Monday, July 6, 2020

Alberta Wars Episode I: Harper, The Phantom Menace

It's been difficult for me to focus on writing this past month. It might be hard to believe but beneath the cool persona I present for the purpose of political debate this shit weighs pretty heavy on me. It's frustrating, because in addition to fighting a corrupt government the growing number of people discovering the reality of the situation face a mental duopoly of seeing the corruption but having to have faith the political system can fix it.

It can't, and I've accepted that for a long time now. The democracy we exist in is a sham manipulated by big money interests and those that can pollute the air waves best. I see a lot of pain, and confusion, from those witnessing the UCP's destructive policy. And I get it.

There is a growing desire to fight this government, both from "the left", and factions of "the right". It's for different reasons but for the moment that's not important, there is also a growing understanding of the urgency of what is occurring. More and more I am seeing people come to the realization that the objective of Kenney's government is to be completed this term.

What is missing however is the needed self-reflection required to see how we got here in the first place. Alberta's very identity is intertwined with it's politics as an excellent piece put out by CBC discussed, and that makes our populace easily manipulated.

Readers of this blog will know that I have repeatedly referred to our interactions with the UCP as a war. We, Albertans, are under attack. They are not conservative, they are a criminal cabal wrapping themselves in the conservative flag to pander to their audience as they loot everything from under you. I wasn't fucking kidding. I'm not over-exaggerating. The quicker Albertans come to this understanding, the better chance we have of actually defeating them.

When I began my guerrilla offensive I already knew all of this was the case and planned accordingly but I understand for many of you new to the political realm the opacity and actions of the UCP can be quite shocking.

I have titled this post 'The Phantom Menace' after the Star Wars movie. It's hard to provide thematic consistency with the UCP's current chaos but I have been watching a lot of Star Wars lately and I can't help but notice how the UCP's agenda mirrors the Star Wars plot. A senator, that manipulates a crisis to become chancellor, who then ignites a civil war with separatists and uses that support to build a grand army and give himself special powers - not unlike Jason Kenney.

So this will be the first post in a new series: Alberta Wars.

A long time ago
in an economy far far away...


Episode I
Harper, The Phantom Menace
Screenshot from Jason Kenney's 'A Premier's day in the life'

The UCP love when referring to Stephen Harper to refer to him by his former title as Prime Minister rather than his current title of CEO of Harper & Associates, that boasts proudly on the front page of it's website (which uses the domain of Harper's retired political campaign):

"Harper & Associates combines the global network, experience and insight of a G-7 Leader to create value for clients."

Combines the global network? Stephen Harper makes his current living by using his political connections to "create value" for clients. Doesn't that make you feel great that he was part of the unaccountable "sounding board" Kenney's infamous "recovery panel" consisted of?
Kenney has posted pictures of him and Harper attending a hockey game, Harper has visited his office (obviously many times). Harper was beside him the entire campaign. Harper was featured in the UCP's AGM video as I noted in Alberta's Great Panderer. The speech writer Kenney is refusing to fire even despite 3 treaty nations calling for his dismissal and possibly jeopardizing the fake bullshit he's been doing to First Nations to get them to take loans to support Alberta's dying industries: one of Harper's guys.

Dentons, the law firm that a judge just ruled was not a conflict of interest with Doug Schweitzer is partnered with Harper & Associates and they share an office in Calgary. A lawyer from Dentons was one of the first fake "investors" to support Kenney's Canadian Propaganda Centre - which if you remember way back when Kenney's narrative was still somewhat coherent was created to fight the foreign funded radicals the Dentons inquiry that was just extended and given an extra million for "due diligence" is supposed to undercover.
The UCP's bullshit separatist speak is pandering to Harper's old firewall agenda. Harper, Harper, everywhere.

If Albertans want to fight this government the first thing they need to understand is that Alberta is being run from the shadows by an investment banker that brags about using political influence to "create value for clients".

Kenney's entire narrative and crisis he was elected on was crafted and distributed via Harper's propaganda networks. Harper, the phantom menace.

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Phase 1 of operation 'fuckwad UCP' is complete

I actually meant to declare phase 1 of operation fuckwad UCP complete weeks ago but then the US riots happened and well, priorities right? Readers will know that I have hinted at a guerrilla offensive against the fuckwad UCP for some time. Since my very first post when I began writing again actually. And then again here in 'What Jason Kenney and the UCP fear most'.

Astute observers of my Twitter activities may have noticed that I have nearly exclusively focused on replying to the "issue managers" and "press secretaries" and have repeatedly written about how they are the frontline of defense such as in 'Left or Right, infinite growth is the enemy and why de-platforming is a fatal mistake'.

Now that I believe phase 1 is complete, I feel I can talk about it.

First, some history.

Many moons ago during the Harper era I was associated with some "progressives" on Twitter I won't mention by name. They wanted to get involved in political action and so like most political organizations that want to lead political change they started making labels. Creating memberships. Making a "name". I opposed this strategy because it's been proven to fail over and over. It's only marginally effective with leaders actually interested in democracy and it is not effective when you have leaders that are not.

In the end, due to my stance we had a falling out. I'm still not exactly sure why it was so threatening, my only conclusion being that in the end they weren't interested in actually fighting the system or in trying to actually make a difference. It was superficial. The dark truth hidden underneath was building the brand was so important because the real desire was to have followers. Listeners. A little mini empire to complain about the big one. To lead.

Do you know why I love V for Vendetta? And why I find it to be such a powerful movie? V doesn't lead the people, he pushes them. When they show up at the parliament at the end of the film to watch it's destruction he is not there in front of them leading the charge. He did not tell them to put on the masks.

Instead V sets the stage and allows their own self determination along with the obvious criminality to drive events. Visualized just prior to the big event with the scene of the dominoes falling.

Fuck leaders. As the famous quote from the movie goes "ideas are bullet proof".

Leaders can be co-opted and have their character assassinated. So can organizations, movements, groups. The system is expert in dealing with and dismantling these forms of opposition. But an idea? We've seen the power of an idea with George Floyd where the undeniable criminality displayed in his murder video fuels an idea of criminality so powerful that it drowns out the system's propaganda. That it propelled people into the streets (and still is).

The idea in that video is much bigger than "Black Lives Matter". This is why it has been so important for the right-wing faction popularized by Candace Owens to remind people what a criminal he was. It's to muddy the waters. To destroy the idea that is driving events because unlike "Black Lives Matter", the idea seen in that video can not be forgotten as Dave Chapelle discussed in his 8:46 presentation.

My offensive against the fuckwad UCP is based in this understanding.

My trolling of the UCP issue managers has been very specific: 90% of it I focus on their salary. The other 10% spent on the IDU and Kenney's plans. And along with writing my posts. The objective has been that thru months of repetition I'd hope to draw focus to these inconsistencies. The idea has been to not even entertain whatever it is they are discussing, unless extremely sarcastically. Instead focus on them as much like with the system's attacks on opposition to the ingrained inequality they are the easiest surface of attack.

This may sound cheap but they are not there to debate in good faith anyway so the point is moot. The first objective in this regard has been simple: help push the discussion towards it. This has the effect of disabling Kenney's front line of defense as by keeping this discussion front and center every tweet they write ends up working against them by the fact they're being paid excessive tax dollars to write it.

It's my opinion at this point in time they have been effectively rendered useless, which may explain why they are suddenly on a block frenzy.

A few days ago I actually was having a discussion with Kim Siever about how the UCP tends to favor not blocking. For a year straight their issue managers and press secretaries have been giving stupid take after stupid take and getting ratioed into oblivion with few blocks (I'm not saying *none* but given the anger the UCP's liquidation of Alberta invokes you'd expect a lot more).

Well, here is where we are at now:
Which brings us to the second objective: drive them towards doing things that discredit themselves. Again, accomplished through repetition. Somewhere inside their rotten exterior there is a human that is fully aware what they are doing and covering up is wrong. When called on it enough eventually the mask comes off and they pick a side.

The issue managers are a laughing stock. Left and right both find them absurd.
Now I don't know if I pushed these objectives, or not. That's the point. That's why it's so important I remain an underground blogger as it allows me to remain too small a target to attack without attracting even more attention to the ideas I put forward. This allows seeds to be planted, and ideas to flourish.

Now commencing phase 2 of operation 'fuckwad UCP'

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Richard Gordon interviews Richard Fantin on Albertastan


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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The real war is the information war and it has very much begun

I think I'm ready to write about these protests or given Donald Trump has invoked the insurrection act perhaps I'll call this an insurrection now. I must apologize to Albertans as I'm having to divert from my offensive against the fuckwad UCP to focus on the deteriorating situation in the United States. I also apologize to those who were following my Learn to Code series as what little time I have had to code with everything going on has gone towards work and my own projects (I'm working on something special for the #ableg crowd, and a game with my son).

These events have me seriously sick to my stomach and this will probably be my last post for awhile as I try to recuperate my energy. Even as someone who has been writing about and warning about this type of thing happening it's still surreal to witness. This is truly history in the making.

I did have a number of Alberta-centric posts lined up but I don't feel now is the most effective time to be discussing them and events in the US have potential to wildly change the trajectory of events here in Alberta. We might touch on Bill 1 a bit here but I dunno, I guess we will see where my current train of thought leads me.

I'm very concerned for our American sisters and brothers. I'm seeing the protests languish without clear direction and demands and under the pressure of the state to get back in line. If Americans allow themselves to get back in line though this will be the end of the US as we know it. It will not return to "normal", not now, not after the police have been allowed to put the blatant criminality of the police state that has been building for decades on display for everyone to see. This is the last chance the Americans have to dismantle it and it's really not a very good one.

Now that the pandora's box of a militarized police state has been opened on Americans, you can't just close it. You think they're going to go back to "free (to consume) America" if the looting they're not even trying to combat goes away? No, no, the criminals in control have come too far now. It's all or nothing and I don't mean "go vote".

If "voting" could have solved this I'd have thought Barack Obama would have been the best bet. Do any of you honestly think Joe Biden if he gets into power will change anything? This police state in it's current form came into effect with George Bush, Obama expanded it. Biden will dismantle it? Yea right. The DNC ran Tulsi Gabbard into the ground for suggesting the US engages in regime change wars. Remember that?

The government has declared war on you, American citizens, whether you want war or not. This is not news I take pleasure in delivering to you but I see you on the verge of something truly horrid. The US is the largest military empire in the world's history and it's turning it's sights inward now. The US is cannibalizing itself and in the shadows a new empire is rising.

America's militias - the citizen defense against the government - and right-wing have been manipulated into supporting the very police state they've been prepping for and warning about themselves. Take for instance TrumpTV (Infowars) that used to warn about the encroaching police state and now celebrates it.
No joke, I'm not going to try to push Alex Jones down your throat this is purely for comparative example so watch these or don't the point should come across either way.

Under Bill Clinton Infowars produced Police State 2000. Under George W. Bush they produced Police State 2 & Police State 3. And under Barrack Obama Police State 4. Say what you will about Alex Jones and his clear Trump bootlicking he is doing now but how many of you were warning about what's happening now 20 years ago?

Unfortunately, much as Michael C. Ruppert and Bill Cooper warned Alex Jones is a shill and is now helping to pacify America's last lines of defense against the police state he has been preparing "patriots" for for decades. And why? Because they're petty racist fucks that would actually rather play KKK vigilante than defend their country and their citizens regardless of color because their hatred for Black Lives Matter and "Antifa", amplified by the lame Soros funded protester conspiracy excuse for their hatred along with their strong belief in Trump's heroism reinforced by the QAnon psyop, blinds them to the truth of what is happening here. A conspiracy of which the Krause conspiracy is loosely based upon by the way.

Americans have been caught with their pants down, divided, and economically devastated.

Like folks, come on, I'm still seeing so many of you acting like democracy still exists saying that it's "a few bad actors". No it isn't! The systemic repression of the innocent is systematic in the current state its that there is a few good actors.

Theres thousands of pictures and videos of looting, riots, and protester violence.

Theres thousands of pictures and videos of police attacking the innocent.

I challenge you dear reader to find me 5 pictures or videos of police taking on the looters. It should be easy right? And I'm not talking about a stand off with a protester line where projectiles are thrown that's not looting. I'm talking about find me a picture where they kettle people looting or burning a store or taking on a mob. Go on, should be easy right if the "police are there to stop the violence".

Or.. is it all this?
Which is it? The only one here reading this and making up your mind is you. Can you be honest with yourself about what's going on? Why can a retired real good cop try to take on looters, but the armored battalions of political enforcers terrorizing the streets can't?
It's not easy. It's surreal. Unbelievable. But.. it's happening, isn't it?

You know what a real good actor would do? Resign in protest and stand and defend the protesters against the criminality. Standing around protecting the status-quo not being as shitty as everyone else on the same side of "the blue line" is cowardly and half-assed.
But the real war that's being waged here is the information war.

One tweet of mine I was going to use for this post originally was a comment I had made on a picture of police posing by a flag pole that had previously supported the American flag, being replaced with their "blue line" flag. In the tweet I said "the police have a message they're trying to tell you Americans, it's the same message they're telling you by attacking the innocent and media".

One of the most infamous lines from the Canadian G20 was when a cop replied to a protester who's rights he had just violated: "this isn't Canada anymore". That is the message the American police are trying to show you, "this isn't America anymore", and I suspect why out of all the tweets in my timeline that could be removed that one was: it hit a little too close to home. I'm not sure if any other tweets are missing I'm debating writing an application that can track that for me. If there is interest in such an application let me know.
Do you see them giving the message?
How about now?
You sure you're not seeing the message? It's written all over the Blackwater mercs' murderous faces.

All of you dumb motherfuckers going "well what about the riots" better wake up quick. They're not targeting the rioters, they're letting them run rampant as justification to go after YOU. Prove me wrong. It's a frightening situation but the situation none-the-less.

I've spent the last day reflecting on the events I witnessed (or didn't witness) with the DC blackout. There is still no footage or anything from that night and that is truly frightening. Washington DC, the capitol of the US, in an instant was able to iron curtain their shit and deploy a counter propaganda campaign to drown out those of us who noticed. The hijacking of hundreds of Twitter accounts broadcasting propaganda to discredit the hashtag was particularly disturbing.

As someone with a technical background there is really only two possibilities for how that could be accomplished: either an actor basically has access to Twitter's entire system and the entire site has been compromised. Or it was the state and Twitter itself. That many accounts could not have been hacked that quickly on an individual basis. Someone had access to the system itself.

This tells me that when it comes to the information they want to control the state has full power. They were able to discredit and destroy news of the DC blackout with bullshit articles and strawman arguments before anyone who witnessed it could speak out. They re-wrote history before my eyes with an extremely advanced propaganda campaign and completely diverted the attention even of BLM themselves away from the well being of the DC protesters focusing instead on "did the city loose phone and internet" which is not what any of us were claiming happened anyway it was clearly local area jammers and it happened when most people were sleeping.

That is the true war that is being fought, not a war on the ground but a war in the mind. The news media may be broadcasting some of what is happening but they are certainly suppressing other parts. Shit is so fucking ass backwards now people are celebrating George W. Bush's bullshit platitudes! Like OH MY FUCKING GOD GUYS you know George W. Bush is the fucking asshole the pushed through the patriot act which armed all these cops attacking you right?

If the insurrection doesn't reach a focal point soon the state is going to tear the population apart. Peter Joseph suggests that the symbolic resignation of Trump is the proper demand.
I usually agree with Peter's takes on activism but not this time. Trump is never going to resign, there will be no admittance from the US government that they were in the wrong. And even if Trump did get out he would be replaced by someone else that will perpetuate the system. The fake win will take the momentum out of the protest and no one will have thought about what comes next.

Other ideas I have seen floated is a systemic overhaul and review of policing and other nonsense that acts as though the police in the US have not become a defacto army that is at the moment brutally attacking their own citizens. What exactly is going to be reformed?

So what does that leave? Justice for George Floyd? What does that even looks like in the midst of all this criminality?

No the demand of the protests must be simple, symbolic, and a real blow to the system and also something that can be done without Trump. Something that results in lasting change.

My suggestion:

Yes.. demand Trump's resignation, but a real demand is the repeal of the Patriot Act. It's a simple ask that would have lasting repercussions across the entire system. It would be a major blow to the police state and a good first step in real systemic reform because so long as the Patriot Act exists the police are under the command & control of Homeland Security. It would also help begin to repair the systemic militaristic racism the US has foisted on the world with it's "war on terror".

The burning children know it's all a game.

And ya Google I see those connections from your HQ to my blog. What's up?

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

Monday, June 1, 2020

UPDATE-11 (FINAL UPDATE): There has been no word from any DC protester since the White House entered creep mode at 1AM #dcblackout


Based on the information I have been able to gather and several confirming stories along with confirmation video it is my conclusion that the DC protesters were likely taken in under a mass arrest and probably using the NDAA or similar indefinite detention measures. (Which is why no one has heard from them and likely why they would cut livestreams and comms before the arrest - so you don't know where they are). I will update this post if new information arises.

Stay Strong.


Image allegdly showing FBI troops with live ammunition weapons in Washington DC during the communications blackout.
The most intense protests in Washington D.C.'s history just fell silent.

At 1AM EST the White House entered creep mode, and all live streams and communications with the protesters there were lost.
There has been no word from any of them, all of the streams in the area are down.
News media is reporting as normal with one literally expecting everyone to believe that "the protesters respected the curfew and went home".
So far there are no  recordings, no record of any kind of what happened after that moment and how the streets became empty. Did the White House literally just 'disappear' the entire protest?

Please comment any information you have regarding the situation in DC.

In addition I'll add that during the night I was chatting with a user on a youtube channel that claimed to be in DC listening on HAM radio and was reporting that live ammunition was being used. I can't verify if he was bullshitting me or not.
The above tweet was deleted by Twitter. Replacement:


Can't verify obviously, but something definitely happened in DC last night. And it was something big.


Twitter is moderating the #dcblackout hashtag like wildfire. And numerous "people" are claiming it's a "disinformation campaign". It absolutely is not. I have been trying to communicate with protesters in DC all night they CAN NOT  be reached. NO ONE has an answer about where they went.

As the rate of tweet deletion is nuts regarding this topic information is even less reliable.

There have been reports of some sort of a loud explosion or boom in the NE portion of the city.

A user rejoined twitter to "say the truth". Obviously I can't verify, I've taken a screenshot of this one:


The real disinformation campaign being waged is the one insisting nothing happened.


WOW! I have never seen this before. People's accounts are literally being hacked in real time to tweet messages discrediting the hashtag!

Nearly 8 hours later and I have finally found someone that claims they were present at the time:
I'm not exactly convinced.

The live traffic feeds are clearly fake. All live video is either faked, looped, or disconnected. Still no live streams, and aside from this one guy still no words from protesters.

Not even a "hey yea we're ok".


Nevermind, it's events after 1AM we are interested in.


More video allegedly from after 1AM in DC:

Finally some solid video showing that protesters allegedly dispersed immediately after the lights went out. It doesn't explain why there was a media blackout that took out the live streams however, nor why those of us who were working through the night could not contact anyone in DC. I remain suspicious.


A legal source in DC associated with their cases claims they have been mass arrested.

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

George Floyd, the hero that broke the camel's back

The U.S. has reached the breaking point and where they go next is dependent on it's citizens. They're going to need to either go all the way, or give up now, the police response tells you everything you need to know about what the system in the U.S. thinks about their citizens' complaints and the bare minimal in charges laid against Derek Chauvin as well as the refusal to arrest and charge any of the other officers even though it's clear they were also involved and complicit tells you everything you need to know about what the system thinks of George Floyd's murder vs the sanctity of the police force despite whatever the talking heads on T.V. are saying.
The true irony is George Floyd was murdered for allegedly using counterfeit money to buy some cigarettes.
Floyd, a Houston native who had worked security for a nightclub, was arrested for allegedly using counterfeit money at a store to buy cigarettes on Monday evening.
Using counter-counterfeit money; well it's no wonder the banker's police were so angry! Counterfeiting money is a privilege held by the owning elite and only theirs shall be used. They're mostly all white people and expect the black man to earn his keep via one of the CIA's many convenient illegal narcotic distributors.

I've decided to wait and see how things play out before writing any commentary on these protests. Information about them is still quite fluid, there is clearly a lot of dynamics and opposing forces. One thing is certain this is way beyond George Floyd now.

Perhaps if they had arrested and charged Chauvin when the video went viral they might have pacified Americans with a third degree murder charge. Perhaps if they'd arrested and charged all 4 officers after waiting 4 days they may have been able to avoid the chaos.

But the U.S. empire doesn't want to avoid the chaos, the U.S. empire needs the chaos.
What I am observing is that the American public has lost it's faith and respect for the justice system and police. This is much bigger than George Floyd, he is simply the hero that broke the camel's back and now a symbol of something more.

It goes beyond police murders of P.O.C. as well. Take for instance Jeffrey Epstein and every other fucking rich dickhead. The cameras cutting out prior to his "suicide", the questions about the autopsy. There's a Netflix documentary now about what a piece of shit he was rolling in his riches. Justice?

The utter failure and racist criminal stink of the U.S. justice system, the country with the largest prison population on the planet, has finally discredited itself to the point that the police are no longer considered police in the eyes of the public, nor should they be, and enough so that despite the destructiveness of the riots the protests seem to be maintaining a level of support.

Back in 2014 my late friend Michael C. Ruppert did a feature with Vice, his last before his suicide. In it he described what the police in the U.S. had become: a paramilitary force that had declared Americans the enemy. He discussed how they had been taken over via the Patriot Act at a Federal level.

You want to know why the actions of the police and the words of the government officials that supposedly operate them seem to differ? Take for instance the governor of Minnesota apologizing for the obviously deliberate arrest of a CNN news team, only for police nationally to deliberately target reporters everywhere tonight.
The police in these instances now are operated by Homeland Security, and they're simply a shell of the banks and the CIA.

Back in 2014 I found a video of crowd control training. I found it so important I posted it to my blog but sadly the video has been removed (I'm not sure when that happened, and I've been unable to find it again). I can only describe what I saw in it for you now: what it showed was police learning how to attack unarmed protesters. None of the training shown in it had any sort of aggression on the protesters part aside from words. And the response they were being trained in? Unhinged aggression.

Our police are trained for this in Canada too. While the U.S. was outfit over multiple protests and Homeland Security other nations have been preparing too. The G20 as it toured the globe provided excuses for numerous western nations to outfit their police force with excessive crowd control hardware. Police forces from all across Canada went to Toronto to participate and were likewise armed from it.

The G20 provided excellent cover to arm and test the equipment, as well as the systems, the capacity for officers to attack citizens and journalists, and the response from the citizens for when the real shit finally hit the fan from all of the building inequality and the ponzi-conomy. Something eventually inevitably was going to give.
The G20, being Canada's only large scale training exercise provides a textbook example of the tactics that will be deployed and have been deployed now with the George Floyd protests.

Press for Truth put a documentary together on the G20, watch it to see the tactics in action.

How to unleash a police state in 4 easy steps!

Step 1) Wait for or plan a protest that directly challenges the state's legitimacy. Most protests don't really challenge the power of those in control as they focus on policy as opposed to the system's structural violence. Occupy, Black Lives Matter, and G20 however fit the bill.

And at this point it isn't just Black Lives Matter either, wake up whitey, the police aren't exactly your friend right now either are they?

Step 2) Allow the protest to develop into something that gains attention. With the G20 this was easy, the media was even "predicting" the "trouble" that was going to come later. While with something spontaneous like George Floyd it may take a few days for traction.

Step 3) Unleash the agitators. During this phase the protest will be infiltrated by paramilitary undercover cops.
This happened at the G20 as well. The riot will be allowed to run un-opposed by the police presence they have waiting for the unsuspecting public. The destruction is used to try and turn popular opinion against the protests. They may leave cars abandoned to be burned, and encourage looting and rioting via their agitators. It's not to say that all the rioters are police, but typically they are trained in how to lead crowds into action.
The police will also act out to anger the people.

Questions raised over masked white man with umbrella seen calmly smashing windows before Minneapolis riots

Step 4) Once the public justification is made it's time to unleash the police.
The police do not oppose those actually rioting, the police oppose the peaceful. The old. The fragile. The young. The journalists. The people.

Because it's the American people that have been declared the enemy.

And the future is now.

Please take 9 minutes of silence in honor of hero George Floyd.

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

Monday, May 25, 2020

The ethical province that couldn't

Once upon a time during the Alberta Advantage when the petrosexuals roamed the land freely sticking their drills into wells without protection and residential schools dotted the pastures where the First Nation play the oil companies were happy, and ethical, and enjoyed a symbiosis with their native consumerist populations.

But that was before the dark times, before the ecopire. Unbeknownst to the innocent oil companies an evil dark power was rising. The oil companies called this dark power "Environmentalism" for it seemed to revolve around a deity they were not familiar with named ambiguously "The Environment".

Before they could realize what was happening, new unholy regulations were popping up separating the oil companies and their ethical touch from the land their exploits depended on! Every facet of the free consumerist democracy was being weaponized, even Her Majesty's Ethical Court System was being used. Can you believe it?

Meanwhile in lands far away not interested in ethicalness these same oil companies enjoyed an unhindered life of luxury, soaking in all that glorious non-ethical goodness. It's not like they could change it, after all, the G(old)O(il)D(rugs) of The Markets had proclaimed from the highest mountain in the deepest valley of the largest mall that they must pursue all market opportunities for their shareholders and maximize return. Who are they to question the word of GOD? hence forth that was exactly what they did.

The oil companies that did not have the capital to move to less ethical jurisdictions wished and lobbied, and lobbied and wished, but still they could not match the pocket change of the dark forces opposing them at home via completely legal, but obviously quite ethically challenged, means.

As a result the great non-ethical oil producers rose to takeover the world and invest in places like Canada which because we're a little bitch to market pressures we just take the funny money and smile and nod, or something like that. I dunno I'm bored with this story, here you can listen to this story yourself told by Mark Milke, the Executive Director of Googling at the Canadian Propaganda Centre (personally, I think I tell it better). Just skip the first 6 minutes if you don't want to hear Danielle yapping about everything under the sun.

Yes, folks, the Canadian Propaganda Centre is still at it! Apparently a supposed temporary 90% slashing of it's budget doesn't slow these keyboard warriors down. In fact there has been no discernible change in their content at all which leads me to believe that either the budget cut wasn't real or they never really needed that other 90% in the first place. Do you know of any other operation that can take a 90% hit to it's budget and carry on like nothing has happened?

To Danielle Smith's credit she asks a good number of counter-point questions, enough so that he falls all over his non-answers especially when it comes to Saudi Arabia's recent investment in Alberta's oilsands. So let's rip this motherfucker apart shall we?

First of all, gotta love the introduction. "he's with the Canadian Energy Centre which is the government centre for trying to get positive fact based information out on our oilsands". The title just keeps getting longer eh? From the simple self descriptive "war room" to now the "centre for trying to get positive fact based information out on our oilsands". Doesn't quite have the same ring as "WAR ROOM" does it? But alas, yes, this is what we have dear taxpayers the 1984 equivalent of the 'Zoolander Centre for kids who can't read good'.

Though in our case instead of a centre for ants, we have a centre for peasants as Mark Milke will happily tell you as he points out in describing their first "research brief" regarding First Nations in the interview: "the point of that was very simply to say to the rest of the country 'if oil & gas goes away then here are the people first and foremost you are going to hurt'.".

Notice how he says "you"? You fucking asshole! how dare you hurt these people by not supporting the oil & gas industry! Dont you know it's the only jobs made available to them?

Huh. But but but but, I thought this War Room, err sorry, 'Centre for Industries Who Can't Communicate Good' was targeted at foreign funded eco-terrorist worshipers of the deity Environment? Now it's to tell "the country", why? Is the country investing in them? I thought social license was a myth?

Of course, yes, that is exactly the point of this thing as I've been discussing on my blog over the last few months regarding it. This ridiculous propaganda centre was never equipped, nor intended to take on our international foes or even the domestic ones, no it's purpose is to publish justifications for public investment and comfort the frustrated petrosexuals angry at the world for having cheaper to produce oil  than we do.

Uncle Sam I Want You - Poster


As I wrote back when the Russians initiated the next phase of the oil war against the United States: Kenney's agenda effectively fell apart then as he now had a real price war that instantly made the "foreign funded" Krause conspiracy irrelevant. Kenney now seems to have double downed on the old ethical oil argument as a rallying cry and supposed position in the war, with the propaganda centre saying some outright ridiculous things lately like
Yea, ok, sure Jan.

Speaking of Asia, which friends are they referring to exactly? Is it our friends like the Communist Chinese Party that have major stakes in our oil production? But according to other UCP reps like recent overpaid import Blaise Boehmer (lol, can you imagine walking around having that as your name?) they're not our friends at all:
As anyone involved in good storyboarding will tell you it's not easy writing consistent fiction. Building a whole world with backstory and lore and consistency and logic takes time, and that time is clearly lacking with the UCP's latest narrative and angle in their fake offensive as an irrelevant player in the global oil price war.

This inconsistency was shown even further when China slapped Kenney around a bit regarding his comments on China and COVID-19. Yes, Kenney is pissing off China - one of the few countries sticking with our nonviable resource - but they're also our friends. They're our friendemies.

The true irony in Mark Milke's interview is that as he goes on to say how we have to promote our freedumb oil to defeat the market takeover of the evil autocracies he goes on to talk about how shitty it is living in a democracy. The opposition is a part of that freedom he apparently admires. And oh how the UCP and their "arms-length" propaganda centre admire that cherished democracy:
I'm sorry to have to break it to the Albertan petrosexual community but you can't both love despotic autocratic dictator money, and hate it at the same time. It just doesn't work like that. You look pretty stupid, frankly. Even the Krause conspiracy made more sense and had more consistency. There really is no low to the stories Albertans will believe to justify continued oil production thinking that one day somehow the good ole days of the Alberta Advantage will return as each justification used goes out the window.

Jobs? Well.. erm, not really anymore right? That's why they started whining.
Profitability? Well, erm, not really now either. That's why they want bailouts and well cleanup.
Environmental record? We suspended that.
Now we need to fund them and keep them around and put up with their constant whining to save the world from autocratic dictators.

Because as we all know those dictators certainly don't have power now because the US has either allied and armed them, or systemically went around installing them as puppets in all the oil producing countries, right?

Right. So say it with me...

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

Friday, May 15, 2020

COVID-19 both exposes and provides cover for the precarious nature of western economies

Inside the wall, apartment buildings similar to the one they observed earlier line the streets and there are people everywhere. Sisko explains that the place is a Sanctuary District, but Bashir concedes that 21st century history is not one of his strong points, as it is too depressing. While Sisko admits that the citizens of Earth made some ugly mistakes, he says they also paved the way for many things he and the doctor take for granted in their century. The Sanctuary Districts are one of the worst mistakes; as he explains the situation to Bashir, they see that trash is everywhere and dirty people fill the streets, with an older couple sitting in a tent and a family of three literally living in a cardboard box. By the early 2020s, Sisko says that there was a Sanctuary District like this one in every major city throughout the United States of America, but Bashir fails to understand the purpose and asks what the people did to deserve such treatment. Sisko tells him that people with criminal records are not allowed in the sanctuaries and those who live here are simply people without jobs or places to live. Vin instructs Bashir and Sisko to stop and tells Bernardo to go home to his wife and kids, out of both compassion for his partner and visible annoyance at the ramblings of the two new arrivals. Bernardo thanks Vin and takes off. Gesturing forward, Vin sarcastically asks Bashir and Sisko, "Shall we?" 
-- From Act I, Star Trek Deep Space 9: Past Tense
The rush to re-open is real, and likely to end in disaster. If there is one thing that COVID-19 has exposed it is that western economies are designed to operate only under optimal circumstances. This has resulted in a renewed push globally for a UBI (universal basic income).

Even the Alberta Liberals think it should be implemented, temporarily of course.

I'm going to be a contrarian here and say something that may not be too popular with the left: COVID-19 is the last reason a UBI should be implemented and in fact may be incredibly detrimental in gaining critical mass in effective opposition.

So why do I say this?

A UBI under the right circumstances is a good first step towards freeing ourselves of the system's currency ponzi-conomy by freeing people from mundane tasks that could be easily automated and allowing them to focus on more productive ventures. This could in theory lead to a conscious awakening that the UBI is actually unnecessary and redundant. But as I said... right circumstances.

COVID-19 is not those circumstances. A UBI so you can continue to pay your bills and loans because the system is broken and can't handle one of the oldest disasters mankind has encountered is not that circumstance. In the circumstance of COVID-19 the UBI can't help free people from the system, in fact the implementation of a UBI frees the system of taking responsibility.

Instead of asking for UBI now is the time to point out that our house of cards financial system and infinite-growth economy is flawed. Here is an example:

The irony of Krause, that is constantly fighting on behalf of those privatizing our resources such as petroleum which the right is fond of pointing out is using for masks, wanting the government to hand them out like Hong Kong is not lost on me.

The capacity of China to rapidly build hospitals (even if they just ended up being prisons) is another example in contrary to our own lackluster response. Not that I'm saying we needed to, but if they can build hospitals without a second thought surely we can give out some free masks?

So what is the difference between a place like Hong Kong, or China? Most will probably point to the totalitarian nature of their government, which is true to a point. It certainly allows them to deploy resources without opposition but that's not why they're able or willing to deploy those resources in the first place.

The real reason other nations have been able to deploy a response in a coordinated and resourceful way is that money and the economy isn't their primary concern: sustaining the nation is. There's a big difference in the way these other nations and western economies see "money" and "economic return". This was perhaps exposed around a year ago in an article describing China's troubles getting oil out of the oilsands.

Unlike our oil companies, and American oil companies that are turning tail to run the Chinese are sticking it out despite taking losses. This isn't because the Chinese are rich (which they are), it's because the Chinese understand that money is a tool, not the endgame. China wants to secure resources for their future sustainability, they don't care how much useless paper virtual USD they have to spend in the process, their citizens don't eat USD and they don't fly around on magic dollar carpets.

The same thing goes with their response to the pandemic. They're in this for the long haul, they don't want to shutdown again and therefore they're not in a hurry. The government, however totalitarian it is, is there to protect the sanctity of the country. Compare this to western nations that have their attention split between trying to respond to the pandemic and how to still make money because if they don't they can't pay their loans or bills, which is someone elses loans and bills and so on and so on. That's our concern.

When you see people pointing out that the shutdowns may kill more people than the virus they're not entirely incorrect but then going on to demand everything reopen rather than stepping back and asking why is it our advanced industrial economy can't take a 5 minute break is a fatal mistake.

The UBI in this circumstance simply allows the system to avoid responsibility for the precarious situation we're all in.

But maybe that's the point?

One of the things I'm asked most is "what's in store?", "what does the future look like?" -- and I have to say I don't know because I'm not from the future! I have some ideas what's coming but describing a world that doesn't exist yet with no frame of reference provides little value.

I can say if we allow a UBI to cover for the flaws in our system, without changing the system, the future depicted in Star Trek Deep Space Nine's Past Tense is a possible scenario.

(I've found the episodes on DailyMotion though they've been mirrored likely to avoid algorithmic detection - it doesn't affect the ability to watch though if you can i suggest watching this on Netflix instead, shh don't tell CBS)

(UPDATE: Looks like part 1 has been removed, however ironically one has been left in it's place that shows exactly the part I quoted up top. I'm going to take this as a sign from CBS I'm doing good work lol)

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.