Saturday, May 25, 2013

Of drones and defaults

Hey, remember the "fiscal cliff"? Remember I told you the U.S. was going off of it head first and was going to hit every bump on the way down? The next bump is about to be hit.

US Treasury secretary says he has begun tapping federal retiree pension fund to avoid default

Now is when the rubber is really going to start hitting the road. Pensions? You don't have a pension, it's already been spoken for you just don't know it yet. Ask the people of Greece, Spain, or Cyprus what that's all about.

There is a strawman argument being developed, austerity economics vs. stimulus economics, one in which in typical divide and conquer fashion you are supposed to side with. Of course neither has any practical examples to prove they work, the closest working "solution" that's been tried so far was in Iceland in which they arrested the criminals. That's a lot easier to accomplish though when your country is small, united by culture, and a common interest is recognized. In the U.S., Europe and Canada none of that exists, these countries (or economic "unions") are massive united by nothing but their love for printing money, giving it to the bankers, and then imposing "austerity economics" on the people. There is no nation truly practicing austerity, the "austerity" in Greece isn't reducing their debt load, it's just handing all of it over to bankers. Stimulus for the rich, and austerity for the people. Both are at play at the same time.

If you're wondering why the criminals are speeding up their implementation of their "new world order" with little care for how many people notice look no further than the rapidly deteriorating control system financial system and ask yourself with the engine of consumerism in shambles how would the elite maintain the control they've always enjoyed? The answer is by creating a new system of law and order, of debt, and of control by force. It's not really a new system at all, it's actually the old system: feudalism. Lockdowns and a terrorist behind every corner, it's coming fast and hard.

Why? You might be asking. Because with "terrorism" (which now seemingly covers everything from a single guy with a machete to flying airplanes into buildings) a new system of law and order has been created, again though it's not really new at all now is it? It's the old system of law and order, law and order by decree. For the moment anyone is labelled a "terrorist" they are no longer privy to all of their inalienable rights, auto-magically. Being a possible terrorist you may be vulnerable to unseen events which may accelerate your lifetime expiry. Such as death from above. Oh, but here's my favorite part:
“Neither I, nor any president, can promise the total defeat of terror,” Obama said in remarks at the National Defence University. “What we can do — what we must do — is dismantle networks that pose a direct danger, and make it less likely for new groups to gain a foothold, all while maintaining the freedoms and ideals that we defend.”
If you support this lying sack of shit Obama, please, slap yourself. The freedoms and ideals that we defend, because those still exist? Because you haven't all given those away for your perception of being safe from the terrorist? Even though there are still terrorist "attacks" and even though the FBI and other intelligence networks always seem to have their hand in them. Prior contact, etc. This new event in Britain follows the exact same storyline as the Boston marathon bombing. Oh but it gets better, the liar in chief against the "terrorist threat" continues:
The president, in his most expansive public discussion on drones, defended their targeted killings as both effective and legal. He acknowledged the civilian deaths that sometimes result — a consequence that has angered many of the countries where the U.S. seeks to combat extremism — and said he grapples with that trade-off.

“For me, and those in my chain of command, these deaths will haunt us as long as we live,” he said. Before any strike, he said, “there must be near-certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured — the highest standard we can set.”

Ahead of the address, Obama signed new “presidential policy guidelines” aimed at illustrating more clearly to Congress and the public the standards the U.S. applies before carrying out drone attacks. Officials said the guidelines include not using strikes when the targeted people can be captured, either by the U.S. or a foreign government, relying on drones only when the target poses an “imminent” threat and establishing a preference for giving the military control of the drone program.
Oh yes, I'm sure the civilian deaths haunt him and the Obama family every night and as if to say see! It's "completely legal" we get this today:
Ten suspected militants were killed Thursday in a pre-dawn drone strike on a compound in a tribal district in northwestern Pakistan, a local tribesman and security official said.
So on one hand you have Obama saying shit like "there must be near-certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured" but then on the other they are "suspected". Oh, but it gets EVEN BETTER. Seriously folks, you just can't make this stuff up. From the original post on the Obama drone speech:
Obama’s advisers said the new guidelines will effectively limit the number of drone strikes in terror zones and pointed to a future decline of attacks against extremists in Afghanistan as the war there winds down next year. But strikes elsewhere will continue. The guidelines will also apply to strikes against both foreigners and U.S. citizens abroad.
So the war is "winding down" but the drone strikes elsewhere will continue. Are your brains processing this folks? Why is one a "war" and the rest of the drone strikes just strikes? Well, gee, maybe the wars are only heating up not winding down. Syria, hello? This "war" is expanding rapidly, it is not "defensive" it is aggressive and offensive. It's a repeat of the moments in history we look back so fondly of "defeating".

My God people, we're so overwhelmed in propaganda the stories have stories which cover for the stories we're told. Understand that when you look at a nation like North Korea, or China, and you think to yourself "how in the hell can people buy such stupid military propaganda?" realize that you too are under this same military-grade propaganda, but as an advanced society ours likewise is much more advanced. We have fucking Hollywood! We can makes "movies" which tell you all about Bin Laden, because for some reason the journalists can't even get you a picture of Bin Laden under the sea.

Wow, that was a bit longer of a rant than I was first intending, so let's recap:
  1. U.S. economy is fucked.
  2. You're all potential terrorists
  3. There's a lot more war coming, and the Nobel Peace Prize winning "president" is the pacifier to keep all of you sick of war people believing there is no war. Oh yea, Obama will close Gitmo - that's why when he had full control of the house and senate he didn't close it right? That's why the pentagon is expanding it right?
  4. This will all continue so long as your default position in regards to anything any politician or "expert" says is "well it must be true".
On that last point I'd just like to say how ridiculous it is to see news even now after everything that's happened, everything that's been brought to light, continuing to bring on the same "experts" who have been so full of shit before on pretty much every issue ever. Or like these expense scandal with Mike Duffy, or the crack allegations of Rob Ford. Or Justin Trudeau's constant support of globalization and global policies which are right in line with The Harper Government's. When are people going to realize that they lie LIE LIE LIE every day. It's all backroom politics, greased deals, drugs and LIES!

Justin Truedeau has put out a "petition" for you all to sign to tell Harper you want him to "come clean". What a crock of a shit. A petition. When Justin Trudeau walks out of parliament in protest at the destruction of our democracy, I'll listen, until then he's just another actor in the war for favorable PR in defense of globalization and the continuation of the Left/Right smokescreen. Wake up folks, you can't beg a criminal to come clean. Then again, our reduction into slaves begging for fair treatment is the problem, isn't it?

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