Friday, February 28, 2020

Buffalo Theatre

Well! Alberta's had a busy few weeks, hasn't it? It really has become it's own unfolding disaster everyone just gets to watch in slow motion because Albertans, and Canadians, typically don't dare oppose an elected government even if they're blatantly lying, and not working in your best interest.

Like.. they're not even trying.
Don't you get it yet Albertans? It doesn't fucking matter! Because unless you actually go and physically remove the fuckwad UCP from government, the heist will continue. I see so many perplexed people in the #ableg feed that think Kenney is either incompetent, or can't figure out why he's doing what he's doing if he wants to get re-elected. A lot of people saying "one and done". Yea, sure, one and done. It won't matter because by then the heist will be over with.

Do you really think Kenney gives a fuck if he's the Premier of Alberta? This is just a stepping stone, to probably a seat at the table of an investment bank, or maybe sit alongside his buddy Harper at Harper & Associates. Politics isn't power, money is. Politics implements the bills and spins a narrative, money buys the bills.

Kenney has effectively revealed the agenda I've been talking about since December. The events have quickly been papered over by Alberta's make believe budget but he's said some very important things.

Let's start here:
Sooner or later, it's going to become quite obvious that there is a massive departure of companies from Alberta. The same thing with using tax dollars, pensions, etc to replace the holes left in energy companies that will be left by the banks. The banks and companies cant just up and leave, there would be incredible anger. There already is, but the Kenney strategy is to keep it safely deflected away from those who rightfully deserve it, the old PCAA and the oil industry themselves.

I believe Kenney has taken these protests and is using them to his advantage to publicize aspects of what he plans to do and blame it on the protestors. This seemed to be confirmed when Kenney later suggested that the Alberta government will directly begin propping up energy companies.
CALGARY — Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is warning the province’s $1-billion fund established last year to support Indigenous participation in major projects won’t have any projects to back if the forces that helped kill the Frontier oilsands mining project this week continue to achieve their goals.  
In a speech at the Indigenous Participation in Major Projects conference in Calgary that heavily criticized “green left urban militants,” Kenney insisted his government is the one that has the best interests of First Nations at heart because it supports building major energy projects. 
He announced that the Woodland Cree First Nation in northwest Alberta will receive a $187,688 grant — the first approved under the $10-million Indigenous Litigation Fund announced last year — to intervene in support of Alberta’s constitutional challenge of the federal government’s Bill C-69, the Impact Assessment Act. 
In the provincial throne speech on Tuesday, Kenney’s government said it is prepared to invest directly in the resource industry if that’s what it takes to boost Alberta’s wellspring industry.
"If". I'm sure it will be necessary.
"Commercially sensitive information", now where have I heard that spin term before? Oh right, that's the same thing they said about the investors Knight-Legg was meeting with in London. Hmm.

Now, here's the thing about spin doctors. These terms they come up with, they're like.. code words. They replace - usually - something with a negative connotation, with a positive one. These are often market tested, or at least market researched, and can be a strong tell. Kind of like how "job creators" is a nice sounding way of saying "rich billionaires", that makes you think of "small business owners".

So, let's assume "commercially sensitive information" regarding investor briefs is spin for *something* with a negative connotation. Well we now have that negative connotation don't we? Investors.. pulling out.

Now, I know, this isn't evidence. But given the way everything else is lining up, the bullshit excuses the UCP has made regarding these investor meetings, and their strong willingness to brag and broadcast anything they do manage to do (even if it's fake, and riding on the NDP's coat-tails), do you really doubt it? What seems more likely to you, that the UCP is using "green activists" to cover up investors pulling out? Or to protect investors.. investing?

As I said in Alberta's Great Panderer, he's not working for Albertans.

The Teck withdrawal is a surprising event to me. I believe it was for Jason Kenney as well, althhough I do not believe him that he only found out Saturday (sorry I can't find a source atm for the quote of him saying he only found out the Saturday but I've seen it and know it exists, I'll update this post when I have one).

I believe Jason Kenney was betting on it being cancelled as I described in 'Is the divisive, coordinated, push (and potential rejection) for Teck Frontiers actually designed to justify a quid-pro-quo?'. It looks to me as though this plan is now dead, which may explain the hastily put together (with stock logo of a bison, not a buffalo, and all) "Buffalo Declaration" coming from Harper faithful and the seemingly designated leader of the CPC separatist movement Michelle Rempel and 3 others from Albertastan and landing just before the weekend of Teck's announcement. It's a ridiculous piece of shit that Markham Hislop rips apart nicely.

This surprise event just happens to have many variations of the same requests in it that Alberta has been wanting (particularly cash which will surely go towards abandoned well cleanup circumventing the Supreme Court) and conveniently detaches the request from the explicit rejection of Teck Frontier. They have now become an entity on to their own along with some side requests like adding some "Albertan culture" to Parliament. Yea, ok, what is this: the first time any of these people have talked about "culture"? Can you find me another example? Like what do they want, Greta rape stickers plastered around?

No. The thing reads like it was whipped up in a few days with a bunch of fuzzy sounding bullshit wrapped around the real desires within it. Sounds about right for short notice of a Teck withdrawal.

It's good to see protests starting to form more frequently and in greater numbers, along with more confessions of regret by UCP voters on Twitter however Albertans are going to have to get a lot more serious if they actually want to keep their wealth and province and services intact.

If your goal in protest is to "have them listen", then you don't yet realize the position we are in. They're not only listening, they are actively recording everyone and the signs. Some will be used in propaganda:

 You want them to listen? They are tearing apart your words to develop counter strategies. The legislature was locked down for budget day. They're passing Bill 1 to crackdown on protests, followed by Bill 2 to make drinking in parks.. better. Hurrah.

Albertans truly, from my perspective, only have one choice in what they need to say: fuck you.

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