Wednesday, July 10, 2013

As the tables turn

Hey! Good news, pretty well the entire planet has become more corrupt. Of course corruption is great for business! Just look at the markets over the same period of time! The more we speculate people out of the market, the more housing starts there are, the more loans people get with the seemingly endless "cheap credit", the greased deals where industry is "private" but our government officials do all the work on their behalf; top priority!

This is great news folks, this means that like the folks I wrote about in my last posting we will not receive any warnings that something is wrong for those very warnings may destroy the confidence center of the single-celled parasite we call an economy which is keeping the whole shebang together! If that falls apart those corrupt fucks don't get paid, the banks don't get to continue rehypothecating currency into infinity, and you don't get their table scraps. That would be bad. We can handle corruption we just can't handle economic contraction.

Corruption translates to global anger

Sure the honey bees are dying, and no one knows why (or will admit why eh?). Whatever right? Business is business, those putting the entire planet at risk for their business are within their right to do so because their profit is at stake. And sure despite "industry" not having any fucking clue what to do with tailings really we should be expanding these operations even if 'the environmental impacts will likely be so severe and "irreversible"' that we have to have "new protected areas" which "should be created to compensate for the damage". No fucking problem folks. We'll just *CREATE* new areas! There are a ton of "unused areas" on the planet, you know it's sort of like an unfinished basement on a house. We can just protect other areas instead! I was going to put my crapper in the corner, but I guess I'll put it on my mantle instead, afterall: "Many of the concerns and issues related to this proposal have to do with the pace of development of the mineable oilsands and the capacity of the regional environment to absorb these developments." - So why slow down the pace? Let's ramp this bitch up! But when shit gets flooded out, you better feel sorry for our dumb asses. Yep, life is good in Alberta.

Speaking of flooding, and all of the focus on every area except Fort McMurray (you know the place that Canada is banking on to support all of our new found "wealth"?), they've got some serious problems. More money from higher levels of government are going to be required. Consider that if Canada can't even properly prepare for an oil market that does stuff like.. move and change prices and all those annoying things, I wonder how prepared we are for our new weather reality and the associated costs? The figures might be on the back of a napkin somewhere but we're all too busy eyeing the oil prospects in the Arctic to care. Business is good, just look at the market, just don't look at the people the markets affect.

In fact oil as a whole isn't doing too good right now:
I think at this point really we are beyond just "corruption" don't you think. It's called fascism, it's the merger of corporation and state but really it's beyond even fascism and into feudalism as the global corporate masters are in control of governments and these governments are simply relegated to the task of distributing the tax dollars left over that are not paid directly to the banks in interest in a manor which the IMF and other monetary "super-powers" declare "not too risky". But risky bank trades? Blame Greece or something, the global financial powers are not worried about those.

The global financial powers are however worried about you. You might get angry, like these guys, and there's a whole terrorist apparatus and police truncheon response waiting for you when you do.

The Economist: Secret Government: America Against Democracy

Everybody will be angry soon enough for one reason or another. You'll all be angry and that's what they're afraid of, for then the tables turn. Let's all be angry together.

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