Wednesday, October 31, 2012

An Open Letter to Canadians: 'We're not in Kansas anymore'

The other night, I saw a great documentary on the exploitative economics known as globalization. I really must recommend you watch it, I've made it available down below and it's also available (surprisingly) on NetFlix.

What I found unique about this particular documentary is it actually goes to the people globalization is supposedly helping and interviews them. It follows the "big players" as they invest in "emerging markets" which one of the players says sounds a lot better than "third world countries". Emerging markets is a globalist marketing term, nothing more.

We love to tell ourselves here in the western nations that the globalization centered policies which are destroying our own middle-class economy is creating one somewhere else. This video should serve to debunk that myth which has been so heavily ingrained in modern propaganda.

Just now, I tweeted this video and tagged it with #fipa, and in response.. I got this:
Do U know abt email campaign against FIPA? Fill Harper's email Nov 1st 2-4PM.
Yes I did, and no I don't care. Why? Because we're not in Kansas anymore kiddies!

Flaherty flooded with complaints about Bill C-38

I don't know if any of you have noticed this, but email campaigns, protests, etc... don't work anymore! Why bother flooding Harper's email with your complaints? You think he cares? Do you think he even reads it? Do you think anything is going to happen this time other than an under-published report months down the road saying he got them? Kids, Harper and his band of global governance thugs stomped on your rights as Canadian citizens at G20 in 2010, and following the meeting told you all we would be giving up our sovereignty to the G20. His intentions have been clear this entire time! Yet, we continue to pretend as though it isn't. We pretend as though "if they only knew how we really felt" - they would act differently! NO! The propaganda techniques in play are in play to convince Canadians to sign on to something the government is aware is deeply unpopular. They already know!

When I first called attention to the Asian realignment, a key indicator was when Harper met with the Chinese propaganda chief. The propaganda chief!!! He's not meeting with the Chinese propaganda chief for tips on how to be more "transparent" with Canadians or for tips on how to better tell you the truth, or listen. This is about manipulating public opinion from "opposed" to "tolerant" - nothing more.

How long are we going to pretend this is some kid's game? We're under attack Canada - while we're playing democracy, they're playing dirty war. Email campaigns? Give your heads a shake. This situation is serious, if all you can do about it is fire off an automated email: you deserve what you get.

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