Wednesday, August 21, 2013

At this point why would anyone believe western governments about anything?

Bradley Manning has been sentenced for showing you all the truth, and "Osama Bin Laden" - the fictional CIA created boogey man - is under the sea. Arming "Al-Qaeda" is ok, but your rights are being violated because "they might attack". You are a hamster and our civilization is the wheel.

The U.K. is now concerned after the public discovered that anti-terror laws have now been used to detain a journalist that these "important" laws may lose "public support".... OH NOES! Does anyone out there still believe that we're "fighting the terrorists"? That there are terrorists? Or are people finally discovering that the very mention of "terror" is itself a false flag?

When we say statements like "journalism is not terrorism" we are actually already 50% of the way towards the total brainwashing those in power are aiming for. Words are very much a tool for division and to define the paradigm in which you find yourselves. Simply by using the word terrorism you are giving the word credence. By comparing "normal" activities, "crimes", and "terrorist activities" even if you do not agree with the manufactured and ever-broadening definition of terrorism or the tyrannical laws passed to "handle terrorism" you are creating the mental space for the need to exist, somewhere.

Let me give a simple example of what I mean. Gay marriage. This term which has been adopted by the LGBT movement is unto itself a divisive term. Defining specific unions of marriage as "gay marriage" implies automatically that somehow gay marriage is different than simply marriage. As soon as the term gay marriage crops up the division has already occurred. the LGBT community fighting for their right to marriage is no longer fighting for the same right to marriage as anyone else. They are in fact fighting for the right to "gay marriage", specifically.

The end result or practical application of gay marriage and marriage may seem identical, but the mental aspect is not. One creates a group of people that can be singled out and the other does not. Marriage applies to everyone except those who require "gay marriage". This is a tool used by the elite to divide and conquer, to keep us separated into our own little working groups which battle other working groups, all made up of peasants which in the eyes of the elite are all equally despicable.

Terrorism and the "terrorist" works under the same premise. It is a tool being used to segregate one group of undesirables from the rest, to frame the thought process of the population that there is a special group of people which require special treatment; treatment which under "normal;" circumstances would violate the treatment everyone else expects, for you wouldn't consider yourself a terrorist, would you?

Western governments everywhere are insisting that these extended spy powers (not to mention those used for indefinite detention, etc) are needed to battle the "terrorists" and are not being abused however the very acceptance by the people and establishment media of the vaguely defined "terrorist" is the abuse itself which once accepted sets the stage for all sorts of abuse.

The people, everywhere, are *waiting* for a documented and admitted abuse of these "laws" which of course ever since 9/11 induced our anti-terror fever has happened time and time again. And what will we do once an abuse is finally out in the open? What will we do when our tyrannical governments finally drop the curtain entirely and "officially" become tyrannical? Will we then stop believing their bullshit? Will we then finally turn off the always wrong experts on the evening news? Or will we allow it to continue while thinking "it won't happen to me, I'm not a terrorist" as one by one every person's life is slowly encumbered by it?

Everything about everything the government and their affiliated corporations tell you is bullshit. In the face of the truth of today their lies of yesterday are revealed for what they truly are. Everything being sold to you as important for you is 10 times more important for them. When the government talks about your jobs and the need to "create jobs" in reality what they are telling you is you are an economic unit needed to service their debt. When they talk about your health and pot being "dangerous" and the need for more taxes on cigarettes (notice how it always comes back to money? Your money, for them?) just remember that your health is the last thing on their mind. We've cured cancer but because there's no money in it you will not be allowed to have this treatment.

You are a cog in the economic gears and you need to keep turning. Not so that you can eat or support your family or live the "American Dream", but rather so you can keep feeding real productive energy at the bottom back to the top and keep the elite's who produce nothing nice and comfy. Anti-terrorism is important for you because it's what keeps those non-productive parasites safe from those of you that have been used up, abused and terrorized by an establishment whose sole purpose is to continue itself.

We are all Bradley Manning, we are all people, we are all the enemy, we are all terrorists. We always have been the target of the build up of abuse enacted by the criminals we call 'politicians' and 'bankers'. Who would believe these criminals and liars about anything anymore?

Fool me once, shame on you... If you're fooled you can't get fooled again!

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

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