Wednesday, February 12, 2014

NDP grounds Commons committees over lack of hearings on Fair Elections Act
In response to the government’s refusal to hold cross country hearings on the Fair Elections Act, the New Democrats denied consent to approve the travel budget for House of Commons committees.

“It’s the first time in Canadian history, it’s unprecedented that a government would use its majority to shut down debate on fundamental changes to Canada’s election law,” said NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair Wednesday.

“We’re not going to allow any other travel by any committee on any subject until they agree and they accept to listen to Canadians on the changes to the electoral act.”

The unexpected move comes after Conservatives killed an opposition motion that would hold two months of coast-to-coast hearings on the Fair Elections Act, legislation introduced last week that would introduce
sweeping changes to how federal elections are conducted.
It's not amazing or really even that much, but it's a start or at least a sign there is some sort of "opposition". I'm not big on Muclair, I think he's way off base when it comes to understanding Canada's economy but I certainly support this, and more actions like it - though I still think that to truly have this entire situation regarding the legitimacy of Canadian elections specifically somewhat resolved the opposition will have to pull a complete halt to the operations of the government through a strike to show their resolve that they themselves do not believe in the legitimacy. Whether you like the NDP or not I'd ask you put your partisan bickering aside for just one minute and really think about what's happening to this country, because it's not good, and it's not conservative.

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