Wednesday, May 16, 2012

UPDATE-1: "This isn't Canada right now": Toronto G20 officer says

A new report has been released today slamming G20 police for "excessive force". While damning, this report is a whitewash. It continues to play the "few bad apples" routine spewed after Bill Blair's "vast criminal conspiracy" ended up being full of holes.

This report makes ludicrous claims such as "the Toronto Police had trouble tracking the black bloc", even though there is plenty of video evidence showing walls of riot police looking on while the "black bloc" destroyed property without interruptions with police screaming "disengage disengage" in the background. At the bottom of this post I will link a documentary of the G20 and you can decide for yourselves how accurate this report really is.

The part you all should find most disturbing about the G20 however, is this little portion here:

"This isn't Canada right now". "There are no civil rights in this area". As you can see there is no riot in the vicinity, in fact this event occured before the riot even happened. Therefore all excuses of confusion due to the riot are not valid in this context. Further, where would a police officer get the idea that "this isn't Canada right now". Is that normal thinking when in service to your country and it's citizens? I don't think so. It's eerily similar to remarks made after the G20 by Stephen Harper: "I know some people don't like it, it's a loss of national sovereignty - but it's a simple reality".

Were the police under the impression that "this isn't Canada right now"? Where did they get that impression from if they were, and if they weren't then why isn't this fact mentioned in the report? It seems to me police were under the impression that there were no civil rights; not just around the fence, but everywhere. It seems to me police then after the riot acted on this impression with a mass violation of rights.

Bill Blair says a police tribunal will find any wrong doing. Way to be proactive, Blair. The video evidence that something definitely went wrong and was systemic is already very very public. There has already been a report from the Ombudsman where he concluded that the G20 is what amounted to "martial law" in Toronto. There isn't any question that something went severely wrong, there isn't any question the Toronto police lied and falsified evidence to fit their narrative.

Everything Bill Blair has said about the G20 has been proven to be a lie. This man should be under investigation, and he should not be the one leading an investigation which should have taken place 2 years ago but hasn't due to his lies and stories.

Into the Fire, Full Film:


First a correction, The Star is reporting that this event occured on the Sunday and not on the Saturday or Friday before the riot as I had originally believed. I am going to try and contact the video recorder to confirm one or the other as this detail is important.

From the article:
“I mean, (Figueiras is) going, ‘I have my rights, this is Canada,’ all this stuff. I’m just giving him gibber back, right?” Charlebois told investigators. “We do it all the time. Guys are talking nonsense and he got nonsense back.”

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  1. Sorry everyone, I noticed it's actually the "York" police. They were under the command of Toronto Police though, same difference.