Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Gods among us

The Gods among us have spoken. If you have any doubt that the G8 is a "global government" then ask yourselves exactly what status this entity created out of fiat has if it can decree this:
1) To step up the response to the humanitarian crisis with almost $1.5bn of new humanitarian aid. 
Of course "humanitarian aid" is listed as #1. This item exists purely to lower your critical thinking defenses for the next 6 items. You want to get these dying people humanitarian aid don't you? Well then you need to support this plan.
2) Maximise diplomatic pressure, to bring all sides to the table as soon as possible.
This item is interesting, I'll get to why in a second.
3) Back a Geneva 2 process that delivers a transitional governing body to Syria with full executive authority. 
Oh here we go: "a transitional governing body with full executive authority". Who will comprise this transitional governing body? Considering the G7 countries supported the "rebel"'s transitional government in Libya (and just look at how they're doing btw!) and that the G7 countries have had a clear pro-rebel bias for this entire Syrian conflict I don't think it's very unreasonable to assume this transitional body will likely comprise of members of the rebels.

Considering this item one then has to wonder exactly what "all sides" would be discussing "at the table" considering the G8 has already decided the outcome for them.
4) To learn the lesson of Iraq by making sure key institutions of state are maintained during the transition to ensure there is no vacuum. 
Oh, that's cute. Referencing one of many previously disastrous "attempts" at the same thing as if more recent events haven't proven that the G8 never learns anything ever, or perhaps more correctly that they have no interest in learning as they are instigating the whole shebang.
5) Work together to rid Syria of terrorists and extremists. 
Like the rebels you support?

Militant rebels in Syria announce merger with al-Qaeda - Apr 10th
CFR: The Syrian rebels would be immeasurably weaker today without al-Qaeda in their ranks - Aug 11th, 2012
6) To condemn use of chemical weapons by anyone allow an unhindered UN investigation to establish the facts was a real achievement. 
So much doubt towards the rebels, and so much "positivity" on the U.S. conclusion. Despite NATO's own Turkey discovering Syrian militants with Sarin gas....
7) To support a future government that is neither Sunni, Alawite or Shia but which has the consent of all Syrians.
So, "Western democracy" then?

And about the fact that actual "weapons of mass destruction" have likely been used by the U.S. on Syria? Oh that's right, no one wants to talk about that. No one has any answers of course, as far as I see no one is even asking the question.

Isn't this a nice "plan" made on behalf of Syrians by a bunch of disconnected "leaders" without a single Syrian present. Who are we to say what is right for them? We say we want the fighting to stop, and we also say we need to arm the rebels (because they're losing) in a decision that has now come out was made long before the "conclusion" of "chemical weapons" made by the U.S. The G7 countries are hardly an impartial body on this matter, our bias is perfectly clear.

Decision to arm Syrian rebels was reached weeks ago, U.S. officials say
Ron Paul: "Obama’s Syria Policy Looks A Lot Like Bush’s Iraq Policy"

It is the G7 populations trust and belief in this deception which allows this to continue. Assad is perfectly within his right as a sovereign nation to reject all of this. He has been correct to declare the rebels "terrorists", has he not? If al-Qaeda are terrorists to us, they must be terrorists to him, too, right? So it's ok for the G7 to torture, to run Gitmo, to bomb whoever we want, whenever we want with flying death from above gaming consoles but it's not ok for Assad to defend his country from terrorists? If you buy into all of this terrorist bullshit then you must agree he can do whatever he needs to "stop it", no? After all, that's what we do.

The simple truth is that the G7 nations will not allow the violence to stop until the outcome is one that we're happy with.

US drops demand Taliban renounce al-Qaeda to allow talks to progress - LOL!

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