Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Canada's "skilled businessman" shortage

Oh, Canada is experiencing a labour shortage alright, but it's not amongst "skilled labour" as the latest hype in headlines would have you believe, no our labour shortage actually appears to be in those skilled in business.

To be skilled in business means you can adapt to markets, you can turn a profit on fair free market principles, and that (perhaps most importantly) you can see which way the wind is blowing when it comes to global trends, future markets, and future problems.

Who's looking out for Tim Hortons' temporary foreign workers?

Yes, that's right. The "skilled labour" over at Tim Hortons' is having issues and of course the solution is to bring in temporary foreign workers which have no rights.

I bash TFWs a lot on this blog, so I want to clear something up now before I continue: I am not talking about foreigners or immigration. I don't feel they are "stealing" our jobs, or anything of the sort. The TFW program is not designed to provide these workers a good life, it is not designed to make Canada prosperous, and it is not designed to elevate Canadians into higher wages.

The TFW program is designed to exploit foreigners (in the same manor we've been exploiting them overseas for years already). The TFWs are being used and exploited by our government and so called "business" men because changing the status quo is just too much to ask I guess. Their solution to adapt to our new extreme energy and debt reality is to pay people less. Simple as that really. We don't have a skilled labour shortage, we've got a pay cheque shortage here folks - or are you going to try to tell me that someone with no money at all and no job wouldn't take a job at Tim Horton's if it actually could support them without having to resort to the food bank? Skilled labour my ass, what we're really short on is "cheap labour" - and that's because in the end we're really short on real, innovative businessmen. People who can run a business at a profit while paying decent wages and adapting to current realities.

There is no prosperity in this race to the bottom folks, none what-so-ever.

B.C. mine to hire only Chinese temporary workers for years


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