Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dictating freedom and prosperity

I really, really, don't like Justin Trudeau. I fear that "Harper" has become an excuse for recklessness. The "Anything But Conservative" voting "strategy" has failed time and time again, and is in fact so vulnerable that it's been capitalized upon and manipulated by using seemingly trustworthy organizations that claim to estimate the party that's most likely to defeat the conservatives and basically tell everyone to vote that way to defeat them. But how do you know these organizations are not actually run by the conservatives, perhaps instead feeding information about the party least likely to win? How much do you really know about those organizations?

But this post isn't about that, not voting or the corruption there, specifically. It's about Justin Trudeau, the left vs right smokescreen, and our deteriorating situation.

What I see in Justin Trudeau is an elite, carefully groomed from birth to believe things are a certain way. I don't know if he is deliberately deceiving the people, or if he's just so brainwashed that his mind truly resides within the state of cognitive dissonance he displays particularly in his lofty, meaningless, speeches on the middle class. My focus is turning to him as I see "the war" stage being setup for his victory in the 2015 election. The great left vs. right smokescreen to hide that on the matters important to the global elite both parties are nearly identical. Everything else is window dressing. A political sports telecast.

Perhaps the "sportyness" of politics couldn't be expressed better than Trudeau's latest comment regarding Russia being upset because they lost at hockey. I'm not "offended" so I don't really give a shit if he apologized. Apology or no apology it shows how disconnected he is. Sports... to lighten the mood, about serious issues, of course. Sports are a time honored opiate of the masses and hockey is Canada's modern gladiator. But what's more, the game that's being played, amongst the elite between Russia and the Western trading blocks is very much a game. Speaking of ZBig, he's been tweeting up a storm about the Ukraine. Both sides' constant insistence it's not an "east-vs-west' issue just makes the fact that it clearly is that much more obvious

Anyway, it doesn't matter if we get "Harper out". It really doesn't matter who gets in unless the person going in is going to address the problems, the real problems, not the symptoms and Trudeau's pledge to "growth" tells me all I need to know about his sincerity regarding his middle class message. His support of "free trade" and the use of temporary foreign workers is again contrary to his middle class message. From this perspective I can not help but think that he must be purposely deceiving, either that or so willfully ignorant and ideological he can't see the forest for the trees. "Growth", give me a break.

Canada's middle-class too broke to spur economic recovery: government report

Growth is dead. A theory I use quite often when I'm trying to forecast the medium or long term destination of oil price is that there is now a clear ceiling of affordability on the price of oil at about $100 / barrel. I've described this concept in more detail on another post. This concept is important because it's not really that the middle class is too poor to spur growth, it's that things have become too expensive, namely oil, to spur growth. The "middle class" simply can't afford it. This isn't to say that things like "stagnating wages" aren't happening and aren't a major contributor in fact just the opposite.

Step back, don't look at any individual problem, just step back and look at growth. What is it? Demand for more, production of more, and more profit (for who?). More stuff, ever cheaper (in theory) right? So what are stagnating wages? why do they occur? Profit growth? What's commonly said by the "job creators" is that the employees are simply too expensive, so they've outsourced to foreign countries with free trade and the new found "global wage competition" they point to at every chance.

It is the need for growth to service an impossible system that is destroying us. I can not stress this enough, because it's the first domino in a whole series of subsequent issues and Justin Trudeau, the savior from Harper's "growth" policies - and they have been growth policies at your expense - is leading you towards more "growth" and that "growth", too, will be at your expense. "Growth" today is just cooked books as the snake eats it's own tail just like the conservatives claimed "balanced budget".

Our very, very, expensive new reality hasn't hit us yet in full though I think that the costs, especially due to extreme weather, are starting to mount, but it will hit us in full. Incoming data ever since the Fed's "taper" has been horrific and Canada is stuck in a severe liquidity trap. It's already hit numerous other nations and Canada's turn is coming. We are no different than they are and our economic system is no more stable or sustainable.

If you're wondering why Justin Trudeau supports the pipeline, its because they are essential for "growth" which is essential if we're to prevent "evil deflation" and an eventual housing and banking collapse and that's just in the near term. All I see on the "fair" voting ballot is growth. That's it. It'll take many forms of course, managed in different ways providing an epic political war to play on your home TVs and for media to fawn over, but at the end of the day it's growth, growth, growth, economic growth, in service to the banks and nothing else. Whatever the solution is it isn't going to come from the system's designated hero. It really can only come from you, us,  together.

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

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