Thursday, January 29, 2015

The terrorist in you

Oh yea, this is great. Great great great. Look at Canada now eh?
The bill is expected to include provisions to allow "preventative arrests" and criminalize the "promotion of terror" -- measures law enforcement has indicated would help detain potential terrorists before a crime is actually committed.

Asked to explain how the government will criminalize the promotion of terrorism, Blaney said the Criminal Code already contains provisions on "supporting hatred or violence."

"It is really criminal to incite terror, to support terrorism or to encourage to use violence to achieve your means," Blaney said.
I hope you people see what's going on here because this is downright scary shit. Before a crime is commited. Pre-crime. Thought crime. Speech crime. Notice the double language here, it's before a crime is committed but allegedly you're committing a crime. Who defines what is terrorism? Is "eco-terrorism" terrorism? Hmm, who are the terrorists exactly? If I post The Offspring's 'Kill the president', am I now a terrorist? Is my blog a terrorist blog because I believe in extreme circumstances violence does have to be used to get out from under tyrannical rule? A belief I'm pretty sure the government shares does it not?

Oh here's another one.
Existing law requires a fear that someone “will commit” a terrorism offence before a peace bond may be granted — a standard the government is looking to lower in the legislation.
Like what in the great white fucking fuck people? I just.. ugh..

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  1. Hi, Richard. When one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter and, worse, one can routinely transform into the other by operation of the vagaries of national policy and shifting alliances this law is an excuse for great mischief. To vest in law enforcement the discretion of whom shall be arrested or not only compounds the problem. Cops can have pretty strong sympathies and questionable world views.

    It's easily argued that Israel, in the pursuit of its strategy called "Dahiyeh" has institutionalized terrorism in its relations with the Palestinians. Does that mean that supporting Israel triggers the offence of supporting terrorism? There's a huge and ugly political dimension to this.

    In a way it reminds me of the ancient offence of "imagining the death of the King", an offence for which the Star Chamber could mete out an incredibly gruesome death sentence for suggesting something as seditious as that the king is not above the law.

    Once again we fall on the protection of the Supreme Court of Canada to thwart Harper's ideological excesses.