Friday, November 23, 2012

Divide & Conquer Strikes Again

Well, if there is anything that Sun News is good at, it's sewing the seeds of division. Canadians are now locked in a meaningless battle due to a few comments Justin Trudeau made back in 2010.This is shortly following his Op-Ed on CNOOC/Nexen (which you can find my rebuttal of, here).

It's curious, despite the repeated references to the "middle class" both Harper and Trudeau are advocating the same sort of policies (of course the Liberal's will be more "public" about it). This contrasts greatly with all of the "Anti-Alberta/Pro-Alberta" rhetoric. It's meaningless, a tactic - called divide and conquer. You, Canadians, are now divided - arguing over people while their policies are incredibly similar.

Please go and read Justin Trudeau's Nexen article objectively. Don't just simply align with the "cute, young face" because it's not Harper. Harper is not the end game, our loss of sovereignty is. This Anti-Alberta/Pro-Alberta shit is a public relations trap, and far too many people are getting caught in it.

Stay focused. Stay on target.

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