Sunday, July 1, 2012

UPDATE-1: Have a #HappyCanadaDay and #DenounceHarper

Amazing. I have no other words, #DenounceHarper is trending alongside #HappyCanadaDay. I have to say that I underestimated the prospects when I was contacted about it weeks ago. At the time I refused to play a large part as I saw it then as just another partisan rallying flag. Unseat Harper, etc.

However, it's trending on Canada Day. Not only is it trending, but it's filling my own timeline like no hash tag has before; clearly #DenouceHarper is more than a partisan war song. #DenouceHarper isn't partisan afterall, #DenounceHarper isn't #DenouceTheCPC and if you read the majority of tweets they are about the man. I too, am clearly against Harper, I don't care about the CPC or NDP, it's Harper himself that I oppose.

I oppose him for one very simple reason, and it is this reason which should trump all others. Harper is a traitor to Canada and is actively seeking to limit Canada's sovereignty over it's own matters and economics. Harper has no interest in Canada or democracy, his loyalties lie with "foreign special interests" as he'd like to call them. Canada, to Harper and the rest in this global banking cartel, is a market, not a country.

This isn't simply a Canadian problem either, this same process is occuring with most western democracies.

Stephen Harper tells Canadians "it's a loss of sovereignty, but it's a simple reality".

No other issue is more important than this one. If we lose more of our sovereignty we lose more of our capacity to deal with all the other issues of concern, regardless of which partisan team you play for.

Celebrating Canada day has been hard for me ever since the G20 destroyed what little sense I had that Canada was a free and democratic country, perhaps this year it will be a little easier.

Have a happy Canada Day, and denouce Harper and his global governance goons.


Here is Paul Martin saying the same thing.

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