Monday, May 21, 2012

The monster in motion is one we've all created

In Quebec 300+ have been arrested, fascist laws passed, and the anger builds. At the NATO summit journalists are again being attacked as hundreds of thousands protest the "war on terror". The anger builds, the violence erupts, and it's all going to happen again, and again, and again.

Today I saw Elizabeth May mention on Twitter that when those who oppose stop speaking out, democracy is lost. I disagree, democracy is already lost and has been for a long time. Up until the banking collapse, everyone seemed pretty ok with that fact. It was working in our favour. Ever secretive meetings of world powers seemed to be providing growth and prosperity, jobs, and pretty well everything you could ever want, except freedom. However, now that prosperity bubble has popped and wide-eyed more and more people everyday see what is actually left of our once great society.

The reality is still hidden behind a "freedom of choice" (in what brand name you can buy) for many. I still see plenty of people arguing that "we're not [insert brutal dictatorship here]". Not yet anyway, but should we be willing to wait for gas chambers or mass murders before we recognize something is going wrong? Are the armies of militarized "police" flooding the streets on a world-wide scale not enough for some? At different levels, at different times we have all helped to shape what this system has become. We're all guilty.

What I find particularly angering however, is how most people are living in glass houses and throwing stones. I've seen multiple calls from supposed "Canadians" for Quebec to bring out the army. Are you people on fucking crack? Do you not understand the slippery slope we're already sliding down as an avalanche of financial fraud follows closely in our wake? Do you believe for one moment that setting that precedent will be a one-time event? How about you, citizens? How about when the government does something you don't like? Maybe they raise your taxes too much, or cut back on other services you require? Or maybe they fully support foreign takeovers of that company you gave 40 years to only to have your job shipped to China. How would you feel if people called for the army to put you in your pathetic entitled place? Oh there wouldn't be any violence at your protest you say? Sure, until a small group of anonymous black-clad "protestors" who seem to never get caught by "police" ruin all of your protest fun. Then it's open-season on those whiny protestors, who cares why they're there - they shouldn't be right?

It's now to the point where people are calling for meetings like the G20 to be held in secure and private locations. Oh great! an undemocractic institution and world-governing body will become even more undemocratic, all so your precious city-life doesn't get interrupted. At the G20 in Toronto press had to sit in a "press room" while the G20 sent them video feeds of whatever they wanted them to see. We really have no idea what discussions actually took place, and you, citizens, would have them become 100% undemocratic.

Citizens against citizens, peasants against peasants, slaves against slaves. This is the premise our leaders operate on. This includes the police, this includes the "rich", this includes the poor, this even includes some of the politicians. It's easy to game someone into supporting something or not supporting something else. In the end though, by focusing on each other we ignore the real problem source, the real criminals, the real crimes.

Quebec and Ontario have a serious debt situation on their hands, and this will be spreading to the other provinces as the federal govrnment externalizes costs to appear as if they are saving money. While we all debate a few hundred dollars of tuition fee hikes, millions are given away daily to private banks in "interest payments". At the city, provincial, and federal levels this is true. I've seen many people saying "well costs go up". Yes, in an inherently inflationary and fraudulent monetary system of which most reading this post probably grew up, costs "go up". This is the devaluation of the dollar at work. Costs are going up, but wealth isn't. The costs the entitled and asset ridden generation are pointing to, they are demanding being paid by an assetless generation with little or any wealth or means to pay. Sure there are "provisions" for the poor so they can still attend, but this just highlights the erronous system as a whole. We shouldn't need "provisions", this is an indirect admittance that wealth isn't going up - only costs are. This is an admittance that has occured a lot in the recent past, such as with the discontinuation of the penny. These provisions will just be added to the debt of the taxpayer anyway. Full circle.

Maybe you are a student, begging the government for chump change. You allow this system to perpetuate by demanding more fraudulent gifts instead of addressing the core problems. Tuition hikes, like most visible problems, are all symptoms of the fuedalist monetary system we all find ourselves in. By demanding lower tuition hikes, you are being selfish - and are simply perpetuating the fraud on to those younger than you.

Maybe you're a baby boomer with a pension. You perpetuate the fraud by believing the market is still legitimate. You are happy with high frequency trading or other fraudulent and manipulative practices as long as the returns are good. You perpetuate a culture of drugs by not understanding that the liquidity in the U.S. financial markets comes from drug lords and their laundering of drug money. This is an accepted practice in the U.S. and is one of the only items keeping their economy together. Know that every time you spend a credit card, you are spending drug money laundered thru the banking system. You are temporarily benefiting off a younger generation increasingly fed drugs.

Maybe you are a police officer, dutifully beating protestors at the behest of the system. You are perpetuating the fraud by aiding their divide and conquer mentality. Instead of standing with the citizens you stand against them. Instead of honoring democracy you honor fascism and praise fuedalism. I know it's just a job, and that you need the money to pay your overvalued mortgage. That's why these people are protesting, maybe you should be too instead of fighting an uphill battle against exponential growth, debt, and the misery that brings.

Maybe you're an environmentalist. You perpetuate the fraud by either not understanding or falsely interpreting the problems. This is done with promises of green growth. Growth is dead, period. The idea we can somehow produce things like "green cars" is already dead in the water. It's not the fuel they use, it's the requirments for construction of cars in the first place. The requirments for maintenance and construction of cement and asphalt roads. It's the built-in obsolesence and the requirment for growth that people re-buy their products at an ever faster rate. Our economy requires "returning customers" and if "green development", "efficient designs", etc were put in to place, growth would die instantly. While this is actually a good thing, as we certainly cannot sustain exponential growth, most environmentalists lie to encourage others already fooled by the fraud to support their cause. This approach solves nothing.

Maybe you're an honest executive, who sees what is happening and within the system is attempting to hedge against it. This is the essence of why the "too bigs" "can't fail". Most in the upper class have wealth and assets based on the fraudulent leveraging system in place. Attempting to save that wealth is a futile attempt to save the system itself. Most of that wealth doesn't actually exist, it is the fear of deleveraging which makes the "too bigs" too big. You perpetuate the fraud by savouring your wealth.

I could go on and on. We're all guilty, we've all participated to one degree or another. We all fear losing our standard of living, our wealth, and the life we've all known to be true. Let go, those things are all history now anyway.

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

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