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Alberta Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Separatists

A long time ago
in an economy far far away...


Episode III
Revenge of the Separatists

In the strange alternative Star Wars plot Emperor Harper and Darth Kenney have concocted the dark side favors the separatists against the Dominion (our version of the Republic) which speaks to the counter-culture mentioned in Episode II and the narrative of victimization.

Of course "officially" to pander to the federalists and broader base the UCP position itself will never be separation. It's a carrot that is dangled in front of the hard-line WEXIT crowd to keep them in line via their more subversive channels.

Directing the anger of Albertans is at the core of the UCP's strategy to justify change. As I wrote back in Alberta's Great Panderer:
A constant war footing. One war, on to the next, and the next, and the next. There will not be a point in time where the UCP isn't at war with.. something, during their term. Their legitimacy and support depends on it.
War is how Kenney rallies his support through his various overt and covert separatist leaders, like Count Dookie and others that have planted the seed of inevitable separation if Canada doesn't do things our way.

Then on the other side you have the "Fair Deal". An appeal to the Federalists while still targeting Ottawa in an attempt to keep the separatists in check. Both are wars in various forms.

Kenney also has his war against environmentalists, doctors, teachers, unions, really anyone he can go to war with. It's done with a bang, it's done to illicit anger, it's done because the blitzkrieg speed and misdirection is what provides the support. Kenney is also on a tight timeline, with just 3 years now to complete the selloff of Alberta, and protect the rich providing an avenue of escape.

Kenney must also disable Albertans ability to effect any reversal of what he is doing so that Alberta remains obligated to repay the debts that are being illicitly placed on us. This I believe explains the power grabs.

I am still of the opinion Kenney is not here for the long term. He didn't come here to build a mini-empire as I'm seeing the new prevailing theory become (as it becomes more obvious he is not aiming for the role of PM). I maintain that Kenney aims to be out of politics following this term, he did not drop from Federal to Provincial to deal constantly with the problems he is causing. He does not intend to be here to clean them up, or be accountable for them.

In addition, with the fracturing of Alberta's WEXIT believers turning against Kenney I do not believe he would gain popular support federally now. No, he will leave.

However, emperor Harper's network will remain. It is the financial interests that want the power.

The separatist threat of course provides momentum for aspects of Kenney's agenda he does want such as robbing Albertans of their pension money:
As you can see the UCP utilize their typical games, via their typical channels. 81% support for this is astronomically high. It's ridiculous, but so long as the right closes themselves off to any other sources of information at the behest of their "rebel commanders" they'd never know it.

I just discovered Lauren Southern has returned to the political arena. She's done a write-up of her reformation from the "alt-right" and I very much suggest you all read it:
You see the manipulation derives from just a very simple thing: a lot of people are suffering and just want it to end and those types are very easy to lead with easy solutions, external enemies, and strong-man antics when they've got bigger holes to fill.

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