Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Update-3: Photos: Austerity protests in Spain

Today Spanish protestors marched on their parliament in response to the brutal austerity policies being set. Here are some photos from the livestream:

A flare is thrown into the street.

Wider angle shot of the area.

Police move in quick to arrest a demonstrator.

A scuffle breaks out.

Police attempt to reform their line.

An injured protestor is prepped for their ride to the hospital.

Kettled protestors.

Police move in for more arrests.

I'll update this post with more soon.


This video shows some of the sheer brutality that has occurred:


Alright, I've got some more time to add some of the other shots I captured.

In live action, this was an absolutely chaotic scene.

Police chase a large crowd.

Wider angle showing the crowd being chased.

An injured protestor is helped away from the scene.

Much of the police soon dispersed, likely heading to another protest area.

The parliament building barricades.

The parliament building barricades.

Protestors dismantle a lighter set of barricades.


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