Friday, May 3, 2013

In the future there will be no law and order (only corporate policy and terrorism)

Hey folks, don't worry about that "bail-in" clause, Mark Carnage says. Your deposits are safe! they're insured! We'll never need it, which is exactly why we've added it. As we all know the CDIC is in a perfectly sound position to protect Canadian deposits, don't we?
According to the CDIC's 2010 Annual Report, CDIC protects $590 billion CAD in total eligible deposits, and has $1.95 billion CAD in assets to meet insurance claims.[4] This amount represents 0.33% of total eligible deposits. The CDIC is also authorized to borrow up to $17 billion if necessary from the federal government or the financial markets, and may request further funds from Parliament.
That's also alright, as we'll never need it. That's also exactly why it exists. In fact, there is a global bank "bail-in" regime being put in place to prevent the failure of big banks. Oh goodie! Now that the "Too Bigs" have all the taxpayer cash on a global scale, your personal cash is being put up for collateral on their next losing bets. Global regimes, but don't worry folks there's no "global government", that's a conspiracy theory.

And all while this is happening without a whimper, due process has been destroyed without the batting of an eye-lash. More and more the "terrorists" and "criminals" are becoming one and the same. The very definition of the rule of law, the due process which we so proudly proclaim separates "us" and "them", is gone. There is no separation, we are them, they are us. Infatuated cultures, so high on their own bullshit they can't see the path they're heading down.

Pre-Crime? Guilt by association? Criminal or terrorist? the line is now arbitrary. It's whatever the state decides, you might get due process, and you might not. Sure, all of the "terrorists" as advertised will be absolutely despicable people, just as them Ah-Rabs were depicted. But slowly and surely, the "terrorist" is moving from being of another religion, another culture, another world and now might just be your neighbor! Better shut down the city, Am-I-Right?

Every day we read about the Quebec police utilizing tactics which were denounced as illegal and used only in police states. They are still in use, we are a police state. For now it's a "soft" police state, but I think you all might be surprised just how fast it becomes the normal.

Two days ago I was strolling Whyte Avenue and just happened to be in the right spot at the right time to catch the Mayday parade passing by. The crowd shouted something about politics being "fucked up" as their police escorted march slowly made its way down the avenue. It was at this moment it dawned on me how far down the fucking rabbit hole we are right now. How far we've fallen as a society. You think your shouting and marching is going to stop a global fascist regime? You're bringing a BB gun to the war. The people running the show are playing an elaborate game of chess while the people play checkers, democracy edition. We've gone so far past the point of no return that the sign marking it can't even be seen off in the distance anymore.

My best advice for you at this point is expect the unexpected, and nothing is off the table.

Maybe we just don't want to get away...

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