Thursday, December 20, 2012

Update-1: What is

Browsing my stats, I've received a connection of interest. Notice the name of the document that sent the request!

The requesting website is "", it won't connect for me. It probably requires a network address from within the government. This entire website is restricted from the public, but the requesting article itself appears to be from within a restricted zone of the restricted website. The article itself? "NAU"? North American Union? With a timestamp of the 5th of December.

The only other reference I could find is a tweet from 2010.

This one, while unrestricted, still won't resolve for me.

So what is this and why is an article seemingly about the North American Union (maybe it's just coincidence) referencing my blog? Hmm.


Another reference to has been sent to me.
Comments on Variances: The variance in planned and actual expenditures arose due to changes in design engineering decisions delaying several major designs and tenders resulting in a revised construction schedule. However, during fiscal year 2008-2010, there were over $50 million ($30 million federal share) of tenders awarded and there will be in excess of $75 million ($45 million federal share) of tenders awarded in the first quarter of 2009-2009for future construction.

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