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UPDATE-2: We got 'em! The terrorist non-threat of the non-explosives.

Well look at that, we got dem dere a couple of dem domestic terrrrrorists! Fully fledged domestic terrorists following the "ideology of al-Qaeda", whatever that means. So... did they hate western freedom? Or.. what? Did they hate their own freedom? Because I'm pretty sure that the Al-Qaeda "ideology" that was sold to us was hating our freedom, wasn't it?
The RCMP revealed little about the suspects and their background or what may have motivated the alleged conspiracy, other than repeatedly saying the pot was linked to an "al-Qaida ideology."

When asked whether the plot had a religious motive or was instead driven by something else, Assistant Commissioner James Malizia sidestepped the question.

"When I refer to radicalized or self-radicalized, it is radicalized to violence, so taking violent acts with a specific ideology in place," said Malizia.

"In this case here, the ideology had to do with a criminal act, wanting to pursue criminal act on behalf of an organization that they believed in, and that organization and the ideology behind that organization as you know it is the al-Qaida ideology."
Durka Durka Stan.

Ugh, seriously.

So these devices which were "inert" (but how they became 'inert' without assistance ...?) and "completely under the RCMP's control", were allowed to make their way to the B.C. legislature or maybe just arranged to get there I can't find any article with a solid answer on this. That's interesting isn't it? Given that the RCMP had "complete control" wouldn't this seem like the perfect opportunity to invoke the lovely "pre-emptive arrest" of bill S-7?
Nuttall and Korody are alleged to have made three explosive devices out of pressure cookers, similar in make to the type of bombs used in the recent Boston Marathon Bombings that killed three people and injured more than 260, and placed them or arranged to have them placed around the Legislative buildings in Victoria.
Now don't get me wrong, these folks don't really sound like nice people. Nutall apparently had numerous run-ins with the law. Which also is interesting, isn't it? Guy was a goon for hire, converts to Islam (of course), and decides what he really needs to do is anonymously indirectly help al-Qaeda. Of course! Unleashing Jihad and whatnot. I really find it interesting he was a goon for hire but decided to do this you know, just because. Free of charge for al-Qaeda.
He added police were in “tight control” of the bombs as they were being constructed and the public was never at risk of being harmed by the “inert” devices.
So if the pre-emptive arrest law is not to arrest known terrorists who have discussed "various targets" and had bombs that were in "tight control" of the RCMP then who is it there to pre-emptively arrest? Or was this allowed to go as far as it did for the attention? Of course had he been pre-emptively arrested I would still be suspicious but I almost find the fact they are laying out the perfect case for pre-emptive arrest and not using it as even more suspicious. Had the case been that they were not in "tight control" that would be more believable.

To reinforce the media afterwards Christy Clark had this to say:
B.C. Premier Christy Clark said she was profoundly shocked by news of the arrests.

"But let me say this to those who resort to terror: You will not succeed," Clark told reporters at the legislature in Victoria.

"You will not succeed in damaging our democratic institutions. Just as importantly, you will not succeed in tearing down the values that make this country strong."
Shocked? It's not routine to inform government officials who might be targeted or in the proximity of terrorism? That's odd eh?

I think this pretty much sums it up:
"Yesterday's arrests demonstrate that terrorism continues to be a real threat to Canada," Toews said in a statement.

"The RCMP has assured me that at no time during the course of this investigation was there an imminent risk to the safety of Canadians."
So there you go Canadians, now you have a clear demonstration that domestic terrorism is a real threat and thus we must pass laws which curtail our freedom, dismantle our democratic institutions through omnipotent secrecy and justify spying on everyone. Values?

I just can't get over that.. "tight control". It rings very closely to the FBI instigated terror plots in the U.S.

No Canadians were harmed in the process of this demonstration.


Bomb plot suspects' neighbour heard talk of 'jihad'
Thompson said she wasn't entirely surprised after hearing the news, as she witnessed some troubling behaviour at the home starting about four months ago.
So the strange behaviour started around the time the investigation started? Hmm..


Depth of undercover police work's involvement in alleged plot to attack B.C. legislature questioned
But there are other questions about how much undercover officers might have enabled the suspects.

During Tuesday's press conference, when investigators were asked if officers posed as collaborators or supplied materials, the official response was cagey.

"The RCMP and its partner agency used all its available resources during this investigation," said assistant RCMP commissioner Wayne Rideout, referring to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

Questions have arisen about whether the accused couple were capable of hatching such an elaborate plot, and if they could have built the bombs on their own.

Andre Gerolymatos, another terrorism expert at SFU, says he hopes the RCMP didn't play a "Mr. Big" role in the investigation — something the force has done in the past.
 Canada Day plot suspects' friends mystified by allegations
Daryl Nelson said Nuttall was his best friend, but that Nuttall had recently dropped him as a paintball partner and opted to play with his so-called "Muslim brothers."

Nelson said three or four men from the mosque were constantly visiting Nuttal's apartment. One of the friends gave Nuttall a job, Nelson said.

"I don't know who these 'Muslim brothers' were," he said. "They were coming by his house every other day. One of them employed him at a furniture store apparently, got him delivering packages."

Nelson described Nuttall as a man with the mentality of a 16-year-old.

"He didn't have the money, didn't have the transportation. He didn't have the means. Where did he get the knowledge and the mentality to do this?"
Sounds like these "Muslim Brothers" were in "tight control".

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  1. The RCMP have been known to produce terror when genuine terrorists are in short supply.

    In 1974, RCMP Security Service Corporal Robert Samson was arrested at a hospital after a failed bombing - the bomb exploded while in his hands, causing him to lose some fingers and tearing his eardrums - at the house of Sam Steinberg, founder of Steinberg Foods in Montreal. While this bombing was not sanctioned by the RCMP, at trial he announced that he had done "much worse" on behalf of the RCMP, and admitted he had been involved in the APLQ break-in.

    So what was Corporal Samson trying to achieve, blowing up Sam Steinberg's house? Who were they trying to pin this on? Given that the FLQ was riddled with RCMP operatives during the late 60's, I would not be amiss in surmising that many of the Montreal mailbox bombings were the handiwork of their operatives..

    So I would take the latest tale of terror apprehended with a grain of salt. Maybe we have a handful of radicals somewhat akin to the Squamish Five, or maybe we have some dupes netted in a web of intrigue the RCMP was weaving. Let's reserve judgement on the alleged crimes and criminals until more facts are presented.