Sunday, November 4, 2012

The U.S. Election

I haven't written about the U.S. election yet, but I figured with only 2 days left I had better get at least one post in. Since this will be my one and only post on this election I have aptly titled this post "The U.S. Election".

I see constant references to how this election is the "most important" in a long time, but I simply do not see it. What we are seeing this election is a far cry from the "Yes we can" mantra of the 2008 election. That election was supposed to be the most important, Obama was supposed to close Gitmo, end the wars, yadda yadda. His party dominated both Congress and the Senate at the time. If there was ever a time where the election was the most important, that was it, and guess what? Nothing happened.

This year, I have noticed a significant drop in the number of people even willing to believe they have a choice, or that their vote matters what-so-ever. The sham that is the U.S. electoral system is quite obvious. The U.N. election monitors which are supposed to be helping prevent voter fraud have endorsed the overall larger fraud. Who cares if there is voter suppression between the two big parties? They both play dirty anyway. Where is the U.N. objection for the arrest of presidential candidate Jill Stein trying to enter the Presidential Debates? There is none. It's not like the U.N. wants a full presidential race either, where would their Libya 'no-fly' zone have been without the corrupt U.S. military to back it up? The U.N. election monitors are unto themselves a full endorsement of the U.S.'s two party state. To me, it is no less fraudulent to deny the American people a chance to actually hear the available options than it is to suppress voters. That is voter suppression by different means.

The closeness of the race speaks to me in that, voters are confused, or don't care. Sure, societal norms dictate that election coverage must be on the frontpages, it must be discussed. Societal norms tell us that whatever idiotic thing these two candidates for the banking cartel are discussing is big news. Mitt Romney shows he has no idea how the physics of air travel works and whether it was a "joke" or not, why is this news? It's constant banter, back and forth. None of it is important what-so-ever. It's divisive banter, meant to keep the American people in a constant state of division. At the end of the day it's then decided who should be president based on who said the least stupid things. Neither of these people are qualified to run a country, which doesn't matter because they don't really run it anyway, they're just the managers of public opinion.

I can tell you, American people, exactly what you're going to get no matter who gets in: You're going to get more banker bailouts, more QE, more loss of your purchasing power. You're going to get more lies, more drones, and more wars. You're going to continue finding yourselves in more and more of a police state as "terrorism" replaces criminality, and the NDAA replaces the rule of law. You're going to get exactly what you've always gotten so long as you play the game being promoted.

Obomney for president!

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