Monday, June 1, 2020

UPDATE-11 (FINAL UPDATE): There has been no word from any DC protester since the White House entered creep mode at 1AM #dcblackout


Based on the information I have been able to gather and several confirming stories along with confirmation video it is my conclusion that the DC protesters were likely taken in under a mass arrest and probably using the NDAA or similar indefinite detention measures. (Which is why no one has heard from them and likely why they would cut livestreams and comms before the arrest - so you don't know where they are). I will update this post if new information arises.

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Image allegdly showing FBI troops with live ammunition weapons in Washington DC during the communications blackout.
The most intense protests in Washington D.C.'s history just fell silent.

At 1AM EST the White House entered creep mode, and all live streams and communications with the protesters there were lost.
There has been no word from any of them, all of the streams in the area are down.
News media is reporting as normal with one literally expecting everyone to believe that "the protesters respected the curfew and went home".
So far there are no  recordings, no record of any kind of what happened after that moment and how the streets became empty. Did the White House literally just 'disappear' the entire protest?

Please comment any information you have regarding the situation in DC.

In addition I'll add that during the night I was chatting with a user on a youtube channel that claimed to be in DC listening on HAM radio and was reporting that live ammunition was being used. I can't verify if he was bullshitting me or not.
The above tweet was deleted by Twitter. Replacement:


Can't verify obviously, but something definitely happened in DC last night. And it was something big.


Twitter is moderating the #dcblackout hashtag like wildfire. And numerous "people" are claiming it's a "disinformation campaign". It absolutely is not. I have been trying to communicate with protesters in DC all night they CAN NOT  be reached. NO ONE has an answer about where they went.

As the rate of tweet deletion is nuts regarding this topic information is even less reliable.

There have been reports of some sort of a loud explosion or boom in the NE portion of the city.

A user rejoined twitter to "say the truth". Obviously I can't verify, I've taken a screenshot of this one:


The real disinformation campaign being waged is the one insisting nothing happened.


WOW! I have never seen this before. People's accounts are literally being hacked in real time to tweet messages discrediting the hashtag!

Nearly 8 hours later and I have finally found someone that claims they were present at the time:
I'm not exactly convinced.

The live traffic feeds are clearly fake. All live video is either faked, looped, or disconnected. Still no live streams, and aside from this one guy still no words from protesters.

Not even a "hey yea we're ok".


Nevermind, it's events after 1AM we are interested in.


More video allegedly from after 1AM in DC:

Finally some solid video showing that protesters allegedly dispersed immediately after the lights went out. It doesn't explain why there was a media blackout that took out the live streams however, nor why those of us who were working through the night could not contact anyone in DC. I remain suspicious.


A legal source in DC associated with their cases claims they have been mass arrested.

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  1. I've looked at sjl's previous comments and tweets - that person is NOT a public defender.

    1. Can you expand on why you believe that to be the case?

      Generally people regardless of profession can tweet what and however they like. I've reviewed his timeline, nothing about it to me stands out as suspicious.