Key Concepts

Canadian Trends commentary uses several key concepts as the underlying foundation for forecasts. These concepts describe the system we live in and are accounted for by all commentary. They can be treated as a set of guidelines which when applied properly can help filter out the noise.

The key concepts are a work in progress and may be updated or altered without record.

Key Concept 1: Political theatre
Political theatre, also known as the Left vs Right smokescreen, is the premise that the majority of debate and opposition within the political system is for show and that ultimately on the issues that matter to the global elite little or no debate is had.
Key Concept 2:  Currency = Money = Energy
Key concept 2 is to understand that currency represents money and money represents energy.
Key Concept 3: The Peaks
In key concept 3 we'll be looking at how oil enables the foundation of the current control system and what peak oil means for that situation.

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Richard Fantin is a self-taught software developer who has mostly throughout his career focused on financial applications and high frequency trading. He currently works for eQube gaming systems.

Nazayh Zanidean is a Project Coordinator for a mid-sized construction contractor in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys writing as a hobby on topics that include foreign policy, international human rights, security and systemic media bias.

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