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Albertans' emotionally abusive relationship with the UCP

Well, Albertans, I'm sorry to say; but according to a random blog I found we may be in an emotionally abusive relationship with the fuckwad UCP.

Let's look at some examples.
1. You Are Always Blamed
Emotionally abusive people typically refuse to take ownership of their mistakes, negative feelings or difficult behaviors. They, instead, choosing to blame their partners.
For example, you might find yourself being told that you “make” them shout at you; that you “drive them” to excessive drinking; that you “hold them back” from living their dreams.
Well, while this may not be true for the UCP's closest and dearest followers, it's certainly true for Albertans in general, especially those who would dare vote anything but UCP, and our Canadian partners. Once again, let's refer back to Danielle Smith's tweet:
Summarized: "It's Canada's fault we're going to act out by not voting how we want". This has been echoed routinely, even now with Teck Frontier.

Box checked.
2. You Feel Undeserving And Inferior
There are hundreds of creative ways for your partner to make you feel inferior. Maybe they will outright state that you’re lucky to have found someone so attractive, smart or successful. Alternatively, they might keep reminding you that you’re slow, clumsy, socially awkward or not good at the things you love.
Jason Kenney urges public-sector unions to make sacrifices in wages, benefits to avoid layoffs
“If they are prepared to put on the table some of the benefits that they receive, which are not typical of the private sector, then we can retain more positions in the public sector.” 
At a news conference later in the day, Mr. Kenney told reporters that unionized workers need to adjust their expectations to reflect the economic challenges facing the province and he suggested the rhetoric from the Opposition New Democrats, who have accused the government of launching a war on workers that would lead to American-style health care, was overblown. 
“Let's try to see a path of co-operation and collaboration, not confrontation,” he said.
Public sector workers are undeserving even though they've taken many freezes in pay over the last decade.

Alberta environment minister says First Nations concerns with Teck Frontier are about money
The Alberta government says a First Nation's concerns about the proposed Teck Frontier oilsands mine are more about getting a bigger share of the royalties than about protecting water, bison and other environmental concerns. 
Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Chief Allan Adam sent the federal government a letter last week suggesting that the Alberta government's failure to address environmental and cultural concerns about the project was putting it at risk as a deadline approaches for the federal government to give its approval. 
But Alberta Environment Minister Jason Nixon said Tuesday that Adam's "primary" focus is on money. 
"The reality is when we are meeting with Chief Adam, he continues to primarily focus on money," Nixon told Power & Politics host Vassy Kapelos. "We are very clear on the fact that we are not going to buy Teck approval. That's not something we are going to do." 
In a Feb. 10 letter to those chiefs, shared with CBC News, Adam attempts to rally support against the premier's plan for a Crown corporation to facilitate Indigenous ownership in natural resource projects
Calling it a "pressing matter," Adam calls on bands "to send a strong message" against the Alberta government's attempt to get First Nations to participate in the Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation. The AIOC would issue loan guarantees or backstops so First Nations and M├ętis communities could buy ownership stakes in resource projects. 
Instead, Adam said, if the Alberta government wants Indigenous communities to get behind resource projects, it needs to share royalties
"If the government of Alberta is serious about getting Indigenous communities on board with major industrial projects," Adam writes, "it should provide a share of the realized tax revenue from each project to impacted Nations." 
A spokesperson for Alberta's environment minister also seized on Adam's letter to the chiefs, accusing the ACFN chief's of being preoccupied with money.
This is a round-about way of saying they do not deserve royalties for the impacts to their land. Thankfully this Chief is speaking out against this "hold my empty bag" scam the UCP are playing. 

It goes on and on. And likewise Jason Kenney brags too when criticized, like about Knight-Legg's London trip.

Box checked.

Government spokesperson Harrison Fleming said the reasons behind Knight-Legg’s travels to London have centred around securing capital investment for Alberta, as well as working on the government’s aim to counter “the misinformation campaign of defamation” against Alberta’s energy sector — a cause the government has dedicated significant resources to, including $30 million toward the creation of their Canadian Energy Centre, also known as the energy war room. 
Fleming said, however, that while Knight-Legg was in London partly to promote a message similar to that of the energy war room, he was not on official war room business. He added Knight-Legg has met with major banks, private equity funds and insurers during his trips to London. 
“Due to the commercially sensitive nature of the meetings — and the fact that foreign-funded activists groups are actively targeting Alberta and large companies doing business in our province — the companies are not named,” Fleming said.
Well, that's convenient isn't it? I'm not sure how I missed this when it happened, but they are literally using the Krause conspiracy as an excuse to conceal who he met with, and why. Un-fucking-believable.

Also, take note, "due to the commercially sensitive nature of the meetings". Albertans you do not get to know what secret plans these corporations have in store, much like the meeting Harper had with investors I wrote about in Alberta's Great Panderer that was closed to media, couldn't even get a real quote from inside.

How much do you want to bet the companies aren't named, because they're companies (or representing companies) that will be visibly seen pulling out of Alberta?

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.
3. You Are Infantilized
No matter how your partner treats you like a child, it can erode your confidence and take away your power.
Common emotionally abusive actions include controlling every aspect of the finances, telling you what you can get (and when you can get it), and scolding you for spending “too much” when you’re really spending a normal amount.
Finances? What you can and can't get? Scolding you for spending too much when you're really spending the normal amount?

Box checked.
4. Your Partner Makes Jokes At Your Expense
Abusive people will frequently say horrible things and follow them up with claims that they were “only joking”. This tactic allows them to put you down, belittle you and make you feel dreadful while cloaking their abuse in humor and causing you to doubt your own judgment.
If on reflection, you can tell that most people would find such jokes hurtful, this will provide you with evidence that your partner really is being cruel.
This one doesn't really apply: the UCP seem to be directly offensive (no cloak), no apologies, and use other tactics to have Albertans doubt their own judgement like their relentless propaganda campaigns. In addition, their ministers and propagandists have the personality of a sterile block of cheese.
5. You Hear Constant Accusations
No matter how professionally and appropriately you conduct yourself, an abusive partner may accuse you of being unfaithful, flirting with other people, acting “easy” or making yourself look foolish. This type of behavior comes from deep-rooted insecurities and a need to control but it can be incredibly humiliating if you’re on the receiving end.
Do I even need to provide an example of this one? Jason Kenney's entire platform is "Blame Canada" or blame the NDP, or the "foreign funded activists", or nurses, or teachers, or anyone else.
6. Your Partner Seems To Have More Than One Personality
Emotional abusers are often described as having a “switch” that immediately turns them from loving and happy to cruel or depressed. You might feel like the negative personality emerges any time you try to challenge the status quo or want to become independent. Eventually, your partner’s mood can dictate which issues are okay to discuss.
Which Jason Kenney do we get today? "decorum" Kenney, or "earplugs" Kenney? dictating which issues are ok to discuss based on mood?

Box checked.
7. You Are Regularly Emotionally Blackmailed
If you dare to challenge an emotional abuser’s attempts to control you, your partner might begin dishing out punishments. Many of these will take the form of more psychological games.
For example, the person may act very wounded and cold, withdrawing from you emotionally until you give in to what they want from you. This can be very manipulating and cause you to feel like the person in the wrong.
In a more extreme case, they might threaten to leave you. This can be very scary and upsetting, and so giving in to your partner’s demands can feel like a small price to pay in order to keep the relationship together.
Could they take the form of needless audits to instill fear?

Box checked.
8. It’s Impossible To Please This Person
Emotionally abusive relationships can feel like confidence-draining nightmares in which nothing you do is ever quite good enough, even if you’re doing your very best to meet the other person’s stringent demands.
An emotionally abusive person will always find a way to make you feel inadequate, whether they’re targeting your personality, your looks, your goals or the way you keep things in the house. The goal is to make you feel like you’re lucky anyone puts up with you.
Well this one seems pretty obvious. Even with Trudeau buying Alberta a damn pipeline, Kenney has been relentless in his attacks on Trudeau. Which given the current sentiment across Canada is really an attack on Canadians choice in Trudeau. Alberta is impossible to please, with the Teck Frontier being the latest example. It went instantly to war.

Box checked.
9. You Are Becoming Isolated
Finally, whether consciously or otherwise, emotional abusers are prone to isolating their partners. Have you gradually stopped speaking to old friends, or noticed you’re barely in touch with family?
If the answer is yes, think about how and why this happened. Your partner likely wants to stop you from checking whether other people condone their behavior or agree with their attitudes. There may be a secondary objective to make you more dependent on your abuser so that you are less likely to leave.
WEXIT. Separation. Fair Deal. Teck Frontier. Take your pick. Jason Kenney has been systematically alienating the west and blaming the rest of Canada for it.

Box checked.

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