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And now for yet another post on the Israeli/Gazan conflict

It's been a tough debate the last few days for me on whether or not I would write a post on this conflict. I have a lot of thoughts and even more emotions about it, most of which I will not be sharing here. For the most part the fine details of the entire situation are quite clouded. I can't speak to events there the same way I can to events here. I can however speak to our reaction, and how I feel about it all and what I've seen.

"When the siren sounded earlier, everyone ran for cover.
Our photographer took this photo on a train." Source
One of the reasons I have been reluctant to post on this subject is some sort of deep seeded fear rooted in our entire society, indeed it seems prevalent across most of the western society. The amount of hate and bigotry this event has brought to the surface have quite frankly been as shocking to me as the events themselves. I've seen a few people I follow say things I never thought they would say, regardless of their views. Having differing views is one thing, but what I'm seeing here is just unfettered hate for the most part. Trash talk and propaganda, "pigs" and "terrorists".

The fear itself comes from this bizarre idea that criticism of Israel (the country) is somehow critical of Jews (the people). Look, it's great they got a country. Good for them. But, Israel, you're a country now; you need to act like a big boy not some spoiled child that goes off on a wild tangent every few years. When you get criticized you can't point at the other 194 countries and say "you're not criticizing them so you're an anti-Semite".

Injured in Israel's war on . Almost 400 injuries reported.
80% civilians, inc. hundreds of children/women. Source
The majority of this blog criticizes Canada, and to a lesser extent other western powers. Am I singling us all out from the great big crowd? Yes. Why? Because we like to pretend we have the moral high ground. I for one, as a citizen of (what's left of) my country expects that if we are to play such a role that we actually have the moral high ground. Yes, I know, there's rockets. Lots of rockets. Tons of rockets. Thousands every day or whatever. I get it. I'm not an idiot, and I don't appreciate being treated like one and the IDF blog and Twitter campaign does exactly that. Thankfully Harry Fear has been able to provide a (what I believe to be) genuine report on what's actually happening in Gaza.

Let's dispense with the childish public relations, shall we? I mean, what the fuck is a "terror site" anyway? Really? "terror site"? terror terror terror, it's got to be in everything doesn't it? So for the record, here, I will assume a "terror site" refers to a "launch site". On top of the already atrocious death, destruction, and destabilization: this over-the-top propaganda just makes me increasingly sick and this is just but one example. Of course, there's plenty on the Palestinian side too, but Israel's has been blatant and over the top.

Good thing the family wasn't sitting in their living room
when this happened today near Ashdod. Source
All of this bullshit just fuels the fires of hatred, can we stop, please, and start treating this situation for what it really is? I mean, it's just absolutely ridiculous how many people automatically jump on the terrorist talking point bandwagon and yet when Syria's Assad calls the "rebels" "terrorists" the word terrorist will be single quoted, as if we don't believe him. Those aren't terrorists! They're rebels! yea! What's the difference? Rebels, terrorists, it's all about who they like, and who they don't like. If they don't like who you like they're terrorists, and if they don't like who you don't like then they're rebels.

So yes, there are rockets but there is also a blockade. Hell, just recently one of our own Canadian ex-MPs was arrested by Israel for trying to break the Gaza blockade. In my book, economic warfare is just as destructive and terrorizing, if not more so and Israel clearly has been playing this game with Gaza. Again, though, I'm not really taking sides rather I'm pointing out that war is war and Israel is waging war; not just now, but always.

To conclude, I am not an anti-Semite. To my knowledge Israel (at least, seemingly, I've never been there) claims to be an inclusive society. As such any criticism of Israel is criticism of those allowing this situation to happen which looks to me like a full out genocide - whatever race or color or religion they are doesn't matter to me. Atrocities of an incredible scale are happening and the atrocities must stop. Period.

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  1. I don't know what to make of this. I read a chilling story in the Sydney Morning Herald that speculated an Israeli invasion of Gaza could trigger a military response from Jordan and Egypt and,potentially, a much wider conflict.