Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2013: Mid-year review

Well, it's almost June. I figured we'd review the 2013 trends and see how we're doing.
The biggest result of "going off the cliff" as it were is going to be a complete destruction in confidence. Uncertainty is certain to take hold once the eurphoria of the "fiscal cliff deal" wears off and the massive budget problems that are becoming unavoidable take hold. This year may set a record for market volatility. In particular I anticipate a bull run on oil which may even hit $110 as certain data in the areas of U.S. manufacturing and emerging markets again fool people into believing a "recovery" has taken hold (think back to the first 6 months of 2012). Just as it happened last year as well, I believe that low oil prices will be driving this "recovery" and high oil prices will halt it.

During this time, I expect lots of hawkish sentiment from Canadian officials and economists, with healthy regular doses of skeptism for effect. This will be despite the massive warning signs from the U.S. as Canada's "public face" to it's economic policy is
resource extraction with a focus on "emerging markets".
Oil is performing weaker than I expected though that hasn't altered anything, gas prices are still going high very quickly, and this is the precursor to a new collapse in growth. Oil may still meet my expectations though as there's still a little room and time to grow. You'll also notice that general sentiment towards rising interest rates has reversed.

Crude oil rallies sharply after U.S. data, OPEC meeting in focus
Crude oil futures were sharply higher on Tuesday, as sentiment improved following the release of stronger-than-expected U.S. housing and consumer confidence data.
Oh yea, want to know the good news?

US home prices rise 10.9 pct., most since 2006

Higher prices! Exactly what nations and people struggling with high levels of debt need.
U.S. home prices jumped 10.9 per cent in March compared with a year ago, the most since April 2006. A growing number of buyers are bidding on a tight supply of homes, driving prices higher and helping the housing market recover.
The Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller home price index released Tuesday also showed that all 20 cities measured by the report posted year-over-year gains for the third straight month. 
Yep, all of a sudden major bubbles in U.S. housing are a "good thing". You'll love the "why" part:
The U.S. housing market is steadily recovering, buoyed by solid job gains and near-record low mortgage rates. Sales of new homes rose in April to nearly a five-year high. And sales of previously occupied homes ticked up in April to the highest level in three and a half years.
Oh no, this certainly isn't going to be anything like last time right?

Wall Street's Congress Investment Yields Dividends In Deregulation Votes 

No, not at all.

This latest burst of growth again won't be lasting long as the quickly rising prices everyone is praising soon overwhelm those who actually have to pay them. Last year provides a good example however this year things are even less stable and as a result the dip that should be arriving within the next 3-5 months may not resemble the collapse in demand and prices of last year. The spread between oil and gasoline right now provides some example of this.

And when it comes to the "fiscal cliff", well...

US Treasury secretary says he has begun tapping federal retiree pension fund to avoid default

That's probably not going to help things now is it? Somewhere in the "economy" equation, affordability has been lost. Where all of these economists seem to get it wrong is to think that isn't going to hurt anything.

I think the rest of my breakdown speaks for itself, however something of interest to note is the combination of the mass record breaking protest and localisation trends in the form of the global Monsanto march. Very positive development.

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

UPDATE-1: The bright young things

Let's say you're an elite, one of the powerful and wealthy (those who print the currency, not earn the currency) and you want to transform a society from one which believes they are "free" (though our freedom exists as "consumer choice") to one which is feudalist in nature. How would you go about training the younger generations to accept their new role as slaves in this society? How would you instil the necessary virtue of a backwards justice system, one where everyone is guilty unless proven innocent?

School seems like a great place to start.
According to the statement, 28 students in a Grade 10 class at Cap-Jeunesse were searched after a cell phone, collected prior to the exam, went missing.

The release said that when no one came forward to return the missing phone, staff members performed a strip search without the school administration’s knowledge or consent.

They were concerned about cheating on the exam using the cell phone.

The support staff, then, decided to strip-search each of the 28 students in the class, one at a time in a separate room.

Two male staff members searched the boys, while two female staff members searched the girls.
So what you are being asked to believe here is that teachers, acting on their own accord, decided the best way to find this cellphone was a strip-search; something I don't believe any teacher I've ever encountered has ever considered (I think). Yet somehow 4 separate teachers all enacted this same policy supposedly without the board's consent. Yea, right.

I have a daughter in elementary school currently and what schools engage in now seems like an entirely different world to me than when I was in school. They've become much more strict over the stupid and ridiculous (sort of like a prison) and yet at the same time when it comes to studies they are extremely lenient - almost babying the students towards their high marks.

You're going to start seeing more of these supposedly one-off events at schools. It's a lot easier to control a society when it has grown up under the conditions of slavery in which they are intended to carry out their life. Strip searches are what is done in prisons. Your children are being taught they live in a giant prison and that it's normal. If I were the parent of one of these 28 kids I would not be taking the Administration at their word nor trusting their "investigation"; I'd be launching my own and looking to press charges.

Remember all those low-level commanders who took the fall for G20 even though it was clearly organized to be hell from the top? Same deal.


Here's what you all need to be asking: Where did a school get the idea from that it would be ok to strip search students and that that would not violate laws? Again, comparing to the G20 where exactly did that cop get the idea that "this isn't Canada right now"?. Hard to believe crazy ideas like that just pop into existence and officials with the means to act on them do.

Ideas like this which are completely counter to our culture come from somewhere, I wonder where...

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

Of drones and defaults

Hey, remember the "fiscal cliff"? Remember I told you the U.S. was going off of it head first and was going to hit every bump on the way down? The next bump is about to be hit.

US Treasury secretary says he has begun tapping federal retiree pension fund to avoid default

Now is when the rubber is really going to start hitting the road. Pensions? You don't have a pension, it's already been spoken for you just don't know it yet. Ask the people of Greece, Spain, or Cyprus what that's all about.

There is a strawman argument being developed, austerity economics vs. stimulus economics, one in which in typical divide and conquer fashion you are supposed to side with. Of course neither has any practical examples to prove they work, the closest working "solution" that's been tried so far was in Iceland in which they arrested the criminals. That's a lot easier to accomplish though when your country is small, united by culture, and a common interest is recognized. In the U.S., Europe and Canada none of that exists, these countries (or economic "unions") are massive united by nothing but their love for printing money, giving it to the bankers, and then imposing "austerity economics" on the people. There is no nation truly practicing austerity, the "austerity" in Greece isn't reducing their debt load, it's just handing all of it over to bankers. Stimulus for the rich, and austerity for the people. Both are at play at the same time.

If you're wondering why the criminals are speeding up their implementation of their "new world order" with little care for how many people notice look no further than the rapidly deteriorating control system financial system and ask yourself with the engine of consumerism in shambles how would the elite maintain the control they've always enjoyed? The answer is by creating a new system of law and order, of debt, and of control by force. It's not really a new system at all, it's actually the old system: feudalism. Lockdowns and a terrorist behind every corner, it's coming fast and hard.

Why? You might be asking. Because with "terrorism" (which now seemingly covers everything from a single guy with a machete to flying airplanes into buildings) a new system of law and order has been created, again though it's not really new at all now is it? It's the old system of law and order, law and order by decree. For the moment anyone is labelled a "terrorist" they are no longer privy to all of their inalienable rights, auto-magically. Being a possible terrorist you may be vulnerable to unseen events which may accelerate your lifetime expiry. Such as death from above. Oh, but here's my favorite part:
“Neither I, nor any president, can promise the total defeat of terror,” Obama said in remarks at the National Defence University. “What we can do — what we must do — is dismantle networks that pose a direct danger, and make it less likely for new groups to gain a foothold, all while maintaining the freedoms and ideals that we defend.”
If you support this lying sack of shit Obama, please, slap yourself. The freedoms and ideals that we defend, because those still exist? Because you haven't all given those away for your perception of being safe from the terrorist? Even though there are still terrorist "attacks" and even though the FBI and other intelligence networks always seem to have their hand in them. Prior contact, etc. This new event in Britain follows the exact same storyline as the Boston marathon bombing. Oh but it gets better, the liar in chief against the "terrorist threat" continues:
The president, in his most expansive public discussion on drones, defended their targeted killings as both effective and legal. He acknowledged the civilian deaths that sometimes result — a consequence that has angered many of the countries where the U.S. seeks to combat extremism — and said he grapples with that trade-off.

“For me, and those in my chain of command, these deaths will haunt us as long as we live,” he said. Before any strike, he said, “there must be near-certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured — the highest standard we can set.”

Ahead of the address, Obama signed new “presidential policy guidelines” aimed at illustrating more clearly to Congress and the public the standards the U.S. applies before carrying out drone attacks. Officials said the guidelines include not using strikes when the targeted people can be captured, either by the U.S. or a foreign government, relying on drones only when the target poses an “imminent” threat and establishing a preference for giving the military control of the drone program.
Oh yes, I'm sure the civilian deaths haunt him and the Obama family every night and as if to say see! It's "completely legal" we get this today:
Ten suspected militants were killed Thursday in a pre-dawn drone strike on a compound in a tribal district in northwestern Pakistan, a local tribesman and security official said.
So on one hand you have Obama saying shit like "there must be near-certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured" but then on the other they are "suspected". Oh, but it gets EVEN BETTER. Seriously folks, you just can't make this stuff up. From the original post on the Obama drone speech:
Obama’s advisers said the new guidelines will effectively limit the number of drone strikes in terror zones and pointed to a future decline of attacks against extremists in Afghanistan as the war there winds down next year. But strikes elsewhere will continue. The guidelines will also apply to strikes against both foreigners and U.S. citizens abroad.
So the war is "winding down" but the drone strikes elsewhere will continue. Are your brains processing this folks? Why is one a "war" and the rest of the drone strikes just strikes? Well, gee, maybe the wars are only heating up not winding down. Syria, hello? This "war" is expanding rapidly, it is not "defensive" it is aggressive and offensive. It's a repeat of the moments in history we look back so fondly of "defeating".

My God people, we're so overwhelmed in propaganda the stories have stories which cover for the stories we're told. Understand that when you look at a nation like North Korea, or China, and you think to yourself "how in the hell can people buy such stupid military propaganda?" realize that you too are under this same military-grade propaganda, but as an advanced society ours likewise is much more advanced. We have fucking Hollywood! We can makes "movies" which tell you all about Bin Laden, because for some reason the journalists can't even get you a picture of Bin Laden under the sea.

Wow, that was a bit longer of a rant than I was first intending, so let's recap:
  1. U.S. economy is fucked.
  2. You're all potential terrorists
  3. There's a lot more war coming, and the Nobel Peace Prize winning "president" is the pacifier to keep all of you sick of war people believing there is no war. Oh yea, Obama will close Gitmo - that's why when he had full control of the house and senate he didn't close it right? That's why the pentagon is expanding it right?
  4. This will all continue so long as your default position in regards to anything any politician or "expert" says is "well it must be true".
On that last point I'd just like to say how ridiculous it is to see news even now after everything that's happened, everything that's been brought to light, continuing to bring on the same "experts" who have been so full of shit before on pretty much every issue ever. Or like these expense scandal with Mike Duffy, or the crack allegations of Rob Ford. Or Justin Trudeau's constant support of globalization and global policies which are right in line with The Harper Government's. When are people going to realize that they lie LIE LIE LIE every day. It's all backroom politics, greased deals, drugs and LIES!

Justin Truedeau has put out a "petition" for you all to sign to tell Harper you want him to "come clean". What a crock of a shit. A petition. When Justin Trudeau walks out of parliament in protest at the destruction of our democracy, I'll listen, until then he's just another actor in the war for favorable PR in defense of globalization and the continuation of the Left/Right smokescreen. Wake up folks, you can't beg a criminal to come clean. Then again, our reduction into slaves begging for fair treatment is the problem, isn't it?

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

Friday, May 24, 2013

UPDATE-1: The hypocrite guilt mafia

Woah, this whole "crack scandal" about Rob Ford is sure getting attention. Everyone is outraged! People demand a statement, and he gave one! He said "I don't use it". Wow, no kidding? We can all feel better now that he didn't come out and say "Yep you're right, I'm a crack addict". Hopefully you're sleeping better.

By the way, have you been concerned? Outraged? What if I told you you're a big fucking hypocrite? Well maybe you're not, let's find out. Question: Do you have a credit card that actually uses bank credit (not prepaid or direct debit)? If the answer is yes then congratulations; you personally help fuel the drug trade.

If you weren't aware, you're about to be: the credit that credit cards utilize doesn't just appear magically out of thin air, it's funded by the drug trade. Haven't you ever wondered why big banks launder drugs?

HSBC, too big to jail, is the new poster child for US two-tiered justice system
How a big US bank laundered billions from Mexico's murderous drug gangs
Did Cocaine Cause the Financial Crisis?

A large portion of the mess we're in is due to the fact that our entire society is run on drugs! If it's not oil, it's drugs! Rob Ford's drug usage is just a drop in the bucket.

Are you outraged because it's outrageous, or to comfort a guilty conscience? Let me ask you, are you willing to put your own lifestyle behind your outrage? Will you be cutting up your credit card? I personally refuse to have one and you know what? Sure I can't go on vacations whenever or buy that new toy on a whim but I get by. I live, and I'm happy living knowing that I'm living in the best possible way towards my fellow man. I am so fucking sick of this hypocritical society, the people at the top may implement our destruction but we're all playing our part, too. We're all to blame.

I know I link this video all the time, but that's because it is very encompassing in it's information and on top of 9/11 goes very in depth in to why drugs are very important to the banks:


Want to read a responsible piece about this situation? Look at this.

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

The Bottom Line: Cutting off our nose to afford our face

Well I wasn't sure what to write today, if I was going to write today, I have been feeling completely defeated.

Oh look! another news article which is caked in propaganda but if you read between the lines tells you exactly how fucked we really are. Should I tweet it? nah. So I made some grilled cheese.

The criminals are out in full force and society as we know it is dying, or perhaps already on it's death bed. It's hard to say. So why did I decide to write today? The Washington State bridge collapse, believe it or not.
Clibborn said the collapse will call attention to the issues facing bridges — especially the old bridge over the Columbia River that connects Vancouver and Portland, Ore.
Of course the collapse of infrastructure is something I have been forecasting, it's probably one of the easiest forecasts to make, Business Insider has a great chart showing why (infrastructure spending as a percentage of GDP):

Neat eh? It's easy to make "profits" when you don't spend any of your money on the future. But hey! It's not just limited to the U.S., this event had me recall an old post I saw put out by the Canadian Government back in 2008.
"Adding to the problem is the fact that many of Canada's highway bridges built in the 1960s and 1970s are approaching the end of their expected life spans," says Dr. Cusson. According to Statistics Canada, the average age of bridges is rising due to insufficient investments in bridge maintenance and renewal. As of 2007, Canada's bridges on average have passed 57 percent of their useful life.

Dr. Cusson and his research team recently completed a 10-year study of corrosion on the Vachon Bridge in Laval, Quebec. Their goal was to identify effective technologies that can delay corrosion and extend the lifespan of Canada's concrete bridges.
The 100 year expiry date on our modern society is becoming quite apparent. Do you think world governments in their current fiscal shape can afford to replace all of these bridges? Hint: They are investing significant resources into ways to extend bridge lifespans.

So here we are as a society, trying to figure out a way to "grow" and the evidence of our growth? Piles of profit and neglect of the infrastructure which makes that "profit" possible. The piles of profit sitting unused or "invested" into the global gambling system we call a market probably resemble visually the mountain of coke waste sitting in Detroit the Alberta government never mentions. Here's another example:
When commercial nuclear power was getting its start in the 1960s and 1970s, industry and regulators stated unequivocally that reactors were designed only to operate for 40 years. Now they tell another story — insisting that the units were built with no inherent life span, and can run for up to a century, an Associated Press investigation shows.
Notice an emerging pattern? When infrastructure item X was built in the 1960s and 1970s.. blah blah blah. 1960s, and 1970s. In fact if you go and look at the majority of the base infrastructure we as a society use you'll notice almost all of it was built during the 1960s, and 1970s. No one else is saying it so I'm going to say it: The Baby Boomer generation, famous for calling Generation X and younger "lazy", and which at the same time has the hubris to stack their debts on these same generations (and their children and so on) had all of the infrastructure for their grand society provided for them by their parents, and you know what they did with it? They allowed it to rot. The infrastructure they do build today is done cheaply with profit and not a functioning society as the driving force. If you can even call making piles of money off housing bubbles "infrastructure spending".

Speaking of which, Mark Carnage has some parting words of wisdom for Canadians:
He reiterated that Canada’s post-crisis growth model of domestic-led consumption has reached its limits.
No doubt right? If only he had been this honest with Canadians last year...

Btw, if you're feeling overwhelmed and defeated as I was, give this a listen - this is the most important information anyone needs to hear right now. There is a path forward, but our "modern society" needs to learn how to listen, accept criticism, and understand we're all in this together:


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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The final #yegarena post

Well it looks like this may be the day that Edmonton's fancy shmancy arena gets pushed through. Thus I've decided that this will be the last arena post I ever write forever (who could have guessed it would have gone on this long?). The deal itself is ugly, patchy, and the search for money has closely resembled what someone may have to endure putting all the pennies together to ensure it adds up to their monthly rent.

It's now 2013 and I'm just going to say it flat out, as there is more than enough supporting evidence, that while it may appear as though the city's debt capacity can handle this project today this is not so certain for tomorrow. Of course by tomorrow I mean figuratively, sometime in the near-medium time future, certainly much sooner than the expiry of our 30 year payment plan.

First let's talk about the big surprise: $15M fat ones from uncle Katz. Oh boy! Err.. wait, just $15M? it's taken you THIS long to come up with some private money? What about all that whining about how long the deal was taking to complete and more importantly all of the whining about the increased cost of the future? I wonder how many paid hours city council has had to put into figuring exactly what it is you plan to do next between scrounging the debt-couch for money? The money the city put in for land? $15M big ones, that's simply amazing.

The other big development? Instead of leveraging the MSI fund which isn't going to exist for the duration of our loan(s) we're going to leverage the CLR money from developments which don't yet exist, have no profit projections, don't know how expensive the area is going to be nor whether people will be able to afford their establishment. Because arenas don't crap out new people or any sort of meaningful production (they are a service, for consumption) all of the money being predicted for the downtown area will either come from somewhere else or won't exist at all.

Long-term outlook hasn't changed

My long-term economic outlook hasn't changed and so far I think I've been pretty accurate. France "re-entered" recession today (as though any of us ever actually left it). To be quite blunt: Canada, Alberta, and the City of Edmonton are all over-estimating their debt capacity as it is still being based on assumptions that were established as normal before the collapse of 2008 particularly to do with rates of growth. We're basing all of the assumptions around this project on ideological economic theory; theory which under the rules of today no longer applies. There is a reason why major economists and political figures are having trouble estimating the future. We're going to regret this, apparently the vote just passed: 10-3.

In other news we may be supporting a covert war of aggression under false pretense. So.. ya know, there's that.

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

UPDATE-2: Trapped in thought: The Jim Stone story

We talk a lot here about the group-think and cognitive dissonance the status-quo requires but rarely do I cover the same about the other side, the "conspiracy theorist" side.

HEY! Before, you say it I know what you're all about to say, what about this article? What I'm going to be talking about here in this post is not "conspiracy theories" themselves but rather the conspiracy theorists. There are tons of conspiracy theories, if there weren't we wouldn't need "conspiracy" as a crime. They're real, I don't think anyone who reads this blog is going to deny that, but that doesn't mean that they're always real and it doesn't mean that even if the conspiracy as a whole is largely correct that they have the actual details correct.

For instance, I differ from "9/11 Truthers" in that I don't give a fuck whether the towers were brought down by airplanes or explosives, have any of you ever asked why that has to be necessary to have a conspiracy around 9/11? As Mike Ruppert says in his Truth and Lies of 9/11, that's speculation, when there are plenty of facts surrounding the ordeal. We're not going into these here, that's not the point of this post, what I think is important though is that conspiracy theorists get so caught up in the narrative pushed that itself becomes a conspiracy to keep it going.

When I say it needs a conspiracy to keep it going, I mean it. This fellow I discovered yesterday by the name of Jim Stone provides a clear example.

Jim Stone is still convinced that the explosions in Syria were a nuke. Of course, when I had done my post on Syria, I had published it JUST HOURS after I became aware of that video of the attack late at night and was disturbed by it so stayed up all night trying to get people to look at it and tell me. It's now four days later, on top of the expert analysis provided by Michael of the explosion video in question there are also plenty of video of plainclothes people sifting through the rubble, etc. NO NUKE! (UPDATE: Gordon Duff's video has now re-raised the question and I have a lead on soil samples, see UPDATE-6 on Syria) Right? Not for Jim Stone...

Jim Stone now alleges that a cover-up is underway and naturally me ( a guy who hates blogging and is a professional programmer ) is in on it (see Update-5 from my post on Syria).

Here's the best part though, I went to his soapbox forum to try to clear up the story, and do you know what he did? He deleted my post and then made up a story about me! Looking through his "forum" (at budgetcamerareview.com ???) you see plenty of references to "the shill". Watch what I'm going to do here, you'll like this.

Jim Stone's "shill", is no different from the political "terrorist". This guy uses the EXACT same tactics as the "elites" he's "fighting" (and taking donations for, of course). He's built up the same sort of invisible, "they're everywhere" enemy while making arbitrary announcements about the "attacks" (which no one can ever verify because he disposes of all evidence of the "attack" details). A "shill storm". His whole story about how my blog was hacked by shills, etc, etc is not unlike the U.S.'s own "Bin Laden's in the ocean, trust us" crap.

He even has his loyal members acting as the brownshirts, seeking out contrary views and eliminating them. You see, he can accomplish this for the same reasons governments can continue pushing the boundaries of law & order towards terrorism by claiming he's constantly under attack. He uses this also for donations by claiming that "hacks" have had him lose his equipment.

He has his members so sold on the fact that Jim Stone is so heroic (yes, there are many references amongst his work of himself as heroic, for a social parallel think western 'freedom' which the 'terrorists hate') and ground-breaking that governments have sent "shills" 24/7 to disrupt the distribution of his "information", which effectively destroys any real information not pre-approved by Jim Stone. Again, similar to how to "protect freedom" we must destroy it because of terrorists, in Jim Stone's world information must be destroyed to protect the real information from shills.

The moral of the story here is, conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists are two different beasts. Have I ever asked for money? Been dishonest? When I said 'A lockdown in the U.S. appears imminent', was I wrong? Seriously, what are the odds of just guessing that an unprecedented event would happen? I'm not boasting my ego here, I'm just trying to show there's a difference between blind conspiracy faith and using reasonable evidence to build a story, but you have to consider ALL INFORMATION!

This site isn't about conspiracy theories, it's about critical thinking wherever that takes us. Wherever it takes us, I'd rather be proven rightly wrong than have people blindly believe I'm wrongly right.


Of course if I write about someone directly I always ensure they're aware of it. Jim Stone has declined to come here himself however, he did send me this email in response to me notifying him of the story:
On May 9, 2013 10:31 PM, <james@jimstonefreelance.com> wrote:

We will see how many hits that gets, I am keeping track.

When you establish an active community of people and your rating states that your web site visitors are age 40-50 males who are college educated, then you will have room for comment, for now I see a phoney blogger page set up by someone who probably works for one govern[m]ent or another,

this ALWAYS happens when I NAIL IT,

Thanks for the confirmation - why would you care if I was right or not if you had nothing to lose by me being wrong?

I am not so thin skinned, please go burn a tinfoil hat and liberate your mind like a good little shill,

Yours truly,

Jim Stone
Oh Jim, I don't care about your silly theories, and like I said I'm happy with my small community here. I care that you decided the correct thing to do in response to being challenged on your beliefs was invent a story about me.

This is Richard, government agent, signing off!


Jim Stone now believes he is under "direct physical threat" because he's posted the moment of criticality and "broke" the story. Here is proof that the only searches blogger was recording at the time from people were about nukes on Syria. Note this tweet was on May 6th. Here is proof that I also posted it, again, note the date. You'll notice that my post on Syria is dated the 5th!
admin 5:54PM

This is spot on, and is why I deleted that thread you mentioned, if we are going to overcome the monster we have to stay focused. And I have to agree, Innadiated and his other names (the one who set up the blog) is a shill so high in his expertise that he is beyond professional, he could be one of the best, if not the best one out there. There is no doubt that because this site broke the nuke story and posted the moment of criticality and did not back down, on top of it being a relatively large site (with over 2 million hits to the main site and this forum combined just through may 10 this month) they would want to do everything they can to destroy this forum.

And by the way, I have not mentioned it much, but some really flaky things are going on with regard to the nuke story, including threats against this web site, damage to hardware, and attempts to deface this site all of which failed. Ok, I am going to cut to the chase here -

I have a very good reason to believe (that goes beyond what I posted above) that I am under direct physical threat at this time SO, FOR THE RECORD:

1. I am not sick and have ABSOLUTELY no health issues at all, not even a sore toe. My condition is athletic though I do have a (slight , very slight) tummy, and I have no pains or sickness ANYWHERE. So I am not going to die from a health related issue.

2. I am not suicidal in any way whatsoever and have a large network of friends here now that like me very much.

3. This web site, all backups as well, are not behind on anything or in any danger of being shut down for any reason other than direct force

4. I am not sick of doing this, though I wish I did not have to. But as long as there is filth to clean, I intend to clean it.

5. I am extremely careful with traffic and won´t get run over unless someone drives on the sidewalk

6. My neighborhood is safe, there is zero drug or gang activity here, so I won´t get shot being robbed or get caught in any crossfire.

7. There is no extemperaneous reason for me to vanish or for the site to go offline whatsoever. ALL CLEAR, unless I get bumped by the Jewish community or one of their paid goons over stating things AS THEY ARE and not backing down. I have seen WAY TOO MANY PLANE CRASHES AND SUICIDES LATELY, and there is absolutely no reason for me to reach a similar fate outside of direct intent by those who would wish to shut me down.

The severe shillage on this forum proves beyond all doubt that WE hit the nail on the head. It was not just me, I depend upon everyone's work here to help push things forward and help uncover things I missed, and for that I can state that there could not possibly be a better group of people who can get to the bottom of things on the web than this forum, you have all made it an information gold mine,

thank you.
Of course, Jim Stone is under no "physical threat" from me unless he doesn't like my words slapping him across the face. This was in response to:
In a forum like this one where the very foundation is based on critical and analytical thinking, it is critical that the trolls and shills prevent this in any way they can.

Here's why:

When a person is thinking critically, they are using and developing the area of their brains that allow for that type of thinking. The more you think this way, the more refined and astute that ara of the brain becomes. And in a world where critical thinking is the enemy of the control structure of the elites, they and their minions will do anything to make sure the critical thinking portion of the brain gets as little use as possible.

When a troll injects religion into the forum, they bring the reader's brain out of critical thinking mode and into reflective, belief or creative mode. Now that the brain is in this mode, it's nearly incapable of the critical thinking part because it's busy elsewhere.

Slinging personal insults puts the brain into defensive emotional mode where critical thought is overpowered with emotion.

Calling things into doubt puts the brain into cognitive dissonance mode where the reader struggles with him/her self.

Trying to suck the reader or target into an argument by challenging them to a dispute or moving them into an adversarial stance means the person is in competitive mode rather than critical thinking mode.

Just about anything that pulls the reader into any other mode of thinking can be used in the same way.

The above methods of thinking obviously serve their own purposes, but the key to knowing when someone is trying to use these natural emotions and responses is, well, one is to look at the nature of the purpose of this forum. Is it a religious forum? Is it a place to argue? Is the shill trying to draw your attention away from the purpose of this forum in any way?

If so, they're using subtle and highly refined forms of mind control to keep you from developing that critical thinking part of your brain by keeping it busy with other stuff.

We're all human here and we all have beliefs and emotions. Please don't let shills use this forum to draw those out of you here.

Edited to add: The experience I just had here with a troll trying to suck me into a debate is the perfect example. He used everything from trying to insult my intelligence, to personal attacks, to calling me out directly in the thread title to saying I was Jim's b**ch. He tried everything, including using the same words I used in other posts to try and suck me in with familiarity but I just kept deleting his crap because I recognized it as him targeting me because he sees me as a prominent or influential member here and he tried to sway me or get me to loose it. I simply did what I'm committed to doing here - keeping this place as troll and shill free as possible while contributing as much as I can. Hence, this post.

I've edited the paragraph above a number of times to add things. So if you see changes it's me doing it and not the holonet :)
Isn't that cute?

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Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

RE: Fuel Freedom, Ending our oil addiction

A video was sent to me by an organization 'Fuel Freedom' which seems like a worthy initiative to break the hold on the oil monopoly. However, in the interest of that actually being successful I have some points I'd like to add, and a couple places I take issue with. Oil is particularly ingrained in our society and the complex after effects of any major change in our energy situation should be discussed thoroughly I think.

First, check out the video for yourself.

I like that they cover peak oil, although without calling it peak oil. I think what's important to keep in mind though is it's not just peak oil, it's peak everything.
For this reason I don't think that stopping at fuel is enough, let me explain.
Oil isn't just a fuel, it's pretty well in everything. For instance, in the video garbage is talked about as being a possible replacement as the United States has a lot of it, which it does, unfortunately that garbage is itself mostly produced with oil. It's not really an alternative, it might work to help with any transitory attempt but investing in significant long-term infrastructure (which itself requires oil to build) so that we can turn garbage into oil doesn't make a lot of sense in the long run if the ultimate goal is to break the oil addiction. The bottom-line of this is if the oil addiction is successfully broken then it is axiomatic that the amount of garbage will reduce as consumption of oil-based products also needs to reduce. The further we got away from oil, the less "fuel" there would be available, only compounding the effect.
Another problem with focusing on fuel purely is that it ignores the increasing costs of the infrastructure that make that fuel useful. This year my city had a major problem with potholes, the roads are falling apart, and are getting ever more expensive to maintain. The manufacturing of roads and cars themselves involves incredible amounts of fuel. Personal transport amongst sprawling cities (encouraged by housing starts which are needed to keep the loan based GDP flowing) add to the strain. We can't just be smarter about the type of fuel we use, we must be smarter about how much we consume so living in that suburb miles from work isn't all that great.
The video makes a great call though by saying the base price of oil is $80 which is required (and manipulated) to keep oil production flowing. They are correct, if oil price drops below $80 for any significant amount of time production will stop. You'll all remember I made the same call last year. What I don't think they are accounting for however is the subsidy that oil itself plays towards the alternative (correct term is derivative) energies. The reason is that the infrastructure necessary to implement them itself relies on oil thus the $50 price given for these alternative energies is not accounting for the fact that the energy currently being provided by oil which is of much higher quality than any of the other energy listed is helping to reduce the price of the derivatives however the moment any significant swing moves towards those derivatives the stability of the oil production will be thrown out of whack thus hurting the financial viability of any derivative. The worst part being that if the price of oil collapses which it would inevitably do after the initial spike the incentive would be once again to use oil. Perpetuating the cycle. You'll all remember we covered this before also.
The biggest issue here is we're not just addicted to oil, we're addicted to cheap money and growth and we won't be able to address the fuel addiction so long as burning those fossil fuels are needed to pay off banker debts and "maintain growth". Of course, Chris Martenson describes all of this best:

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

The coming generational fiscal cliff

In the latest example of the pre-2008 economic fumes masquerading as growth the shape of what depleting credit looks like is beginning to form, and I don't think it's going to be pretty.

Boomers feeling financial strain of 'boomrang' kids: survey

This topic has been a recurring theme on this blog but in combination with the temporary foreign worker issue with whom the younger generations are competing for work it's about to become very visible. Yes, there's the pension cliff, there's the issue with the flood of retiring boomers, rising health care costs, etc. We all know about that, but when you add up student loans, the increase in fees for students, the massive public debts being put on their backs, the no-interest - high fee bank accounts they have to use, the inability to build real assets, who exactly do you think will be paying for all of the boomer problems?

The youth are screwed six-ways from Sunday today, otherwise the Boomers wouldn't continue having to support them. The boomers in their time collected a lot of wealth and that wealth may for the moment be seeing the younger generations along but it can't last forever.

This presents an even larger problem than I think many people are considering. Today much of Canada's growth resides upon the overpriced housing market and consumer spending and I think because much of the younger generation's costs and spending are subsidized by the older generation we are underestimating the drop off in spending that is going to occur when those subsidies are no longer available, and even worse there will never be any subsidies for the up and coming generation.

Let's not act dumb about where these increased costs have come from, the generation running the show today, privatizing all of the assets that were public for them, speculating in an electronic market at high-frequency speeds which never existed when they used investment to gain their wealth. The reason you're having to pay for your children's lives is really simple, you took too much to begin with and you're continuing to take too much today. Who is in government supporting the temporary foreign workers that our generation competes with? Baby Boomers. Who are at the top of the largest corporations utilizing such workers? Baby Boomers. Who holds the majority of shares in those companies? Baby Boomers. Who has the assets and resources to influence politics? Baby Boomers. Who has the most to gain from low interest rates? Baby Boomers. Who is responsible for the collapse of 2008 in the first place? Boomers. You're in control Boomers and look what you've done with it.

It all probably wouldn't bother me so much if Boomer's didn't then go on and on about how irresponsible and lazy and yada yada the younger generation is, as if their fraudulent debt schemes are "hard work", while pumping more and more of their money into crap like Hollywood and never taking responsibility for the culture they built. This is your culture Boomers, bask in it.

Want to help our generation out? Stop co-signing for loans and start lobbying for a higher interest rate so we can finally save a penny (or is that a nickel now in our worthless currency?). Fight for policies which benefit our economy, not your economy, not your pensions. There won't be any money for your pensions for one simple reason: You took it all already.

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

UPDATE-28: Did Israel just nuke Syria? (A war of aggression under the cloak of discretion #syria)

(Now that I am no longer a top result on Google I am returning the original post, updates 1 and 2)

Notice the flash which fills the entire scene at 0:21.


For comparison, here is a recreation of Hiroshima. Keep in mind that technology has advanced significantly since these first two nukes were used, now capable of smaller and more precise targeting (tactical nuke).

Notice the bright flash, the resulting explosion and mushroom cloud, and the shockwave. There have also been reports (either from Israel or Syria, not sure) that the "ammunition used was unconventional which may have included depleted uranium".


Iran is now claiming Israel used depleted uranium.


I am doing something I've never done before and re-writing my entire post on the Syria explosion, without providing the original. Why? You might be asking.

This blog doesn't have a large audience, and I'm really happy with that. Occasionally, when I come across something puzzling in which my Google searches are coming up with crap, or I simply feel as though I don't know enough about what it is I will ask on my blog. For instance, I never did get an answer on what those weird sounds were...

I started asking about Syria because I came across that video and had read a few scattered reports of "nukes" and there was very little information available. I felt it was important enough that it deserved an answer, so I posted it, expecting the same thing to happen which happened every time I've done something similar, it gets passed around a bit and dies off.

Well, it seems lots of people are asking, and very few are answering and the spike in traffic to this blog has been.. unexpected, as a result. I've changed the title and tried to make the content a little less relevant of this post so I hopefully start getting filtered out of the Google searches as pretty well everyone seems to be ending up here.

Now, let's get down and dirty, did Israel nuke Syria? In the words of one of my followers who has extensive background in the area, Michael:
Richard, in response to you request for a review of the video. I just finished typing for 20 minutes and hit preview button and lost everything.

I'm not going to start all over again so here's a recap:

a. not a nuclear device;

b. either air/fuel devise 80% probability. Note event appears to be above ground, or direct hit on munitions storage area. Sparks in explosive cloud suggest hot metal, as in ground event. Or it could be a combination of the two;

c. we know source of Israels fissionable material and source can be traced back to its origin;

d. notwithstanding nuclear fall out stretching out hundreds of miles, a nuclear devise leaves a very large traceable foot print; and finally d. you must ask yourself what the risk are to Israels economy should it be discovered they attack another nation with nuclear weapon. Would they be willing to have more than half the world put a trade embargo on them? Would they be willing to loose the support of their current friends?

Bottom line, the probability of this event being nuclear is very close to zero.
I hate Blogger's comment boxes. Before I thought of asking Michael (sometimes I forget things) I had put out a request to Jesse Columbo for his opinion or to see if he could get an opinion. Several informed tweeters replied with nearly identical information as Michael's.

So I think we can safely say the answer is no. Hopefully you all understand why I had to ask.

Update-4 (Situation updates resume at Update-6)

Seems a few people believe I changed my post not to get out of Google searches but rather to "cover up" the event. I assure you that's not the case and that I have good reason to not want attention.


Ok, now this is just ridiculous. Check this out:
admin 3:06PM

This particular idiot (innadiated [Editor's note: that's me]) had the audacity to link to a censored blogger account, that really was set up by an explosives expert WHO ORIGINALLY SAID IT WAS A NUKE.
No, I've provided the analysis of an explosive's expert. I am not such an expert. I also never said it was absolutely a nuke. I showed the video, the aspect I believed was reminiscent of a nuclear blast, and then put the question out there for all to answer. On top of pursuing expert opinion privately. When initially linking my blogs on third party sites I always used present tense terms, such as "for the moment I believe it's a nuclear explosion". I was never sold and convinced of that, it didn't make sense, which is why I wanted a solid answer.
But his post was hacked to say it was a fuel air MOAB.
Nothing has been hacked.
But the comments below were nothing but ridicule for the weapons expert saying it was a nuke.
There were only two comments by other people, and Michaels. None of them were ridiculing except the first although I believe that was an honest mistake of him thinking I was trying to say it was a nuke rather than trying to get an informed opinion. Nobody has ridiculed Michael, the explosives expert.
THEREFORE, a weapons expert said it was a nuke, got shilled for it, had his original post replaced with Moab bullshit, and the shill comments below were intact, ridiculing him for saying it was a nuke.

ENTER INNADIATED, who then linked the bullshit moab report, claimed to be in contact with this weapons expert, and then proceeded to push the Moab B.S. line.
I am Innadiated, it's my report. What may be extra funny about this is it's very likely he is talking about my own comments trying to find youtube videos of devices with similar capability. Ridiculing myself?

SO, now, we know how they are going to shill this, that they will flatulently lie, and you cannot trust anything. This alone says IT WAS NOT A MOAB.

Furthermore, a Moab could not have filled even the zoomed in frame from 3.8 kilometers away with even a yellow flame, Moabs ARE NOT FING WHITE WHEN THEY GO OFF, THEY ARE ORANGE YELLOW. They won't even clip the sky to white let alone clip the ground and even the shadows to white, and at that from 3.8 KM away?. There were plenty of bombs going off on the hillside nearby before the nuke went off, and all they do is flash a tiny fraction of the frame immediately where they are, not even close to maxing the sensor. We have all seen bomb videos, and NOTHING EVER clips the entire frame to white, nothing ever clips even 5 percent of the frame to white, it is so obviously a nuke blast that I don't even know why I bothered with engaging this troll AT ALL

We axed mister religion, now we need to axe zionist murdering supporter.
This is the difference between you and me. I'm interested in truth and accuracy. You're interested in superstition.

It doesn't seem to end here though so for Chapter 2 in this saga of what I shall dub the 'Canadian Trends nuclear conspiracy' I present: The Jim Stone story.


Gordon Duff's review of the mushroom cloud video specifically  has concluded that it was nuclear. Until I get some confirming information though I am still on the "probably not" side. Syrian Commando has told me that he is having soil samples taken and that he will send me the link as soon as the results are available.


After reading Gordon Duff's full report I've noticed something of interest, particularly the method of delivery:
The other problem with the GBU 57 is delivery. Only two aircraft are capable of delivering this weapon, the B-52 and B-2 Stealth Bomber.

Israel does not have these aircraft.

Collapse of US Air Force Command Structure,

Again Thus, if a MOP where used, it could have only been delivered by the United States Air Force, an organization reeling from recent disasters within its own ranks after a second lapse in nuclear weapons security in a five-year period was discovered at Minot Air Force Base in South Dakota.
This is interesting, because "officially" The U.S. had "no early warning".
The United States was not given any warning before air strikes in Syria against what Western and Israeli officials say were weapons headed for Hezbollah militants, a U.S. intelligence official said on Sunday.
Without confirming that Israel was behind the attacks, the intelligence official said that the United States was essentially told of the air raids "after the fact" and was notified as the bombs went off.

But I then remembered an earlier report I had read:
"The Israelis are justifiably concerned about the threat posed by Hezbollah obtaining advanced weapons systems, including some long-range missiles," said White House spokesman Josh Earnest. He said the U.S. was in "close coordination" with Israel but would not elaborate.
Close coordination? No early warning, but close coordination. Did the U.S change their story to cover for their involvement?

Ugh. I'm back to 50/50.


Seems there is a lot of confusion as to the extent of what coordination is and when the intelligence about the attack occurred.

On May 5th, The White House Press released:
Q    What’s the expectation within the administration on how much information you guys have, should Israel take action, beforehand?  Is there an expectation that you guys are being looped in before they would have an attack?
MR. EARNEST:  Well, I can tell you that the United States, and this administration, in particular, is in very close contact and is closely coordinating with the Israeli government on a range of issues, including important national security priorities.  So there are conversations and communications that are happening all the time between senior members of this administration and their counterparts in Israel. 

But in terms of the details of those conversations, I'm obviously not in a position to read those out.  But the close coordination between the Obama administration and the United States of America is ongoing with the Israeli government.
On May 6th, The White House Press released:
Q    I wouldn't even say Israel.  I would just say did you guys know that something was going to happen?

MR. CARNEY:  What I can tell you is that we are in close coordination as a matter of course with the Israelis, and continue to be.  But I'm not going to comment specifically on actions that the Israelis may or may not have taken.  I would certainly refer those questions to the Israeli government.
Then there is the 'no early warning' story. Which seems completely contradictory but grabbed some of the biggest headlines. I find it hard to believe they had no idea, especially considering on May 2nd:
So while Western governments debate what they might do, Israel is strengthening its defenses on the Golan Heights -- on a border with Syria that has been mostly quiet for 40 years -- because the red lines being talked about now in Washington appear to lead straight to Israel's borders.
Palestinians, Syrians form units to fight for Golan - May 11th
Syria asserts right to enter Golan, occupied by Israel - May13th


Israel Was Right Not To Return Golan Heights to Syria - May 3rd

That last one is very interesting, as it would seem to support the U.S. story of not being informed of the attacks.
Here’s the beginning of one newspaper article about Syria that you didn’t read this week: “Israel Weighs Golan Invasion.” “U.S. Warns It Not To Act.”
So it could be one of two ways:

A) Israel is really acting on it's own without U.S. consent or military support. This wouldn't fit Gordon Duff's analysis, and from this perspective one has to then wonder with the recent capture of U.N. peacekeepers in Golan why the U.S. would continue to fund the Al-Qaeda/FSA? Are the warnings hollow?

B) The opposite is true, in which the strike had full U.S. support and the warnings to Israel as well as the "no early warning" story are for plausible deniability.

EDIT: This author writes strangely in sort of a Star Trek alternative universe way. U.S. gave no warnings to Israel - that's in his alternative universe. What is perhaps ironic though now is that war is brewing in Golan and the reason given in all references are the Israeli airstrike.

(BTW, welcome to the inner workings of my mind. Usually this stuff happens behind the scenes.)

Philippines may Pull Out 300 UN Peacekeepers from Golan Heights - May 10th


Now we're cookin' - Feb 24th
For Israel to grant a US company (Genie Energy) the license to explore for oil in the occupied Golan Heights is signaling to the world that the occupied Golan Heights fully belongs to Israel. The New York-based company that was granted the license includes Jacob Rothschild, Rupert Murdoch, and Dick Cheney among its shareholders. Israel’s occupation of the Golan Heights has not been recognized under international law.
Alright, so where are we at now? We have established the U.S. has a direct vested interest in the Golan heights. That prior to the airstrike Israel mobilized it's defenses in the area which we can only assume if some news outlet knew, the U.S. knew. Starting a new war in the region (which appears to be exactly what's happening) would certainly call their attention thus I find it near impossible that they didn't know about it with their own interests at stake.

Syria ready for Israel talks on basis of Golan pullout - Mar 2nd

I would say it's not unreasonable to assume that they would have offered direct aid in these airstrikes and must be involved fully for Israel to put their own interests at risk. Does that mean by supplying B-52/B-2 bombers?

After thought: Maybe their interests were already at stake?
After-After thought: Fucking Cheney.


Truthout has just put out a good summary of U.S. relations and Golan. While it makes no mention of the oil licenses one paragraph did catch my eye:
The Jerusalem Post reported that during the 2006 war between Israeli and Hezbollah forces in Lebanon, President Bush pushed Israel to expand the war beyond Lebanon, with Israeli military officials "receiving indications from the US that America would be interested in seeing Israel attack Syria." In the early days of the fighting, US Deputy National Security Adviser Elliott Abrams reportedly met with a very senior Israeli official to underscore Washington's support for extending the war to Syria, but Israeli officials described the idea as "nuts" and decided to limit their military operations to Lebanon. Haaretz noted that some in Washington were "disappointed by Israel's decision not to attack Syria at the same time." Meyrav Wurmser, head of the Center for Middle East Policy at the conservative Hudson Institute and wife of the principal Middle East adviser for Vice President Cheney, went further, declaring that there was "a lot of anger" in Washington that Israel did not attack Syria, which, she argued, would have served "US objectives." US officials also hoped that an Israeli invasion of Lebanon might lead Syrian troops to re-enter Lebanon to defend the country from the Israeli invasion, which could then be used as an excuse to expand the war to Syria itself. 
It goes on
With the Syrian government distracted by its civil war and with Israel under a far right-wing government unwilling to end its occupation of the Golan even in return for strict security guarantees, the opportunity for Israeli-Syrian peace may have passed.
IDF chief: Era of quiet on Golan border is ended   - Apr18th
One of the signs that things are changing on the Golan - for decades Israel's quietest border - is the behavior of the UN forces stationed there since the Yom Kippur War as observers and peace keepers. Following several assaults on UN personnel, the world body is ready to pull its people out, rather than do their job preventing a border flare-up.

Meanwhile, Israel is preparing for the day after the fall of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, with the expected eruption of chaos and the likely withdrawal of the international force meant to separate warring Syrian factions from the Israeli army.
This situation together with ongoing instability in Egypt means Israel is facing a strategic shift in the Middle East, and both Ya'alon and Gantz emphasized that Israel is preparing for the worst.
This is starting to look like a nuclear sized conspiracy...


For some added context the Guardian has put out a great piece.

Peak oil, climate change and pipeline geopolitics driving Syria conflict


The B-2 Stealth Bomber Will Deliver Nuclear Cruise Missiles Anywhere In The World - Apr 22nd
The Long-Range Standoff Weapon (LRSO) has been testing well for months. It should be, considering the best minds at Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northropp Grumman, and Raytheon have been working together to perfect the LRSO. Even DARPA had its hand in the plan for a missile like this to be fielded sometime over the next few years.
Pentagon Eyes More Than $800 Million for New Nuclear Cruise Missile
WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Air Force plans to spend more than $800 million to build a new nuclear-armed cruise missile for its bomber aircraft, according to little-noticed details buried inside the Obama administration's fiscal 2011 budget request delivered last month to Capitol Hill (see GSN, Dec. 16, 2009).

A "Follow-on Long-Range Stand-off Vehicle," or LRSO for short, would replace 375 aging
AGM-86B Air Launched Cruise Missiles, expected to retire from the fleet by 2030. The Defense Department has estimated the new effort could cost a total $1.3 billion, Global Security Newswire has learned.

Syrian Commando has informed me no soil samples are coming and that the blast site has been locked down. He reasons this is likely do to the seriousness of the situation and likely for Syria's own safety. With the story unfolding here, this is very plausible.


More info on this new cruise missile.

Cruise Missile Warhead Pick Coming
Air Force nuclear deterrence planners are building the requirements for the service's future air-launched nuclear cruise missile and will likely choose which warhead will go on the weapon this spring, said Billy Mullins, associate director of strategic deterrence and nuclear integration on the Air Staff. In a Jan. 16 interview, Mullins said there are three warhead candidates for the Long Range Standoff vehicle, or LRSO: the W80 warhead currently used on the AGM-86 Air Launched Cruise Missile that LRSO is meant to replace; the B61 nuclear bomb warhead; and the W84, the design formerly integrated on the now-retired BGM-109G Ground Launched Cruise Missile. LRSO is part of the Air Force's notional future "long-range strike family of systems" that will be centered on a new nuclear-capable bomber, dubbed LRS-B. "We don't see any reason why we won't need an air delivery system" as part of the LRS family, said Mullins. Regardless of the warhead chosen, the future bomber will carry LRSO, as will the B-52 fleet, and the service's B-2s, he said. In the case of the latter, LRSO will give the stealth bombers a nuclear standoff capability to carry out missions in heavy air defense environments, he noted. (See also Streamlining the Nuclear Stockpile for more from Mullins' interview.)
B61 nuclear bomb
The B61 nuclear bomb is one of the primary thermonuclear weapons in the U.S. Enduring Stockpile following the end of the Cold War. It is an intermediate yield strategic and tactical nuclear weapon featuring a two-stage radiation implosion design.[1]

The B61 is a variable yield bomb (0.3 to 340 kiloton yield in various versions and settings) designed for carriage by high-speed aircraft. It has a streamlined casing capable of withstanding supersonic flight speeds. The weapon is 11 ft 8 in (3.58 m) long, with a diameter of about 13 in (33 cm). Basic weight is about 700 lb (320 kg), although the weights of individual weapons may vary depending on version and fuze/retardation configuration.
The newest variant is the B61 Mod 11, a hardened penetration bomb with a reinforced casing (according to some sources, containing depleted uranium) and a delayed-action fuze, allowing it to penetrate several metres into the ground before detonating, damaging fortified structures further underground.[7] The Mod 11 weighs about 1,200 lb (540 kg). Developed from 1994, the Mod 11 went into service in 1997 replacing the older megaton-yield B53 bomb, a limited number of which had been retained for anti-fortification use. About 50 Mod 11 bombs have been produced, their warheads converted from Mod 7 bombs. At present, the primary carrier for the B61 Mod 11 is the B-2 Spirit.
It's been a lingering question how crippled the Syrian air defense systems really were. I've noticed many people commenting that they seemed extremely in-effective. Could this cruise missile be the method of delivery? Keep in mind that Gordon Duff fingers the rest of the attack not on airstrikes but rather on artillery.


I had overlooked this, but now that I'm thinking about this cruise missile this report may make some more sense.
Israel used "a new type of weapon", a senior official at the Syrian military facility that came under attack from the Israeli Air Force told RT.

“When the explosion happened it felt like an earthquake,” said the source, who was present near the attack site on the outskirts of Damascus on Sunday morning.
The rest of the article talks about depleted uranium shells, but depleted uranium isn't 'a new type of weapon'. Are these cruise missiles the 'new type of weapon'?

(btw.. great tune.. )


Israel carries out second air strike in Syria
Hezbollah's al-Manar TV said the Jamraya facility was not hit and that it was an army supply centre which had been targeted. The station quoted Syrian security officials as saying three sites, including military barracks, arms depots and air defence infrastructure, were targeted. Amateur video footage said to have been shot early on Sunday in the Damascus area showed fire lighting up the night sky.

"In last night's attack, as in the previous one, what was attacked were stores of Fateh-110 missiles that were in transit from Iran to Hezbollah," Reuters quoted a "western intelligence source" as saying. There was no way to verify the claim.
Why does it always feel like the "intelligence source" is trying to misdirect you?

Syria's Uncertain Air Defenses


SYRIA - [PUBLIC] Analysis of where air strikes blamed on Israel hit - May 05 - Been looking for this.

Side thought: Field Testing one of their new cruise missiles would also add fabulously to plausible deniability.


This investigation will continue, but at this point I have to say that there is enough reason to pause and debate any further actions against Syria at the government level. During Libya I contacted Elizabeth May about the presence of Al-Qaeda in the rebels, she listened. Nothing that's going on here is in anyone's best interest but the benefactors. The Israeli's are being used, we're being used, and the Syrians are being destroyed.

I've sent this in it's current form to Elizabeth May via Twitter (it's how I got thru to her directly before). I'll send it a couple more times if I don't get a reply but I'm sure she'd take this more seriously with a few other people that are concerned of any possible future involvement of Canada (or perhaps your own country). If you believe your MP will listen talk to them. I'm putting this request out now as it's starting to look a lot less like Israeli's strike was defensive, but rather was a direct first strike offensive which is likely a prelude to all out war. In short, I don't think there's much time left before all out war. Syrian Commando reported today that another U.N. abduction attempt was thwarted. We don't have all the answers yet, but I think we have enough answers to start raising serious questions.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. You can reproduce anything on this blog according to the lack of guidelines as stated here.


Israel Hints at New Strikes, Warning Syria Not to Hit Back - May 15th


It's been a very busy May long weekend so I haven't had a lot of time to put into back research, but a few headlines that I noticed pop up are really beginning to paint a good picture of what's really going on with the back story already uncovered.

Syria: Civilians Come Under Fire From Rebels - May 15th

It's clearly becoming increasingly difficult to manage favorable P.R. for the "rebels".

Israel to continue preventing transfer of arms to Hezbollah: PM - May 20th
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that his government remains committed to preventing the transfer of the advanced weaponry to Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, local media reported.

"We are acting in accordance with the policy we had set to prevent as much as possible the transfer of advanced weapons to Hezbollah and terror elements," Army Radio quoted Netanyahu as saying.

"The Israeli government is operating in a responsible, determined and level-headed manner in order to ensure the supreme interest of the country, which is the safety of its citizens," he said, vowing to continue "guaranteeing Israel's security interests."
I think it's now safe to say statements such as these should be considered to be complete propaganda primarily aimed towards citizens of the anti-Assad side. Being that the public analysis of the targets previously hit seem to confirm the story as described by the Hezbollah official we can read into Israel's continued promises to intervene in that they are looking to systematically disable Syria's military infrastructure before the war begins using these stories of self defense as cover. Consider that if these videos hadn't gotten out the only information we'd know about this action would be via given reports.

Israel's self defense line makes no sense in light of the other evidence as their direct support of the Syrian "rebels" is putting them at risk as it is the Syrian rebels, funded by the U.S. and it's allies, who are abducting U.N. officials, as is their refusal to return the Golan Heights.

It's no wonder why Israel is becoming more overt and direct:

Syrian army, fighting alongside Hezbollah guerrillas, launch assault on rebel stronghold - May 18th

The rebels are not only losing the P.R. war, they're losing the hot war too.

This one is very blunt - May 19th
But there is a difference in the war here today, from when I last visited four months ago.

Assad's men appear to be winning, in Damascus at least.
Israel caught in the middle as U.S. and Russia clash over Syria's future - May 18th

This also is a very telling post about the given situation and fits perfectly with the peak oil post put out by the Guardian, though in place of "energy security" they put "Iran's nuclear program". WMDs! That old chestnut again...

Turkey-Kurd Deal On Oil Riles Iraq - May 14th


Iraq captures suspected Al Qaeda cell that planned to make chemical weapons - June 2nd
Qusair falls: Rebels vow to keep fighting after losing Syrian stronghold - June 5th
Austria begins withdrawing peacekeepers from Golan - June 11th

White House reassesses arming Syria rebels - June 11th
Assad’s reclamation of Qusair – a city valued for its position on the supply route between the Assad-loyalist West and the heartland of the country and the city of Homs – represents a significant moment in the conflict that reminds some in Washington of the moments before forces of Libya’s Colonel Muammar Gaddafi were preparing to descend on rebel-held Benghazi during their 2011 civil war.
You all remember Libya right?

Israel worried after Austria leaves UN Golan force - June 6th
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon scrambled on Thursday night to find troops to replace some 380 UN peacekeepers on the Golan Heights that Austria announced earlier in the day it was evacuating.
Keep in mind the reason that the U.N. is leaving is because the rebels are abducting their personal!


Big developments today.

U.S. Stepping Up 'Military Support' to Syrian Rebels - June 13th
President Barack Obama authorized his administration to provide arms to rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, officials briefed on the decision said Thursday, after the White House said it had confirmed that Damascus used chemical weapons in the country's civil war.
The White House declined to comment on the order, saying only that Mr. Obama had decided to ramp up "military support" to moderate rebels both in "scope and scale."

Rebels requested weapons to hold off Mr. Assad's forces and Hezbollah fighters who are closing in on rebel positions in the city of Aleppo, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday. The head of Syria's opposition Supreme Military Council, or SMC, issued a plea to U.S. officials and others for arms.
Turkey finds sarin gas in homes of suspected Syrian Islamists – reports - May 30th
The sarin gas was found in the homes of suspected Syrian Islamists detained in the southern provinces of Adana and Mersia following a search by Turkish police on Wednesday, reports say. The gas was allegedly going to be used to carry out an attack in the southern Turkish city of Adana.

On Monday, Turkish special anti-terror forces arrested 12 suspected members of the Al-Nusra Front, the Al-Qaeda affiliated group which has been dubbed "the most aggressive and successful arm” of the Syrian rebels. The group was designated a terrorist organization by the United States in December.
This is twice now that Al-Qaeda has actually been found with chemical weapons or attempting to produce them in neighboring countries. Why is that being ignored?

Ask yourselves why it would be so important to arm the rebels, and to help their struggle. It's imperative now, the rebels are losing. Coincidentally the timing just couldn't be better for the White House to "conclude" that Assad has in fact used chemical weapons. This isn't about chemical weapons, read the language in the Wall Street Journal piece. It's about Aleppo on the verge of falling. Israel clearly doesn't want to get their hands dirty with Assad, they want to stroll in once the Al-Qaeda and affiliates have done all of the "hard work". This is sickening the bullshit military propaganda we're being fed in piece meal so that "the allies" populations don't catch on.

The only context in which the U.S. blind support of Al-Qaeda makes sense when all the facts are considered is that described here. This is pure aggression, plain and simple and at any cost and little care about everyone being effected.


Ron Paul: "Obama’s Syria Policy Looks A Lot Like Bush’s Iraq Policy" - June 17th


Found this a little interesting:

Israel is believed to have carried out three bomb strikes this year in Syria targeting Hezbollah weapons caches but refuses to confirm or deny whether it was responsible. 

On August 1st another mysterious explosion occurred though for the moment I do not believe this is nuclear. We'll see if any other info comes out. Full video of the explosion below.

Video of the area after the blast:
Channel 4 blog on nukes in Syria is pulled. [Original Link]

This part caught my eye: "probably by cruise missiles launched from aircrafts near the borders of Syria or right off the coast in the Mediterranean."
Full text:
Monday 05 Aug 2013

Nuclear strikes on Syria: The genie is already out of the bottle

The fight against Assad’s brutal regime has taken an unexpected turn late Thursday afternoon when a large weapons cache belonging to the so-called national protection force in Homs city, an arm of Assad’s Shabeeha, was destroyed. The explosion was reminiscent of the attack on Qasyoon mountain, a stronghold for the Syrian army and a location said to house missiles targeting Israel. 
It was first reported that the missile fuelling station had blown up which seemed like a reasonable proposition especially since an ammunition depot was targeted. 
 Nuclear strikes on Syria: The genie is already out of the bottle 

But the two explosions in Homs and Qasyoon share the same property: They are both above ground air bursts according to Greg Thielmann, an expert on arms control policy whom I spoke with on Saturday at great length. I was first alerted to the connection by slow twitter chatter right after the bombing in Homs.  
Needless to say I was shocked at what he told me next: “The fact of the matter is, what we are seeing in both these cases is a tactical nuclear strike, probably by cruise missiles launched from aircrafts near the borders of Syria or right off the coast in the Mediterranean.” 
But sure, Greg, wouldn’t this mean a nuclear holocaust? Not so he says. “Tactical nuclear weapons lower the threshold on use of a nuclear bomb as their modern incarnation can be tuned in yield in order to target military sites using stand off weapons without escalating by destroy surrounding civilian infrastructure.” 
He went on: “Keep in mind a nuclear bomb sounds like a huge device, but it can have a yield as small as the equivalent conventional payload carried by a formation of 5 F-15s. Sites in Syria are inaccessible to these jets due to the Russian support available in the field of air defense. So these strikes are an option for the west to implement its policy.”
The likely assailant in both cases is Israel he claims: “Israel is the only nation that can deploy these sorts of weapons with impunity without fear of a counter-attack. Syria has shown no appetite to get into a shooting fight even over the deployment of such weapons”. 

This all presented a remarkably delicious possibility of removing the tyrant Assad using all tools available. “The army can be gradually destroyed with these sort of strikes, or destroyed all in one go in a devastating nuclear attack. Should Assad attempt to counter-attack, the cities can be destroyed by larger nuclear bombs with ease, since the insurgents have done the job of deteriorating Assad’s command on the ground”, an anonymous military strategist added. 
What about the coast, I asked him? “The coast does present a problem for suppression of air defense missions by NATO due to Russian missiles stationed there, but as I speak hordes of Muslims are throwing themselves on coastal cities in the hopes of destroying these weapons to allow Israel and NATO to intervene.”. This made no sense to me since the coastal cities are amongst the most supportive of Assad. “It’s not an issue, the insurgents are now armed with chemical weapons manufactured in Georgia exactly for this scenario. Assad’s pulse was tested in Khan Assal a week ago when an entire brigade was killed with chemical weapons and there was no response. We don’t see a likely response to further use of this tool.” 
I concluded with him that it is awfully ironic that an inhuman weapon such as nuclear weapons and chemical weapons could be used to promote human rights and freedom in the world. But the Syrian people, or at least who will remain of them after these attacks, deserve to enjoy the same freedoms enjoyed today by Iraqis. 
“Don’t be so sure”, another anonymous strategist disagreed, “We are now playing with nuclear fire and the use of all these weapons of mass destruction will definitely attract a counterattack with massive force. We are now on a slippery slope, there is no such thing as a limited nuclear strike, the retaliation will be delayed, but it is coming and god save us all when the nuclear fire spreads to our backyards.” 
Spooky stuff. All I know is, I’ll be spending time in my summer home in the woods for the next few weeks.

Going back and reading the final version of reports of the Homs blast, many make references to:
"Rockets were falling on the area ... when the arms depot began to explode but we don't know if the rockets triggered the blasts," he said, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation.

He said the explosions were so strong that "they shook parts of the city." They also shattered all windows in the area and cracked walls, he added.

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