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When will it be enough?

BREAKING NEWS: Politicians are talking, and nothing is getting done. Meetings are being held, and nothing is being done. Money is being spent and still, nothing is being done. For days, weeks, months, and years we've seen countless "meetings" all geared to address one crisis or another by our so called "leaders", and where are the results?

Where are the "results" from the billion dollar G20 summit in Toronto in 2010? Where are the "results" from Elections Canada about the legitimacy of the government and our electoral system? Where are the results? When will the time for meetings be over, and the time for action begin?

I keep seeing questions along the line of 'Why is Stephen Harper afraid to do X', lately 'X' has been 'meet with Chief Spence', but it applies elsewhere too. I'm not sure where people are getting the idea he's 'afraid', unless of course you still believe in the Santa Claus for grown ups called Canadian democracy. Yes, I can see how if you were somehow under the impression that the government is in some way concerned about what Canadians think then their actions or lack of concern might be considered to be 'fearful'. But, since that isn't the case and the government is merely going through the steps and motions required to surrender what remains of our sovereignty to the global banking cartel while simultaneously setting us up for an economic crisis of our own, 'afraid' is hardly the right word.

The fiscal cliff circus continues

I'm going to depart from Canada for a second to talk about the 'fiscal cliff' some more as I don't think many Canadians understand what this means for us. The fiscal cliff isn't pure propaganda as some are suggesting. I've seen a lot of people (usually who support Obama) liken the fiscal cliff to 2012, or Y2K. The fiscal cliff itself does have meaning, however the terminology being used and the methods to hype the situation are being done with the intent to propagandize.

I have to bring up the fact (for all those who still believe in the fake "arguments" between the 'left' and 'right' on display) that up until a couple months ago there was little or no mention of the fiscal cliff despite full awareness of it. The U.S. went through an entire presidential election with barely a fiscal cliff whimper. They talked about Iran, and contraception, and everything including the kitchen sink in terms of issues either designed to repetitively beat a message of fear into the viewing public or in terms of issues designed purely to be conversed and divisive amongst the population while the 'big boys' concentrate on the important stuff. No, it's only after the election you start hearing about this cliff. The fiscal cliff could have been an advantage for the Republicans, yet they didn't take advantage of it, why?

The answer of course is that neither side has any interest in an actual fiscal 'solution', they are both working for the same thing. Every time you hear in the media 'reach a deal', keep in mind that the deal they are talking about is not one for the population, but rather one which allows those in government to continue doing exactly what they have been doing at further expense of the population. Ron Paul has given a similar analysis. It is a deal to stop the status quo from collapsing, to continue running an economy based on fraud with an overstretched military enforcing use of their defunct currency. Why can't they cut military spending? It's pretty simple, they need it to continue forcing nations to use the USD, and nations which challenge the USD - such as Libya, Syria, Iraq, etc - must be invaded.

If cut, fiscal deal will pale against expectations
Gone, however, is the talk of a grand deal that would tackle broad spending and revenue demands and set the nation on a course to lower deficits. Obama and Republican House Speaker John Boehner were once a couple hundred billion dollars apart of a deal that would have reduced the deficit by more than $2 trillion over ten years.
Yes, 'gone', or perhaps it never really existed to begin with?

There are a few fiscal matters which don't require any debate, discussion, reports, enquiries, or investigations however: Obama Orders Pay Raise For Congress, Federal Workers, Joe Biden. When it comes to what's important to the status quo it's expedition, executive orders and the like.

Canadian Style, Eh

Of course it's not unique to the U.S., now is it?

CSIS freed from final shreds of oversight
Late last week, in its familiar stealth-like fashion, Stephen Harper’s Conservative government shuttered the office of the Inspector General (IG) over Canada’s spy service, CSIS.
Now, let's assume that Greece is the model for the world. The canary in the coal mine.

Greek police clash with angry shopkeepers in Athens
Greek riot police fought a group of Athens businessmen who tried to prevent a tax inspection on their shops, officials said on Thursday, highlighting the resistance the government faces in cracking down on the country's endemic tax evasion.
Greek tax officials are under pressure to perform after international lenders told Athens it needs to improve its inefficient tax administration to receive further bailout funds.

The government said on Thursday it would replace several heads of local tax offices who did not meet their revenue targets.
You see what this is turning in to don't you? They say "tax evasion" is partially to blame for their crisis, but are going after the small shops. What of the bankers and those who had dealings with Goldman Sachs? They are in control now, still. The Greek people are being shaken down by the "international lenders", the first of many western nations to be shaken down just as the international lenders have been shaking down the third world for decades. As if, what measly tax evasion by this corner store even make a dent in the massive spiral of fraud they've gotten into. But that's where all of the focus is, on screwing the peasants, can you blame them for not wanting to pay taxes while their neighbours starve in their streets all so it can be paid to international lenders?

Observe Greece carefully, because what's happening there will be replicated all across Europe, all across the U.S. and yes, all across Canada, too. What the people of Greece are dealing with now are the same sorts of problems western nations will all be facing. It's where the selling out of our sovereignty leads, a true return to kings and serfs.

Harper is an agent for this banking cartel, and they have their sights on Canada's vast resources. Goldman Sachs lackey Mark Carney has set the stage, the player's are in position, it's time for the show to begin.

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