Thursday, September 5, 2013

NATO is so flustered it can barely keep it's lies straight

As John Kerry gets called out for his obvious lies regarding the Syrian rebels the 'rebels' have decided to siege a village and make some more lovely P.R. for Kerry to try and lie about. Apparently the rebels situated themselves above the village and setup mortars and just started shelling shit. The western backed 'good guys', right? This is of course after one of the apparently unimportant al-Nursa guys blew himself up at the Assad controlled checkpoint for the rebels to gain entry in the first place. Seems like they're pretty vital to me and not just playing a small part are they?

But the bad P.R. for NATO's 'rebels' doesn't stop there, no no, in spite of insistence from the Obomber administration that "regime change" is not the goal, it's not not the goal either, apparently.
The Virginia Republican said: "Assad's Syria, a state sponsor of terrorism, is the epitome of a rogue state, and it has long posed a direct threat to American interests and to our partners."

Mr Obama said that Mr Assad had to be held accountable for the chemical attack and that he was confident Congress would back him.

He said he was proposing military action that would degrade President Assad's capacity to use chemical weapons "now and in the future".
"What we are envisioning is something limited. It is something proportional," the president said.

"At the same time we have a broader strategy that will allow us to upgrade the capabilities of the opposition."
The hypocrisy is simply sickening. a "state sponsor of terrorism", not like us though right? Our terrorists, for the time being, are not terrorists they're rebels and the few that are terrorists clearly will never ever gain any access to anything we are providing the 'rebels' because they're just so well organized. But not too organized! Certainly not organized enough to pull off a chemical attack under the guidance of the U.S. ally and tyrannical regime Saudi Arabia, just organized enough so that we can paint a picture that attempts to persuade western populaces to support them.

Obama: Libya Mission Is Not Regime Change
Libya at a crossroads as strikes threaten oil supplies

And regime change? Well, no, none of the NATO countries are interested in that, except that we want to degrade Assad's capacity and upgrade the rebels, thus prolonging the fighting longer. Because that's the road to peace, right?! France agrees.
French officials shoring up support for a punitive military response to an alleged chemical attack last month in Syria said it would help shift the balance in a 2½-year-old civil war that was tipping in favour of President Bashar al-Assad.
We're all about this war ending, so long as it's our proxy force that wins. But they're not winning, and NATO is desperate, DESPERATE to turn the tables in their favour. If we can't have an Iraq or an Afghanistan, then by golly gee we're gunna have a Vietnam! If it wasn't for the west's continued and ever increasing support over the last two years the Syrian rebels would have been beaten long ago by Assad. We've kept the violence going, not Assad, it's his country, not ours.

Speaking of Vietnam here's a nice list of all those chemical weapons attacks that have been proven that have gone unpunished to this day. Go on, take a gander. I'll bet you'd never guess who the repeat offender is?

And remember when the U.S. said a few months ago it had evidence of previous Assad chemical weapon attacks but never released or followed up on that? Well Russia has, and not surprisingly their report (yes they actually made a report to be presented to the UNSC) fingers the rebels for the March chemical attack as well. Russia brings up a very valid question, why will the U.S. not present their evidence to the UNSC? Why instead do they talk of all the 'secret' evidence they have in a big media parade while avoiding any official forum for scrutiny?

U.S. dismisses U.N. inspections in Syria of alleged chemical weapons sites

This all isn't to say I don't feel for the Syrian people living under Assad by the way, I do. I wouldn't want to live under his regime or anywhere near Syria for that matter. But the Syrian people will not find salvation or peace by allowing the western nations to run their country just as no country is better off with us at the helm. This is no longer a revolution, it is a covert invasion, and as Canadian Trends has uncovered Syria can expect a direct invasion by Israel should Assad fall (so long as the U.N. has pulled out of the Golan by then - which so far they haven't fully). Naturally any invasion at that point perpetrated by Israel would be backed by the U.S.

The western global empire needs a war on Syria to isolate Iran. This is about oil. This is about domination. None of our actions have anything to do with "helping civilians". Bombs don't help civilians. Imagine the huge number of Syrian refugees the U.S. could help using the funds for the cruise missiles it plans to fire off? Actions speak louder than words, and all actions point to deception.

Brutality of Syrian Rebels Posing Dilemma in West

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