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UPDATE-1: The poor farm

It appears RBC has blown the lid off the TFW can of worms to the public's discontent. The predictable reactionary responses have of course followed, such as "Boycott RBC" with the faint cheers for Trudeau 2015 "hope is change" in the background. Yes, we're all shocked here at the fact it was discovered that RBC was taking advantage of a slanted economic stage we're all well aware exists. It's shocking we discovered it, it's not shocking really that it exists in the first place or were we all really so naive as to believe that it wasn't happening? Here's a better question, what's a supposed fundamentally free market government doing interfering in wage competition? Oh sure there is "rules" against replacing Canadians, because those are a great balance against the possible millions saved breaking them.

It seems pretty simple to me that if the goal with the temporary foreign worker program is to have a Canadians First policy then removing any incentive to break that policy is the solution, if the problem the temporary foreign worker program is to solve is an apparent "labour shortage" then why are two tiered wages needed? Do free market fundamentals not dictate that the increased demand and competition for labour should result in increasing wages? Yet our policy is completely counter intuitive to this goal, not only do we allow companies access to larger pools of workers but they are also cheaper. Why did we even set the stage to allow for this situation in the first place?

This line of thinking inevitably leads to even more questions such as 'why have we been so hasty in allowing them but so slow in addressing the issues they bring?'. Probes and studies are needed to prove it's a program that's prone to abuse which allows employers to sideline labour rights yet no study or probe is done to prove that introducing multiple wage tiers and levels of worker rights won't harm anything. Basically, if you support the TFW program you support direct state intervention in the wage market to allow for employers to not have to respect wage competition which has resulted in a job market where despite constant rhetoric about labour shortages which under normal conditions should be pushing wages up is instead either pushing wages down or keeping them "frozen".

Result here actually isn't correct, the TFWs are themselves a result of margins being squeezed by energy prices and the requirements of infinite growth. If the economy was a living organic being then right now it'd be digesting it's own fat tissue as a result of starvation. The economy is no longer a vehicle to propel real production or innovation but rather to destroy and dismantle what little we have left. Markets recently hit all time highs with economic chaos and suffering at it's grandest. Some say that this is because the market has lost touch with reality, I say the market is trying to show you reality but you're either not listening to it or not believing in it. Believe every time you see the DOW go up real production and the subsequent jobs has been lost. Our society has nothing left to eat but itself now to grow.

Canadian Trends: Two Tier Wage Scales

The reality is now that our infinite growth ponzi-conomy is broken and allowing TFWs papers over this critical flaw and allows it to maintain the appearance of something sort of functional. If you still see the illusion of a "strong stable Canada", or "a recovery", or any of that other nonsense that's only because the portion of the economy you rely on hasn't been devoured yet. Yet.

I was going to do another post today on balancing "private property" with "social responsibility" which was to center around this news article, but it also serves well as an example here of the insane measures of economic cannibalism the human race is currently subjecting itself to, unnecessarily.
Richmond County sheriff’s officers were called Tuesday to fend off crowds outside an Augusta grocery store hoping to make off with merchandise that had been set out during an eviction.
Officials said onlookers became angry when they learned they would not be allowed to take away food and other sundries that were piled outside the grocery as “abandoned property.”
The crowd dissipated after a swarm of deputies arrived, along with Sheriff Richard Roundtree, to assist the three marshals who had been initailly assigned to the eviction.

“There is the potential to have people fighting and causing problems,” said Lt. Calvin Chew. “That’s not something we want.”
Serles was watching with several friends while workers scooped up the food and other merchandise in trash cans which were in turn, dumped into two waiting garbage bins that officials said were destined for the Richmond County Landfill.
On top of the TFW situation, consider also that a whole lot of you have already been slated for the chopping block due to the 3D printer.

Here's something for you to ponder, Cyprus' "unique resolution" of a "bail-in" happened after our budget was revealed and yet our budget contains this same "bail-in" language. Sure, there are many that are saying that "bail-in's" are what should have been happening in the first place and maybe they should have been but the fact they are happening now is a little suspicious isn't it? After banks have been getting taxpayer money they will now start getting the depositor money instead (too?). A second chance, not to mention double the profit. This tax haven leak and it's timing is interesting too especially since offshore havens would be the sort of places people might try to use to avoid taxes on their deposits, eh? Sure we cheer because they're rich and "we don't like that" but consider that if all of the ways out are closed for them, they'll be closed for you, too. You do know all of the elites had their money hidden long ago, right?

Coming back to two tiered wage scales, you all need to realize this all ties into a much larger picture: All of the bridges to prosperity are being nuked to hell and despite Trudeau's rhetoric (or anyone else's for that matter) about the middle class and the future and crap as we speak all of the avenues out are being closed off. The real criminals ran off with the tax dollars long ago all of this is to nail you to the wall and send you to the poor farm.

The message at this point is loud and clear 'we don't need you'. Does anyone hear it?


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