Saturday, June 13, 2020

Phase 1 of operation 'fuckwad UCP' is complete

I actually meant to declare phase 1 of operation fuckwad UCP complete weeks ago but then the US riots happened and well, priorities right? Readers will know that I have hinted at a guerrilla offensive against the fuckwad UCP for some time. Since my very first post when I began writing again actually. And then again here in 'What Jason Kenney and the UCP fear most'.

Astute observers of my Twitter activities may have noticed that I have nearly exclusively focused on replying to the "issue managers" and "press secretaries" and have repeatedly written about how they are the frontline of defense such as in 'Left or Right, infinite growth is the enemy and why de-platforming is a fatal mistake'.

Now that I believe phase 1 is complete, I feel I can talk about it.

First, some history.

Many moons ago during the Harper era I was associated with some "progressives" on Twitter I won't mention by name. They wanted to get involved in political action and so like most political organizations that want to lead political change they started making labels. Creating memberships. Making a "name". I opposed this strategy because it's been proven to fail over and over. It's only marginally effective with leaders actually interested in democracy and it is not effective when you have leaders that are not.

In the end, due to my stance we had a falling out. I'm still not exactly sure why it was so threatening, my only conclusion being that in the end they weren't interested in actually fighting the system or in trying to actually make a difference. It was superficial. The dark truth hidden underneath was building the brand was so important because the real desire was to have followers. Listeners. A little mini empire to complain about the big one. To lead.

Do you know why I love V for Vendetta? And why I find it to be such a powerful movie? V doesn't lead the people, he pushes them. When they show up at the parliament at the end of the film to watch it's destruction he is not there in front of them leading the charge. He did not tell them to put on the masks.

Instead V sets the stage and allows their own self determination along with the obvious criminality to drive events. Visualized just prior to the big event with the scene of the dominoes falling.

Fuck leaders. As the famous quote from the movie goes "ideas are bullet proof".

Leaders can be co-opted and have their character assassinated. So can organizations, movements, groups. The system is expert in dealing with and dismantling these forms of opposition. But an idea? We've seen the power of an idea with George Floyd where the undeniable criminality displayed in his murder video fuels an idea of criminality so powerful that it drowns out the system's propaganda. That it propelled people into the streets (and still is).

The idea in that video is much bigger than "Black Lives Matter". This is why it has been so important for the right-wing faction popularized by Candace Owens to remind people what a criminal he was. It's to muddy the waters. To destroy the idea that is driving events because unlike "Black Lives Matter", the idea seen in that video can not be forgotten as Dave Chapelle discussed in his 8:46 presentation.

My offensive against the fuckwad UCP is based in this understanding.

My trolling of the UCP issue managers has been very specific: 90% of it I focus on their salary. The other 10% spent on the IDU and Kenney's plans. And along with writing my posts. The objective has been that thru months of repetition I'd hope to draw focus to these inconsistencies. The idea has been to not even entertain whatever it is they are discussing, unless extremely sarcastically. Instead focus on them as much like with the system's attacks on opposition to the ingrained inequality they are the easiest surface of attack.

This may sound cheap but they are not there to debate in good faith anyway so the point is moot. The first objective in this regard has been simple: help push the discussion towards it. This has the effect of disabling Kenney's front line of defense as by keeping this discussion front and center every tweet they write ends up working against them by the fact they're being paid excessive tax dollars to write it.

It's my opinion at this point in time they have been effectively rendered useless, which may explain why they are suddenly on a block frenzy.

A few days ago I actually was having a discussion with Kim Siever about how the UCP tends to favor not blocking. For a year straight their issue managers and press secretaries have been giving stupid take after stupid take and getting ratioed into oblivion with few blocks (I'm not saying *none* but given the anger the UCP's liquidation of Alberta invokes you'd expect a lot more).

Well, here is where we are at now:
Which brings us to the second objective: drive them towards doing things that discredit themselves. Again, accomplished through repetition. Somewhere inside their rotten exterior there is a human that is fully aware what they are doing and covering up is wrong. When called on it enough eventually the mask comes off and they pick a side.

The issue managers are a laughing stock. Left and right both find them absurd.
Now I don't know if I pushed these objectives, or not. That's the point. That's why it's so important I remain an underground blogger as it allows me to remain too small a target to attack without attracting even more attention to the ideas I put forward. This allows seeds to be planted, and ideas to flourish.

Now commencing phase 2 of operation 'fuckwad UCP'

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.


  1. if you have a plan to bring the UPC creepshow to task,
    sir i salute you
    i seldom get beyond outrage,
    and being outnumbered 9 to 1 by UPC in my neighborhood
    that's not a good starting point
    Hail friend well met

  2. Is this post written in code? Because all I get from it is that UCP staffers and subsequent fake provincial employees on the rosters of free giveaway money like the War Room are profiting from kenney's visions of glory, and his unbridled attacks on just about everything but the energy industry. And that this situation shall be attacked by twitter-storms emitted from a hidden basement. From this amazing strategic campaign thousands of Albertans will somehow miraculously mass and complain strongly enough to boot jason and his pack of dumbf*ck UCP hangers-on in the next election. Is that it?

    Good luck, mate. I agree with the ends but cannot grasp the concept, validity or value of the means. That's why I ask -- is this written in some code I'm too dumb to comprehend?

    1. So the entire point of this post isn't to explain what I'm doing, I don't need Twitter storms, nor will Albertans complain strongly enough to boot Jason in the next election.

      This isn't about the election. Kenney doesn't care if he wins the next election or not and by then it will be too late anyway.

      The objective of my campaign is to make it as difficult as possible for him to proceed with his agenda. To remove the tools of propaganda and manipulation he uses.

      Kenney's frontline of defense is his issue managers, they twist issues and aim to keep Albertans divided and so long as Albertans are too busy pointing the finger at each other there an not be a unified front against the UCP.

      This is all I am willing to explain for the moment. My campaign does not require Twitter storms, or thousands of Albertans complaining strongly enough to boot Jason.