Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First Post: An Introduction

Hello and welcome to my new blog: Canadian Trends. My goal with this blog will be to identify global trends in several categories (the list of categories is not yet finalized, when it is it will be published) and analyze the most likely ways Canada will be affected.

This blog will be non-partisan in nature, it is simply to describe "what-is". This is not to say I will not be criticizing or complimenting policy, but is to say no politician or party has my blind faith. However, aside from policy that has a direct result on trends this blog will not be politically oriented.

First though, a little disclosure of myself. I'm an independent and self-taught programmer currently employed by Westpoint Capital and Collapse Network. The only investments I hold are precious metals and/or currencies and I hold them in physical form.

I became interested in global trends while working for Titan Trading Analytics Inc. in which I applied my skills in pattern recognition to the development of automated trading systems. Specifically I designed a stateless scripting language for traders to model incredibly complex patterns that the trading system could understand.

I don't aim to be a writer, journalist or anything of the sort. My writing isn't perfect, and I'm perfectly fine with that. This blog exists simply for me to share my thoughts on current events and what I believe and foresee happening as a result.

I hope to maintain a weekly frequency for posting. If the blog gains traction I may move to podcasts and quarterly reports. The look & feel will be updated gradually.
If you would like to know more about me please feel free to ask. You can also follow me on twitter. I hope you enjoy reading about Canadian Trends.

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for CenturyLink

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

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