Thursday, May 31, 2012

UPDATE-1: Dear journalists (Part 2)

I had never intended to make the first part an ongoing "series" and was really just the result of my angry ranting, yet again I feel a need to ask journalists why they are not doing their job.

Today's article of interest: Alison Redford 'advancing Alberta's interests' at elite gathering.

Yesterday you'll remember the Herald referred to the Bilderberg meeting as a "financial conference", and now today it is an "elite gathering". Eventually they will work their way up to including the meeting's name in the headlines I'm sure (sic).

Within this latest piece of pro-Bilderberg propaganda are plenty of mentions of "advancing Alberta's interests", how they will be advanced beyond networking with the world's elite of course isn't mentioned. All Alberta news articles "covering" this issue seem to be making the same assumption, that this meeting must be good. None of these media outlets however can tell you why it's good.

These media outlets have never sent a reporter to cover the event - so how would they know it's a good event for Alison Redford to be attending? You'll notice that should you imply that these meetings are not as they appear to be to a "journalist", you will be labeled a conspiracy theorist even though they can not tell you with certainty what actually is discussed, they seem to be able to tell you with certainty what isn't discussed. Again I ask, how would they know?

There are plenty of non-answers coming out of our "media" about what occurs at the Bilderberg group but few answers as to what does occur. Is no one finding it odd that we are simply taking a government official at their word regarding a meeting with no oversight to prove otherwise? Does no one find it interesting that this event is far more prestigious than meetings such as the G20 yet the contents of such a meeting are of no interest to the journalist community?

Sure, their approach might work in a world where politicians don't lie and can be trusted, but we don't live in that world. Government credibility is at an all time low. Canada has been plagued by scandals and warnings of foreign espionage and yet here we (Albertans) are supporting zero-transparency politics all because Mulcair is doing some stupid dog and pony show?

My reason for opposing Redford's attendance at Bilderberg has nothing to do with Mulcair's visit. I've already written a rebuttal to his dutch disease assertion. I am opposing her visit because attendees are sworn to secrecy (yes, I'm aware she says she'll be revealing what was discussed, she either doesn't know she can't or is plain and simply lying to you) and the usage of public money entitles the Albertan citizen to answers. I know answers can not and will not be given and even if they were, they can not be confirmed or verified and are not credible, and so in my mind she has no business using public funds for this trip. I also object to the trip itself but right now let's focus on the public funding of it. As I pointed out yesterday her reasoning is contrary to Bilderberg's own mission statement.

What Bilderberg represents is undemocratic in nature. The media would have you believe this is the world's intellectuals, that what they discuss is just too important and high level for your ears. The media would have you believe they have answers about this group when in reality all they present are calming questions. You can look at the people attending Bilderberg in another way, during this weekend the prime suspects of the global economic collapse are all under one roof. In 4 years they have held numerous expensive summits, meetings, all under the guise of solving the worlds problems and yet what has been solved? What is better today than 4 years ago? Not much.

The media telling you what to think about this event are not even sending a reporter to cover it, so why would you believe them? You shouldn't, plain and simple.

There is an inner logic, and we're taught to stay far from it...


Well ask and you shall receive. Here is the best coverage mainstream media can put together. You see, the mainstream media isn't allowed to actually go and report, but they have to pretend as though they are still important so their great big idea? Well they'll make up a funny story and include lots of details about lizards etc. This way, even though they are not providing any real information they can work to discredit anyone who has serious concerns.

So there you go, Albertans. These are the people telling you what to think, these are the people telling you Bilderberg is just a "financial conference". These are the people destroying their own industry, but more importantly destroying their own democracy and national sovereignty. Laugh it up journalists, I'm sure you'll find the results of these meetings hilarious as well.

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Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

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