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CAPP has Canada by the balls

Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.
                                                                 - Benito Mussolini

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers seems to be making serious in roads into the core of Canadian governance, reporting, and security. I find it incredibly difficult to see how Canadians of any sort can be comfortable with their own limited control of government becoming even less relevant, with the social protection net under attack all on the back of a supposed balancing of the budget, and economic growth.

I find it difficult to see how any Canadian could support the government paying for propaganda for a private industry which is already heavily subsidized and controversial especially at the same time that it is in debt. You often hear people talk about taxes as "paying for services, etc", but in reality a large portion goes into servicing our privately owned debt, with interest. It's a real kick in the teeth for those Canadians who do not support the industry at all and yet through their taxes which they are told are to pay for the services they see continuously getting cut they are paying for the government spreading an opinionated view around their world, ultimately in their name, which they strongly disagree with.

Everywhere you look in Canada the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers or a major Canadian bank is partnering and taking control of every Canadian estate. Our vast culture of corruption is in the lime light for all to see, but no one seems to think that it's "that bad". There should be riots in the street in response, and in anger, at everything Canada has lost and will never be able to restore. Canadians should be outright rejecting populist politicians like Justin Trudeau who publicly support pipelines and the Canadian economy Ponzi-conomy and then tweet their supposed objections to "climate change" peppered with constant appeal to the middle class which the free trade and banking system he supports is destroying.

We are in dangerous territory right now Canadians and belief in the false idols of the status-quo - no matter how appealing - is just another setup for an Obama-sized let down. We are now almost a fully-fascist country, a petro-state, and the security state side of this is still coming. Make no mistake that you, not terrorists or "child pornographers", are the target. You are the primary threat to bringing down the house of cards which keeps them flying high on the backs of the working, those who actually produce.

You are bombarded daily with propaganda from every angle coming down from the mountain of Corporate Canada, few sources left can be trusted, little information released can be believed. It is being ingrained in every facet of our society while the democracy you thought you knew is silently replaced with a powerless facsimile leaving the Canadian people at the mercy of corporate desires and international proceedings. Your member of parliament represents nothing but the growing irrelevance of the people's government.

And we like it, because we believe those paper colored sheets of currency have value. We like it because we don't understand that a 3:1 EROEI ratio for production of oilsands energy puts us in a junior league of oil production yet we think we're competing against pros like Saudi Arabia. We like it because we don't understand that free trade and the exploitation of modern slave wage factories ultimately puts our own people in competition with those wages and has ultimately lead to a need for temporary foreign workers. We love the major economic ass raping were getting, and the future servitude we are being committed to under the direct guidance of foreign shareholders and corporations. It'll be great for "prosperity", whatever the hell that means anymore.

Go look at the Edmonton Journal's "energy" section. "Presented by CAPP". You can not trust that information, it is corporatized, it is fascist, it is filtered to serve the purposes of industry, it is not journalism. Any journalist published under that section should be ashamed to allow their work to sit beside such blatant propaganda (Just look at the right hand column).

Alberta's "new energy regulator" is the founding president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. You can not trust any information that comes out of this regulator.
The arm’s-length organization has named Gerry Protti, the founding president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers – the energy industry’s lobby group – as its chairman. Mr. Protti spent 15 years at natural gas giant Encana Corp., and also served as assistant deputy minister for Alberta’s energy department. No one questions whether he understands the oil and gas business. Some however, question his independence.

Mr. Protti, along with Energy Minister Ken Hughes, tapped Jim Ellis to serve as the regulator’s chief executive officer. Mr. Ellis served as deputy energy minister and led the government’s “oil market diversification strategy,” essentially leading Alberta’s push for pipelines.
CAPP is now an "Official Partner" of the newly rebranded propaganda centre "The Canadian Museum of History", where like other fascist countries we will beat our drum of nationality. You can not trust the information here any longer.

The University of Alberta in partnership with CAPP has opened the "Department for oilsands research". Meanwhile the University is experiencing cuts on massive scale by the government.

The Omnibus bill of 2012 was almost entirely authored by industry lobbyists.

An Enbridge lobbyist oversees CSIS.

Ottawa has hired a propaganda firm for a $22 Million worldwide campaign, on your dime, and in your name.

Do you have more examples of the infiltration of industry into the very core of our governance? Post in the comments. If the comment form doesn't work for you send them in an email to and I will post them on your behalf.

Kevin Taft, prior MLA and leader of Alberta's Liberal party, on Canada becoming a petro-state (starts at 23:36).

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