out she doesn't really discuss any abuse in line with the allegations coming from Evan Rachel Wood or Esme Bianco.

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Marilyn Manson's fans killed Brian Warner and now all that's left is Marilyn Manson - Part 2

(continued from part 1...)

As we explore the accusations made against Marilyn Manson please keep in mind that the purpose here is to evaluate everything individually. With someone like Marilyn Manson that has deliberately been pushing the edge of entertainment for 30 years and has not been secretive about his wild and obscene lifestyle, it's very easy to take things he has published or done over this time and point to them to try to confirm allegations. A soundbite here, or a sentence there. He is definitely an easy target.

It is for these reasons I have decided to take the approach to covering this that I have, to try to replicate the context and environment around the work and the accusations so that we are not retroactively punishing someone for yesterday's actions on today's morals based merely on allegations. This happened to Nolan Bushnell by the #MeToo movement and despite them being totally in the wrong they have never even apologized and in my books that is abuse, too.

Now I deliberately left off where I did in the last post as I did not want to begin exploring the accusations in part 1 of this piece. The majority (99%) of the accusations take place between 2006 and 2014 which fits my analysis so far. One accusation takes place during the Smells Like Children tour. Now before we cover this one accusation I do want to make the point that there are a lot of stories from this point in time floating around.

This was the time when numerous rumors about his concerts were occurring, not to mention intense scrutiny. He was reported to have had a rib removed (due to the cuts on his stomach from performances). Rumors were made that they sacrificed animals, and that he killed Trent Reznor's dog Maisie, and these rumors are still circulating and being accepted as fact today despite all being false. Also at this time Manson was not the powerhouse and protected or the household name he is today.

The other aspect on this I would like to point out is that at the time a lot of crazy stuff was happening at his concerts, and he was certainly having sex with a lot of women, that only 1 potential story about this time has come out while numerous from the 2006-2014 era have come out is definitely noteworthy.

Marilyn Manson has always reveled in confusion and in multiple interviews that took place later he is fond of saying art is a question mark. This also unfortunately makes it difficult to determine what is real, and what is false. Information from the time is not very accurate, the internet was not around and most reporting at the time was either mainstream, or word of mouth.

That being said it's also not hard to see this accusation being true and in one of the interviews in the last post Manson mentions how parents are paying him to manhandle their 14 year old boys and girls. Was this a reference to his shock value or something more? I can not say. The accuser does claim to have physical evidence but has not shared it.

The accusation is made by actress Bianca Allaine and is reported to have started happening at his Dallas Texas concert in 1995.

A post was also made by her directly on Facebook, which a Twitter user screenshot:

Obviously the most concerning part of this accusation is that he was sleeping with numerous underage women. The sex parties and such are not surprising, nor are the drugs, as he has admitted to those frequently and while unfortunate she does say in her post she thought it was consensual, at the time, though if she were underage her consent is not actually granted. One other noteworthy thing she says is that "Marilyn Manson is a sadist".

There is room for both concern and doubt of this accusation given how serious it is but with no other stories to go by from this era except those fabricated by Manson himself (we will get into that a bit later when we cover the autobiography) I will be excluding this accusation from the overall analysis until more details are available.

Understanding sex in the "goth" culture at the time is also important, here is a good overview.

(Also just FYI I was never personally a "goth", I liked the punk and grunge scenes)

One of Marilyn Manson's most infamous shows took place during this tour in San Francisco. The Smells like Children tour had a new set list from Portrait of an American Family, along with one of my favorite covers Gary Numan's Down in the Park and of course Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This). It also featured some early renditions of music that would go on to Antichrist Superstar.

The experimentation, rumors, and antics of the Smells Like Children tour would set the stage for some of his wildest performances during the Antichrist Superstar era.

The process of writing Antichrist Superstar was chaotic, he has described the mountains of cocaine, sleep deprivation, pain, that the band subjected themselves to. This is the extent that Marilyn Manson has gone to put into his albums and performances. An interesting note in one article that describes the process. Please do read the full article but for the sake of later aspects I'll be addressing I feel this needs to be pointed out specifically here.

6. Sometimes even Manson wonders why he's doing the shit he's doing
As Manson's image of debauchery and inhibition grew, so did his sense that he needed to live up to that image. As a result, he sometimes found himself engaging in behavior that he wasn't even into at all, just to be "dirty." By way of illustration, the rocker shared the following lovely story in The Long Road out of Hell. One night, Manson went to the nightclub The Hideout with his then-girlfriend, Missi, and bumped into a girl who had given him oral sex the year before. When he drunkenly left the bar to take a leak, the woman slipped into the bathroom with him, rushed to the toilet and urinated. Manson looked away but she urged him to take a look at a ring inserted through the hood of her clitoris. She said she got the piercing when she was 15 and he wrote that he was disgusted by the "reddened, infected flesh" around it. Then, she took out a small Ziploc baggie of shitty cocaine and Manson snorted a bunch. What followed was motivated by neither love, nor lust, but rather sheer perversity. "I thrust my hand down her pants and violently yanked the ring on the hood of her clitoris, making her yell in pain, surprise or delight," he wrote.  "Then I thrust my thumb inside her, bending my middle finger around her and ramming it up her asshole. 'Why am I doing this?' I thought to myself. I wasn't trying to turn her or myself on. I was just trying to be dirty. The situation seemed to call for it. I could have just as easily stuck my hand in a garbage can and accomplished the same thing."

His girlfriend at the time Missi is mentioned several places and would overlap with the time of the accusation by Bianca Allaine. A number of other bad events occurred for Manson in this time also described in that article pushing him towards more experimentation with pain "to test my pain threshold because my emotional one had already been crossed."

(continues in part 3...)

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

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Marilyn Manson's fans killed Brian Warner and now all that's left is Marilyn Manson - Part 1

This is not an easy post for me to write but as someone dedicated to truth I feel I have no choice. I have been a Marilyn Manson fan since the days of Portrait of an American Family and I use it frequently as the soundtrack to this blog. I know his work, and his history intricately. I am not writing this post to tear this man down, to aid in the hunt to cancel him, I am writing it because despite his actions I care for the man and what he tried to do with his music and I feel that it is better to come from someone who does care, than someone who doesn't.

The purpose of this post is to provide my analysis of the available information, allegations, and to correlate these with his music and interviews along a timeline. But more than that to tell the story that I think Brian Warner wants to tell, but can't, because of his absolute dedication to and imprisonment by Marilyn Manson. I will provide my justification and reasoning throughout.

I have spent the past week analyzing points of view, interviews he has done, and of course reading the allegations. All of my research here is original I will not simply be rehashing what is currently in the mainstream media. As well as far as I have seen many of the interviews I'm going to link have not been discussed and are quite revealing, and unfortunately, incriminating.

I'm here to tell you a tale of how Marilyn Manson's fans killed Brian Warner. As I said, I don't want to rip the man apart I want you to understand the man, not Marilyn Manson, but Brian Warner. This truly is a sad story and I really feel for Brian and I want you to feel for him too, not just blindly cancel his work that I believe he literally sacrificed his personal self and happiness to make, for you, for the fans, and as he describes in one of the interviews we will cover, for victims. I want to tell this story because I think we, the fans, failed him and are in part responsible for him becoming what he has become.

My motivation to write this post despite the obvious potential hatred it might bring upon me is that this man's music helped me as it helped many people. That does not deserve to be cancelled and if I can help his fans enjoy his legacy and continue to help victims while helping to support Marilyn Manson's victims and freeing Brian Warner of his prison then I need to do that. Nobody else is.

I want to be clear this is all my opinion, I don't know Marilyn Manson and I wasn't there, all I know is what I have been able to analyze but quite honestly the man wears his heart on his music. One of the most important aspects of someone that commits a crime is motive and the only motive going around right now really is "he's fucked up". Yes, he is, but that is not the motive. I aim here to provide a real motive, a human motive, a motive people can understand.

This post won't be for the faint of heart I'm asking you to view the world through the eyes of Brian Warner because only then can you understand him, and why he did what he did.

I'm actually fucking crying writing this, I write about war and turmoil all the time and I never cry. This is hard for me. I ask that you listen to the music, to the interviews, to everything even if you don't like it. Don't skip through, take your time and really absorb and more importantly appreciate everything and to remember that this is a human being. I will be releasing my analysis in parts to allow time to digest the information.

To understand the motive, we must set the context.

The Early Days

We're going to start with his early years. 1991. This is when his band was still called Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids and didn't yet have a drummer, they won an award for best new band and features 'My Monkey' which would go on to make it to the Portrait of an American Family album.

At this point the band is all friends, no business. The songs are based on poetry he had been writing for years prior re-arranged for lyrics. I point this out because I truly believe that performing is the single most important thing in Brian Warner's life. I often see people say that he is simply trying to cash in with shock rock and I just don't believe this to be true. He has a message, he always has a message, and I believe it was the need for this message in face of expectations that has now eventually destroyed him.

Their early stuff was outrageous, for fun, for the shock value but behind all that the enjoyment of the performance.

The late Scott Putesky (Daisy Berkowitz) released some of the Spooky Kids music as a remastered album:

Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids became really popular, really fast. In their last show as Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids he mentions that record labels had been trying to sign them now for awhile but he couldn't find one that would allow him the creative freedom (I'm rewording it). He was effectively foregoing record deals to keep the Marilyn Manson character, and message intact.

(The quality on this next video is quite poor and the full concert is hard to watch so in this case I have time indexed to the appropriate spot.)

Trent Reznor signed Marilyn Manson and promised that his new label Nothing Records would provide the creative freedom Marilyn Manson required.

Portrait of an American Family

Marilyn Manson's sound, and art, were geared for performances. They were incredibly loud and heavy in person but the sound did not translate well to their initial recording of Portrait of an American Family. Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails helped to remaster the album for it's final release to replicate the live and in-person sound.

Live (and probably one of the best performances of the Portrait Era)

Original Album Recording:

Final Recording:

In this interview Marilyn Manson describes how his childhood is the basis for much of the music that would become Portrait of an American Family. This will become a recurring theme with each album reflecting an aspect of the troubled life of Brian Warner. 

Here is an interview from the Portrait Era where Manson describes how he likes smaller shows over large venues. I can vouch that this remains true to this day. When Marilyn Manson came to Canada in 2019 I ordered tickets in Saskatoon before the Alberta show had been announced. The arena was tiny, there couldn't have been more than 2000 people. It was incredibly easy to get up near the front as the show in compared to what he usually plays was so small. He put everything he had into that show. It was amazing, given his age. I can't believe he would have made money on that show, and yet he did an encore 3 times. He really enjoys being there, in and amongst his fans close up, giving them an unforgettable experience.

This fact of his dedication to the performance will be recurring throughout the analysis and is the primary basis of the motive.

It was also now that his performances had really begun attracting protests as he describes in this next interview and it is really these protests that would set the tone for what Marilyn Manson would become. No longer just an outrageous fun creepy rock'n'roll band, but a protest unto itself. Also please take note that he is quite shy in these early interviews and very reserved, he doesn't really do any theatrics himself and is actually quite focused on wanting to talk about the music and the show. I believe that this is Brian Warner speaking, not Marilyn Manson.

Smells Like Children

Smells Like Children is the Album, or rather EP, that really made Marilyn Manson famous as it had his cover of the Eurhythmics' Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) along with a number of other excellent covers such as Femminist Punk Rock Icon Patti Smith's Rock 'n' Roll Nigger.

The inclusion of this song, as the final song, I believe in retrospect really was a statement of what was to come. Marilyn Manson still plays this song live at concerts now and then today. He added an additional foreword to it...

And the world spreads its legs
And the world spreads its legs
For another fuckin' star!
'Cause I AM the all-American Antichrist.
I was made in America,
And America hates ME for what I am.
I am your shit.
You should be ashamed of what you have eaten.

The EP really is part remixes, part experimentation, and part cover songs. It also cemented the final image Manson had come up with for the Portrait era.

Of particular note is why Manson chose to do Sweet Dreams as he felt that the lyrics had been overlooked given it was a dance song and wanted to share how he felt about the song and it's meaning, described in this interview here:

He also describes how work was about to begin on the band's next album AntiChrist Superstar and describes it as a soundtrack for the end of the world.

(continues in part 2...)

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

UPDATE-2: kumakaia, aloha

 Aloha Albertans!

Richard here writing to you from sunny Edmonton Honaberta. It's currently sitting at a pleasant 28.4 degrees (that's in Fahrenheit). I've got the heat turned up though and all my clothes off, I'm sweating like Michael Forian waking up to his twitter notifications. Don't judge, I've been on vacation.

What can one really say about the UCP's vacations that hasn't already been said? This betrayal of the public trust was huge, Kenney was already walking on thin ice, his popularity and approval has been on a steady decline. I've observed the trends of people who were once hard core UCP fans begin questioning and doubting Kenney, one by one.

Today in typical tone deaf fashion Kenney tweets this:

Woooow, his buddies in the Canadian oil industry think the Canadian oil industry is going to be amazing this year! They don't say that every year, do they?

Well, great work guys forecasting rainbows and lollipops, that should make everything ok eh? Yup, apparently Kenney thinks a meagre cabinet shuffle where the replacements are simply other corrupt MLAs who may or may not have been out of the country (we don't know because the government has only confirmed a small subset) but who even if they were not out of the country were helping to cover for those who were. So, that's like.. better, or something, right? No moral flexibility there.

Apparently discovering that very few Albertans hold shares in WestJet Jason Kenney says he listened to Albertans over the weekend. Which really is an interesting flex don't you think? I mean think about it.. he literally just told you that prior to the weekend he wasn't listening to Albertans. Now he's listening though right?

I mean it's hard to be sure given he didn't hold any sort of conference about it and wrote a fucking post about it. Can you actually believe this guy is a politician?

I can't.

Meanwhile Sunny Shandro is trying to cover for the fact the UCP haven't been doing anything for the past month. No one knows where Shandro was over the holidays yet... But he sure was looking redder than usual.

What a fucking circus.

Kenney's typical strategy of misdirection isn't going to work for these issues. He can't blame Trudeau, or the NDP, or even foreign activists for the credibility he destroyed when he brushed off the anger of the province and told us all stories of WestJet's profitability. The message was pretty clear to me.. "I can't save you," he said, "I can't even save myself".


Tany Yao has been located. The poor kitty had a stressful year passing his private members bill so he turned his phone off. AWWWW MUFFIN. Such a stressful year, maybe it would be less stressful in another job?


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