Saturday, May 25, 2013

UPDATE-1: The bright young things

Let's say you're an elite, one of the powerful and wealthy (those who print the currency, not earn the currency) and you want to transform a society from one which believes they are "free" (though our freedom exists as "consumer choice") to one which is feudalist in nature. How would you go about training the younger generations to accept their new role as slaves in this society? How would you instil the necessary virtue of a backwards justice system, one where everyone is guilty unless proven innocent?

School seems like a great place to start.
According to the statement, 28 students in a Grade 10 class at Cap-Jeunesse were searched after a cell phone, collected prior to the exam, went missing.

The release said that when no one came forward to return the missing phone, staff members performed a strip search without the school administration’s knowledge or consent.

They were concerned about cheating on the exam using the cell phone.

The support staff, then, decided to strip-search each of the 28 students in the class, one at a time in a separate room.

Two male staff members searched the boys, while two female staff members searched the girls.
So what you are being asked to believe here is that teachers, acting on their own accord, decided the best way to find this cellphone was a strip-search; something I don't believe any teacher I've ever encountered has ever considered (I think). Yet somehow 4 separate teachers all enacted this same policy supposedly without the board's consent. Yea, right.

I have a daughter in elementary school currently and what schools engage in now seems like an entirely different world to me than when I was in school. They've become much more strict over the stupid and ridiculous (sort of like a prison) and yet at the same time when it comes to studies they are extremely lenient - almost babying the students towards their high marks.

You're going to start seeing more of these supposedly one-off events at schools. It's a lot easier to control a society when it has grown up under the conditions of slavery in which they are intended to carry out their life. Strip searches are what is done in prisons. Your children are being taught they live in a giant prison and that it's normal. If I were the parent of one of these 28 kids I would not be taking the Administration at their word nor trusting their "investigation"; I'd be launching my own and looking to press charges.

Remember all those low-level commanders who took the fall for G20 even though it was clearly organized to be hell from the top? Same deal.


Here's what you all need to be asking: Where did a school get the idea from that it would be ok to strip search students and that that would not violate laws? Again, comparing to the G20 where exactly did that cop get the idea that "this isn't Canada right now"?. Hard to believe crazy ideas like that just pop into existence and officials with the means to act on them do.

Ideas like this which are completely counter to our culture come from somewhere, I wonder where...

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  1. I read your opening lines, how to best influence a youth, and yes, school is a place to start. And the strip search stuff was sooooo far off the mark that it's unbelievable.

    HOWEVER, if I wanted to plant an idea in a lot of youth at once, I would be designing online multi-player video games. . .

  2. Online video games do not teach you the procedures of prison, or how to accept strip searches as normal. Though yes, those are used for other aspects of influence.

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