Monday, October 19, 2020


 Did ya hear Albertans? It's time for a fuckin' holiday! A tax holiday that is. For the rest of the duration of the UCP's grift oil & gas companies will no longer have to pay any tax on new wells! They're going to really work hard in the meantime though on that whole "oil companies not paying their taxes" thing. I mean there's no assurances, or collateral, or anything it's just a big giveaway but this rest assured is a "compromise". Eventually the oil companies will pay taxes again, they promise.

 Yep, as you can see it's a real challenge to get our golden egg oil industry to apparently pay taxes. It's a real challenge. They say they're not going to pay them and the province says "ok" I mean what more really would you expect them to do? Use the CRA? Audit them? Seize their assets? Charge them interest? Yea right! Crazy talk, those sort of measures only work on the peasants walkin' around eating their cheezies. They've got money to spare unlike the poor poor rich golden egg "future of Alberta", "economic engine" oil companies. They just can't get ahead!

I mean, imagine for just a second here that you're an oil CEO with a measly compensation of $10 million per year. Now I know it's really hard to put yourself mentally in such a situation of despair so removed from the average life but try none-the-less. So you're sitting there in your average boardroom which is a bit smaller than your competitors' boardroom thinking to yourself "Bob doesn't pay taxes, why should I?".

As we all know taxes are for the peasants; with their "health care" and "education". Taxes, pft, important executives want choice! Like the choice to push private tier health care for them, the choice for private schools for them, and the choice for them to increase their well earned salaries. I mean really, how the fuck do these peasants expect them to create jobs, pay taxes, and purchase stock buybacks? It's ridiculous.

You see when big fancy executives talk about how they deserve their compensation because of the huge responsibility of risk management what they actually mean is that they are willing to pay lobbyists to stand next to the government to tell you how you ("the peasant") will take on their risk! It's really no big deal, once they're earning enough profit that their profit starts having little profit babies they will pay it all back and if their profit doesn't? Well the peasants don't need to be eating so many damn cheezies, now do they?

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Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

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