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You will be assimilated; resistance is not futile

Where to begin? What is this post about? To be honest I don't know yet. Every post is getting more and more difficult to write. There are so many new events taking place everyday that I can barely keep up and yet they are all related, they are all the same, and I feel like a broken record continuing to document them. What's coming down the line is so obvious that it's painful for me to watch. Everyday events are getting closer to home soon to envelope us in the same frustrations currently ruling the "developed world".

Serious economic disruptions across North America will start happening by 2014 I'm sure.

Another Looming Port Strike Will Probably Cause Imports To Spike This Month

Alberta aboriginal leader vows to 'shut down' [highway 63 to] oilsands during Edmonton Idle No More protest
Some First Nations leaders threaten to shut down major transportation corridors

Of course, Europe is in no better shape, and the UK is sinking fast.

'Eight year olds' riot in Belfast
Economy heading for triple-dip recession, NIESR warns
George Osborne warns Britain could pull out of EU

2013, contrary to what seems to be popular belief, is not going to be a year of "economic growth" and in response to ever harsher economic policy for the peasants and ever more liberal and non-sensible policy to benefit the new royalty in our freshly feudalistic society there will be serious unrest..

--For new readers who may be under the spell of the partisan sports-cast we call politics, the above reference to "liberal" has nothing to do with the Liberal party or liberalism.--

There is something you all need to realize about the current and coming unrest. The government already knew it was coming, and have been preparing for it. Look at the police responses, globally, they are identical. Every government deals with "anti-globalization" the same way, and due to the way things are structured pretty well every issue facing us today falls under two camps: globalization or peak oil, or a combination of the two.

There is an idea that is prevalent among Canadians, that this is all Harper's wishes, Harper's ideology, Harper's this, Harper's that. There is so much focus on Harper, but they have known about this long before Harper.

This is from the year 2000: Report No. 2000/08: Anti-Globalization - A Spreading Phenomenon
41. Continued presence and use of large numbers of security forces, fencing, and similar restrictive measures could dampen the enthusiasm of protesters and might gradually reduce the size of some gatherings, as could adverse weather conditions. But, as demonstrated by extremist animal-rights and environmental activists, security measures could prompt a rise in the scale of violence from smashing windows to arson attacks, the use of explosive devices, and even physical threats against individuals, including posting warning letters purported to contain contaminated razor blades. The situation is paradoxical: the interest of targeted institutions and their membership in holding meetings on Canadian soil could wane if faced with stringent security precautions and movement restrictions. Conversely, Seattle-type disturbances and interference could similarly engender a loss of interest in using Canadian venues for international conferences and meetings which might prove attractive to demonstrators. Nonetheless, it has been established that antiglobalists are organizing against a number of international meetings in Canada, including the April 2001 Summit of the Americas in Quebec City. Given the virulent anti-globalization rhetoric directed against the Organization of American States (OAS), the threat of Summit-associated violence in Quebec City cannot be ruled out.
This article at the time was about "antiglobalists" at summits exclusively, but read the language. The use of the term "antiglobalists" identifies and recognizes an ideology apart from simply the events that happen at "summits". Observe how now, 13 years later the "tactics" described are being used for crowd control all across the globe on a regular basis.

The travelling circus called "G20" is always held in a major city. It coincidentally has had the effect of allowing hosting nation's police forces to equip with expensive crowd control equipment outside of their budgets. Over the years this "summit" has travelled the world gradually equiping police forces with the same equipment, same tactics, and the same training. It is now being actively deployed on the citizens who are being reduced to nothing more than cheap replacable cogs on our eternal debt laden economic gears.

Speaking of the economic gears I have some shocking news for all of you who continue to believe that somehow Obama is not a part of the banker oligarchy:

[New Treasury Secretary] Jack Lew had major role at Citigroup when it nearly imploded

That's right! The trend of surrounding himself in failed corrupt bankers continues. Why did Obama not investigate Bush's presidency? Why does Obama not prosecute the banking scandals? Why's Gitmo not closed? Why does he condone the deplorable actions of the U.S. police state? Obama is a fraud, a scam-artist, a passifier. He is there to say one thing and do another. Understand why Obama is a part of what he claims to stand against and you'll understand why Harper is not the one and only agent of this agenda. Harper is our Bush, nothing more. You must all realize now that Bush was no mastermind and that the "war on terror" did not originate from nor center around him. Today the "war on terror" is as strong as ever, so strong the CIA can basically produce a "movie" for you out in the open and likely many people will watch it and believe it. Seriously, many dictators and genocidal maniacs would be in complete awe of the military industrial complex's powerful propaganda techniques.

Obama hints at accelerated pullout after talks with Karzai on Afghan future
The sticking point for the US, which pulled the last of its forces from Iraq in December 2011, was the refusal of the Iraqi government to guarantee immunity from prosecution for American forces stationed in the country – and this issue cropped up again with Karzai.
As part of the negotiations, Karzai managed to wring from Obama a series of concessions, including a faster timetable for withdrawal of international forces from Afghan villages, their presence being a frequent source of tension. He also secured the transfer of Afghan detainees held by international forces to Afghanistan government control.
Karzai, in a fairly emollient mood compared with some previously testy visits to Washington, told the White House press conference: "With those issues resolved, I can go to the Afghan people and argue for immunity for US troops in Afghanistan in a way that Afghan sovereignty will not be compromised, Afghan law will not be compromised."
The morality of current "military action" is simply overwhelming, isn't it?

Coming back to globalization

Canada continues to proceed with it's fire sale of assets, because as we all know the way to fix a "revenue problem" is to sell off everything that brings in revenue, right?

Parks Canada moves ahead with plan to privatize hot springs

And we do have a revenue problem, don't we, especially since the "economic engine" - even without civil unrest disruptions - is falling apart:

Alberta Tories accused of burying water issues
Alberta PCs beat about the bush on possible tax hikes to feed spending addiction

Alberta has been spinning bullshit for so long now it's literally spun itself into a hole of lies and deceit. How many times have we heard how profitable these things are? how safe they are? Yet, every other month now there's a new report showing the opposite, often conducted and then buried by the government itself. They think you're all idiots as if having giant pools of sludge beside essential fresh water bodies isn't going to fuck with shit. I don't need a study or report to tell me it's a stupid idea, but then again it seems only stupid ideas are the ideas we'll implement without the need for a study or report.

When it's a stupid idea, motivated by perceived short-term gain such as with the oilsands or temporary foreign workers; we enact the needs of industry now and deal with the problems it creates later. When it comes to TFWs: it's only now after they're all here working hard for nothing with no rights that we say "Hey! they have no rights!". Commitees are formed, debate ensues, "how are we ever going to fix this problem?" we ask. Yet while we're asking and hoing and huming corporate "Canada" makes use of their new second class citizens human resources.

When it comes to Idle No More the protests haven't stopped despite the attempts by FN leaders and the government to cobble together some photo ops. This was the likely outcome - as I forecast - for one very simple reason: the FN demands and the current governmental intents are incompatible. I notice many of those against the Idle No More movement referring to Canada and the government actions as if the government is acting to keep "Canadian" sovereignty intact. As we already know, it isn't. When it comes to those who support Idle No More we must look further into the current situation. Do we all really believe that the WTO will be working with First Nations, allowing them to have representatives to deal with international "complaints" against their resource policies? Don't you get it Canadians? Whether you are for or against the Idle No More movement and the First Nation concerns you must realize that their concerns are your concerns and the benefactors of the policy being passed today are not for the "settlers" nor "First Nations".

The late Russell Means in his last interview welcomed all settlers "to the reservation".

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

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