Sunday, June 2, 2013

They say the show must go on

Our current situation is so dumbfounding and stupid I just don't know where to begin. How have we allowed ourselves to come to this? Arguing over petty politics, propaganda around every corner dividing and conquering with murderous efficiency. What's truly sad about our situation is we are destroying ourselves willingly, or perhaps apathetically.

It's like we're in the fucking twilight zone; entire nations liquidating real assets for banker debt to gain power? Political puppets who encourage this liquidation while waving the flag of the "middle class". Double-think and news-speak runs our lives repeating the consumer choice is freedom mantra. Freedom is ignorance and too many people believe they are "free".

Some of you may be wondering why I've now focused my sights on Justin Trudeau rather than the Harper regime. The reason why is quite simply, we've already lost the "war" against the Harper regime and following it Justin Trudeau represents an even greater threat. Why? Because Justin Trudeau supports much of the same policy of the Harper regime with one very core difference: like Obama, those on the left who are blinded by him being "left" will support him simply because he's not Harper and like Obama it will be difficult to have popular opinion include unpopular facts.

In example, look at the polarization in the U.S. Mention the dismal performance of Obama and you're bound to get someone respond with a variation of "Bush was worse" as though that somehow justifies the horrid atrocities happening under the Obama regime. Some take the other stance that Obama has somehow brought all of these economic and military problems on the U.S. - the right-wing stance - these people ignore the Bush atrocities in the same way. Polarization, left vs. right, it's bullshit.

It was easy for the population to not like Bush because he was pushing through incredible changes at lightning speed. Obama hasn't pushed through as many changes but he has however made usage of the Bush-era policies, especially in economics and "counter-terrorism". I call political figures that follow incredible periods of rapid unpopular change the "pacifiers". Obama is president to pacify a population who was upset over the rules they now live under (and which Obama isn't planning to nor will ever change).

Harper is our Bush. He is implementing the same sort of changes that Bush implemented, that's his purpose to implement the absolute lawless "counter-terrorism" and destroy our sovereignty. To knock-down the walls that make a nation a nation in the same fashion the "First Nations" have been forced to "assimilate". We are being assimilated into the global fascist empire known as the "New World Order".

Justin Trudeau is our pacifier, groomed from birth to be our savior. Here he is, right on time to save us from Harper (the implementer). Already his stances on FIPA and CNOOC have shown him to be right in line with the global interests operating the "western world". Why is he repeating the same mantra as Canadian Oil companies? Telling you all we should liquidate our assets yet admitting that the "middle class haven't shared in the fruits of economic growth"? No fucking shit, and more of the same isn't going to fix that folks. He supports Mark Carnage and the housing conundrum that has been created as a result. His support of these policies of wealth redistribution are as important as the continuous bombardment of "experts" telling you that it was "Flaherty's Tights" and not the over-valued housing market that is responsible for the slow down. He's spinning all of the same bullshit that has gotten us here in the first place.

Election Fraud has been confirmed, and yet Justin Trudeau isn't revolting. He is not leading a charge against the election fraud. No, he's focusing on the Duffy expenses, a drop in the bucket of bullshit which will go nowhere, resolve nothing, and in the grand scheme of the constant bullshit we must endure to continue to call ourselves democratic doesn't even make my top 1000. It's just business as usual in our royal house isn't it? 2015 folks! You will be able to "vote them out", of course with now no certainty your vote matters at all. Pathetic. Why are Canadians not flooding the streets?

In Turkey, the people are now in revolt because the government was going to uproot a few trees! SERIOUSLY A FEW FUCKING TREES!! We have our country stolen from us and the best we can muster are some student protests in Montreal (which of course are promptly repressed in true democratic fashion). Believe me folks if you start protesting about something or in a manner which the government feels is actually threatening you will be repressed, brutally.

Swedish riots: if instability can happen here, what might unfold elsewhere?

On top of all the stupidity, our society is collapsing around us. Another bridge went down today. Another happened last Sunday. I guess along with the middle class our infrastructure has not been "included in the fruits of economic growth". Hey Justin?

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

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